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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 60 - If You Wish For It, I’ll Make It Come True

Chapter 60: If You Wish For It, I’ll Make It Come True

‘Which one do I like?’

Ning Li stood straight and looked at the man beside her.

The lights illuminated half of his delicate face, putting him in between light and darkness. His expression was hidden behind the mysterious aura.

The air felt heavy, and even the night breeze felt slow.

Her heart felt a strong grip as though a hand was holding her.

Right before she could say a word, Cheng Xiyue’s humorous voice came from behind. “That’s it? You told Little Ning Li to skip class just because of this?”

The strange and subtle atmosphere was shattered to pieces, much to Ning Li’s relief.

Lu Huaiyu turned around to Cheng Xiyue, his gaze as dead as still water.

Cheng Xiyue froze. His heart skipped a beat as he felt chills running down his spine. He stiffly raised a tray of freshly cut fruits. “Can I…have a piece of fruit?”

He was frozen on the outside, but deep down, he was complaining endlessly.

‘You little b*stard, must you treat me like this? The two of you came all the way up here right after you arrived whilst I, a guest, had to do everything, and I didn’t even start to complain yet!’

Lu Huaiyu looked away and said, “I applied for leave on her behalf.”

Cheng Xiyue slowly moved closer to Ning Li. “Mm-hmm. Here, Little Ning Li, have some.”

Ning Li smiled. “Thank you, Brother Xiyue. I’ll have some when I’m done watching.”

Cheng Xiyue did not push her because he was confident that Lu Huaiyu would do nothing to him as long as he stayed behind Ning Li. He eventually sat down beside her in a casual manner.

“Little Ning Li, I didn’t know you were interested in this.”

He had known Ning Li for quite some time now and discerned the girl as a mature and tenacious person. He did not expect her to be interested in romantic girly stuff.

“Mm-hmm, it’s quite interesting,” Ning Li answered.

Lu Huaiyu’s telescope was an expensive and rare one. She had seen it once before in her past life in the national astronomy museum.

“Little Ning Li, what did you wish for?” Cheng Xiyue asked as he put a piece of fruit into his mouth.

Ning Li shook her head. “I didn’t wish for anything.”

Surprised, he said, “No? You didn’t wish for anything? Then—”

He expected girls to believe one’s wish might come true when they wished upon a shooting star.

Ning Li curved her lips. “I don’t believe in this, and I don’t have anything to wish for anyway.”

She liked meteors because she simply liked watching them. She ought to rely on her own hands to get back what she was owed instead of putting her hopes and wishes into groundless illusory tricks.

Lu Huaiyu looked at her with a deep gaze.

All of a sudden, Ning Li’s phone buzzed. She pulled it out for a glance and was surprised by what she saw.

Lu Huaiyu was beside her. He was a lot taller than the girl, hence he was able to look at her screen clearly.

The buzz was a friend request notification from Pei Song.

Ning Li felt odd.

“Is he your classmate from the other day?” Lu Huaiyu then asked softly.

She nodded.

He slightly furrowed his brows. “You’ve transferred to Second High for almost a month now. Why would he add you now?”

“I didn’t really add anyone in class, so…” Ning Li said.

She had a poor experience in Second High during her past life, and since she barely had any interaction with anyone, she thought she could save herself the hassle.

“Pei Song is the class monitor, thus it’s no surprise that he got my phone number.”

“I suppose so.” Lu Huaiyu looked at his watch. “It’s late. I wonder what’s the emergency?”

Ning Li nodded in agreement.

“Second Brother, you go ahead. I’ll text him and ask what’s wrong.” She then turned around and started typing.


Cheng Xiyue took a big bite from a piece of watermelon.

‘Is it me or does the atmosphere feel wrong all of a sudden? It suddenly feels dangerous.’ He looked at Lu Huaiyu.

Lu Huaiyu walked to the telescope and started adjusting it. He dwarfed the telescope just by standing beside it. The expression on his face was as calm as still water as if he cared about nothing at all.

Pei Song sent Ning Li a message after the friend request.

[Hey, Pei Song here.]

[This is what Mr. Zhou taught in competitive Physics class today. The last question is today’s homework.]

He attached two images to his message.

The first one was the contents written on the board while the second one was half a piece of paper with only one question written on it. The pictures must be the contents of tonight’s class.

Right before Ning Li could type her reply, Lu Huaiyu called out to her, “Lili, these should be the last few shooting stars. Wanna have a look?”

Ning Li walked over, intending to put her phone aside and reply to Pei Song later.

It was at that very moment that Lu Huaiyu had a glance at the second picture which Ning Li had zoomed into.


Ning Li answered with a soft grunt.

Lu Huaiyu chuckled. “Two hours in a night, and that’s all Zhou Fei taught in class?”

She was speechless.

Zhou Fei had been a genius when he was younger which gave his resume a golden sparkle. Unfortunately, he encountered Lu Huaiyu who overtook him in every single aspect.

The two men were working in different industries now, so nothing substantial really happened. However, if Lu Huaiyu wanted to, he could stomp into Zhou Fei’s field and crush the guy.

“Since I’m free now, may I have a look at the question?” Lu Huaiyu sounded courteous, but there was a sense of arrogance in his voice.

Ning Li awkwardly cleared her throat and gave him her phone.

He went over to the book rack for some paper and a pen. Then, he sat down on the couch and started writing.

Ning Li’s phone was placed on the tea table. From start to end, Lu Huaiyu only took a single glance at the question.

Cheng Xiyue had a glance at the question, and it immediately gave him a headache. “D*mn, how many years has it been since you saw something like this? How can you even remember all these?”

The moment he graduated, Cheng Xiyue returned all the knowledge he learned from school to his teacher.

Lu Huaiyu did not answer as he continued with his flawless writing. After that, he put down his pen and waited patiently for Ning Li to finish watching the meteors.

Five minutes later, she came over. She saw that Lu Huaiyu had solved the question. Strangely, she felt surprised, but at the same time, she expected it to happen.

She took the paper and quickly went through it. She had learned all this in her past life, and now looking at it again, it seemed a lot easier.

However, she had to give it to Lu Huaiyu because his answer was clearer and more flexible than the answer she had in mind.

“Second Brother, can I send this to my classmates?” she said.

Lu Huaiyu picked up his cup of tea and said coolly, “Sure. Classmates should help each other in their studies. After all, your competition is not only from Yunzhou.”

Ning Li found his words true. She took a picture of the answer and sent it over.

After Pei Song sent his message and the images, he waited for a reply and saw Ning Li typing through the chatbox.

However, he did not get an instant reply, so he put his phone down and continued reading.

Soon, he got a notification from his phone.

His heart throbbed for a moment as he picked his phone up for a glance.

It was a picture from Ning Li, and it was the answer to the question that he had sent her earlier.

The writing was neat and rigid. Obviously, it was not her writing.

He thought for a while and decided to ask.

[It’s correct, but the writing…you didn’t do it yourself, did you?]

Ning Li replied quickly this time.

[Yes. My second brother did it.]

Second brother?

Pei Song immediately thought of the towering figure. He looked at the time. It was 9:27 p.m. It was late, yet Ning Li was not home yet.

He put his phone down and did not press on the topic.

Ning Li failed to notice the meaning behind Pei Song’s question.

She simply kept her phone away and said that it was time for her to go home.

Lu Huaiyu got up, intending to send her back.

The trio reached the exit and Cheng Xiyue went ahead to bring the car over while the two of them stood side by side, waiting.

“Thank you, Second Brother,” Ning Li said.

Lu Huaiyu looked down at her. “Did you really not make a wish upon the shooting stars?”

Ning Li shook her head. She could not understand why he would ask her a question like this. “No.”

Pocketing his hands, he said with a smile, “Then, does it mean that you’ve wasted your trip here?”

She was slightly surprised. “Huh?”

Lu Huaiyu slightly bent over and stared into her lovely eyes.

“The prize for getting first place is actually a wish. You get a wish from me.”

Ning Li suddenly felt the pressure in her heart again. She paused slightly and said, “But there are no more shooting stars—”

Lu Huaiyu chuckled. “If you wish it, I’ll make it come true. I’ll give you another chance. Do you want to make a wish?”