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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 590 - Whatever You Want, Your Brother Will Give You

Chapter 590: Whatever You Want, Your Brother Will Give You

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ning Li tried to save some face for herself and struggled to say, “No, I’m drunk.”

Lu Huaiyu let out a soft “Oh” and looked at her with a faint smile.

Her words were obviously not convincing.

Even if he did not say anything, the look in his eyes was enough to say everything.

“L… Iwas drunk. I just, just… I still vaguely remember a little…”

Ning Li took a deep breath and finally admitted it.

However, no matter how she heard it, it still made her feel guilty.

Lu Huaiyu bent down and moved closer to her. He looked at her from the same level and raised his eyebrows.

“A little? How little?”

Ning Li’s face was burning.

He had obviously guessed it, yet he still had to ask this question!

Lu Huaiyu seemed to be very patient as he coaxed her with a smile.

“It just so happens that I still remember some of it. How about… we exchange our accounts of it?”

‘As soon as he finished speaking, the young girl’s ears turned red.

Ning Li forced herself to remain calm.

“There’s no need. I still have class, so I’ll be leaving first.”

She had originally planned to leave after eating, but now, she was no longer in the mood.

‘As she spoke, she turned around to grab her backpack and leave.

Lu Huaiyu suddenly held her hand.

“The class is in the afternoon. Why are you leaving so early? Come and have something to eat.”

Ashe spoke, he led her to the dining table without allowing for any objections.

Ning Li refused.

“There’s still an experiment…”

Lu Huaiyu’s thin lips twitched slightly.

“Then, why don’t I help you call Teacher Shen to apply for a leave of absence?”

Ning Li,

Lu Huaiyu looked at her face, noticing that she still had some traces of embarrassment on it, and the smile on his lips deepened.

He held her hand and bent down to kiss the corner of her lips.

“I didn’t expect you to remember. But, if you haven’t forgotten, it would really be… for the best.”

His tone was gentle and serious.

Ning Li felt a slight movement in her heart, as she looked up at him.

Lu Huaiyu patted her head with a smile.

“Be good, and let’s eat.”

Ning Li saw that he really had no intention of teasing her anymore, so she pulled out a chair and sat down.

Lu Huaiyu settled down beside her. He had brought over a bowl of porridge and was stirring it with a spoon. After making sure that the temperature was just right, he brought a spoonful of porridge to her mouth.

Now that Ning Li was awake, she felt a little embarrassed.

“Tl just eat it by myself.”

Lu Huaiyu did not move and said with a smile,

“I teased you just now. Just treat this meal as an apology to you. Will you give me a chance?”

His attitude was sincere.

Only then did Ning Li open her mouth.

‘The warm porridge tasted sweet. Ning Li had not eaten much last night and only drank a glass of red wine. Thus, her stomach was already feeling uncomfortable.

After a mouthful of porridge, her stomach settled, and she felt much better.

Lu Huaiyu suddenly raised his eyebrows and looked at her.

Ning Li was puzzled.

“Second Brother, what’s wrong?”

Lu Huaiyu came closer and licked her lips gently, curling the tip of his tongue.

Ning Li was caught off guard. Just as she was about to speak, she heard him say with a smile, “Ah Li, how old are you? Why is there porridge stuck to the corner of your mouth?”

Ning Li would be d*mned if she believed his words.

She looked at him faintly.

“Second Brother, are you just faking it?”

“Hmm?” Lu Huaiyu said, as he presented her with the second spoonful of porridge. He raised his eyebrows and asked, “Is it that obvious?”

Ning Li, “..”

He laughed, put down the bowl, and pulled her into his arms.

“Since you can see it, then there’s no need to pretend.”

The tone of his was lazy, and his explanation could not be more perfunctory,

“How about if I feed you like this?”

As he spoke, he did not give her a chance to refute. He pulled her directly into his arms and picked up the bowl again.

Ning Li simply refused.


Lu Huaiyu sighed. After a long while, he said, “Are you still angry? It’s just that I didn’t show you–”

“Lu Huaiyu!”

Ning Li hurriedly interrupted him.

Finally, Lu Huaiyu could not hold it in any longer and laughed as he leaned against her shoulder.

Ning Li could not bear him laughing at her and struggled to get up.

Lu Huaiyu’s arms encircled her as he tried to coax her nicely.

“Alright, alright, I won’t tease Ah Li anymore. Since Ah Li likes brother so much, in the future, brother will give you whatever you want, okay?”

Ning Li’s face was still red and she could not bring herself to say a single word to rebut him.

Lu Huaiyu was a thick-skinned person. Besides, it had truly been her fault yesterday. She had been in the wrong for pestering him. Since she was at a disadvantage, she was no match for him.

Lu Huaiyu held her in his arms and fed her for half an hour before barely finishing her meal.

Lu Huaiyu’s phone lit up, and he picked it up.

Ning Li casually glanced at it and saw George’s name.

There was also a picture, the one where she and George had been photographed.

She was stunned.

Lu Huaiyu noticed her gaze and smiled.

“Do you still remember the media company that filmed you when you visited Lin Fengmian?”

“Yes.” Ning Li nodded and suddenly realized something. “Was this incident also related to them?”

“Yes, and no.”

Lu Huaiyu raised his chin slightly.

“The video of you and George going to G&S had been taken on the same day. It was just that they had not released it before. Presumably, it was because they had wanted to extort more money. The last time the Third Master of the Gu family had interfered, their boss had fired a few people on the same day,

including an editor-in-chief. This news had first been released by that editor-in-chief.”

Ning Li understood.

Was this… the actions of someone taking revenge?

However, it did not seem to make sense.

People who worked in the media were all very smart, especially those who could potentially become the editor-in-chief. They usually had good judgment and ability.

They would surely understand that Ning Li was not someone they could afford to provoke.

However, this video had still been released.

They would surely never do such a thankless thing, unless…

“Is someone trying to add fuel to the fire?”

Lu Huaiyu smiled slightly and nodded.

“Lin Fengmian has a few rivals, but the person leading this is a member of the Xu family.”