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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 589 - Drunk or Not Drunk

Chapter 589: Drunk or Not Drunk

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor:EndlessFantasy Translation

–Lu Huaiyu, I have liked you for a long time.

This was the biggest secret that she had carefully hidden.

Lu Huaiyu was slightly stunned. After a long time, he smiled.

“So, this is the most important one?”

Ning Li nodded obediently and lay on his shoulder.

There seemed to be a watery glint in her eyes.

It had been a long time, Lu Huaiyu.

There was nothing that had been more deeply hidden from him than this.

Lu Huaiyu tightened his arms and held her in his arms. Something seemed to be stirring in his heart.

He knew that she had many secrets. When she had nodded just now, he was still thinking about how she would explain the painting.

However, he had not expected her to give such an answer.

It turned out that the most important thing to her was him.

Inan instant, he did not want to ask any more questions, and he did not want to fuss about it anymore.

In his ears, only her words remained, almost engraved in his heart.


He turned his head and kissed her soft cheek with a smile, his voice low and gentle.

“How long has it been?”

Ning Li rubbed against his shoulder and buried her head in the crook of his neck. Her voice was very soft and very serious.

“Extraordinarily, extraordinarily long.”

Lu Huaiyu looked at her delicate appearance, and a corner of his heart seemed to have collapsed.

He caressed her hair and asked her coaxingly, “When was that?”

Had it been on the eve of the college entrance exam, when the Ye family had been defeated and he had taken her away?

Had it been on New Year’s Eve, when he had taken her home?

Had it been on New Year’s Day, when he had gone to Lincheng and had dinner with her?

Ning Li closed her eyes, but she did not answer his question.

Lu Huaiyu kissed her eyelids.

After a long time, he said with a gentle smile, “In exchange, I’ll tell you a secret as well. Ah Li, I’ve liked you for a long time too.

“Much earlier than you think.”

Ning Li’s fingers curled up slightly.

Lu Huaiyu did not notice the look on her face, but the air was still filled with the faint smell of alcohol.

“Change into your pajamas and wash up.”

As he spoke, he paused for a moment before saying with a smile, “Do you need my help?”

Ning Li pulled away from his embrace and shook her head with a red face.

Lu Huaiyu realized that when she was drunk, she was especially clingy and shy.

He pinched her face.

“Then I’ll be leaving first. I’m just next door. If you need anything, you can look for me.”

Ning Li nodded.

Lu Huaiyu looked at her and could not help but kiss her lips again. He did not stop until she was a little out of breath.

Her phone suddenly lit up.

She stretched her arm out stiffly and brought her phone over.

She had received many missed calls and messages.

Last night, during the G&S Fall/Winter Collection show, her appearance had blown up the Internet.

Other than George and a few others who already knew her identity, most of them had not known it.

So now, her phone was about to explode with all kinds of messages.

The top one was that someone in the class group had tagged her.

{ Don’t worry, there’s no attendance for this class! But there’s Advanced Math in the afternoon. Ning Li, you must remember to come over! ]

Ning Li, “..”

Yes, she had a major class this morning.

The teachers from the Institute of Physics would probably turn a blind eye to her.

However, in Advanced Maths–

She was afraid that had to go.

Therefore, she had to go beyond this door as well.

Lu Huaiyu was sitting in the living room, having received a few messages from Yi Bin on his phone.

The sound of footsteps could be heard.

His heart moved slightly, and he looked up.

“You’re awake?”

Ning Li nodded. Without looking at him too much, she walked straight to the dining room.

Lu Huaiyu’s gaze focused, and he suddenly stood up and walked over.

Sensing that he was getting closer, Ning Li’s body stiffened.

Lu Huaiyu walked to her side and reached his hand out to her waist.

Just as Ning Li was about to move, he said, “Are you still drunk? You’ve buttoned your shirt wrong.”

Ning Li lowered her head and indeed saw that the button at the bottom of her shirt was in the wrong place.

She had been in such a daze earlier that she had even made such a mistake.

“It’s, it’s nothing.

She lowered her head and tugged her shirt back.

“Tl button it myself.”

Lu Huaiyu looked down at her and teased her.

“Did you not look at yourself in the mirror after putting on your clothes? How could you have gotten that wrong?”

Ning Li suddenly paused before hurriedly defending herself.

“No, I still have classes this afternoon so I have to go back to school quickly. Time is very tight, so I didn’t look in the mirror!”

Lu Huaiyu had been joking at first, but then he saw her ears quickly turn red.

He slowly raised his eyebrows.

Ning Li seemed to have realized something and lowered her head, not daring to look at him.

The large room was silent.

After a while, he finally laughed.

“Ah Li, are you… really not drunk?”