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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 585 - You Smell So Good

Chapter 585: You Smell So Good

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Yi Bin immediately noticed that his boss seemed to be a little hot-tempered at the moment.


He answered, glancing quickly at the rearview mirror. He saw that Ning Li was trying to get into Lu Huaiyu’s arms.

He immediately withdrew his gaze and looked ahead. He held his breath and focused. He lowered his sense of presence to the minimum and started the car.

As soon as Lu Huaiyu had gotten into the car, Ning Li had moved closer to him.

He was already feeling very uncomfortable, yet the culprit did not feel anything and hugged his arm tightly.

He could feel a soft, squeezing touch.

Even through the suit, it was still clear and warm with an unbelievable softness.

Lu Huaiyu’s eyebrows twitched. He tumed his head, his eyes carrying a hint of warning.

“sit properly.”

Ning Li looked up, seemingly at a loss.

Now that the alcohol had kicked in, her face had flushed red.

Hearing Lu Huaiyu’s words, her moist peach blossom eyes widened slightly, as if she had been wronged again.

..Lu Huaiyu, why don’t you hug me anymore?”

Lu Huaiyu,

He closed his eyes and tried to draw his arm back, but he found that she was holding it extremely tightly.

He moved a little, his heart having ignited again.

He inhaled lightly… How did you argue with someone who was drunk?!

He suppressed that restlessness, before regaining his patience. He carefully enunciated each word as he said, “You can hug me when we reach home.”

His voice became deeper and lower, with a hint of restraint.

However, Ning Li could not tell.

All she understood was that he was refusing to hug her.

She was unhappy and glared at him.

He had still been hugging her just a moment ago! Now he was saying that he would not hug her anymore!

Why did he not want to hug her?!

‘The more she thought about it, the angrier she got. She pulled his arm up and tucked her little head underneath, intending on crawling into his arms.

With her body instantly coming so close, the sweet scent of her young female body, mixed with the faint smell of alcohol, went straight into his heart.

Probably because she was drunk, she was unable to exert much strength. She struggled for a long time but did not accomplish anything more except to rub herself against his body.

Lu Huaiyu could not stand it anymore. He grabbed her waist and gathered her back into his arms. At the same time, he put her hands together in front of him to stop her from touching him.

“Tm carrying you now. Is this okay?”

He asked, as he gritted his teeth.

Ning Li felt a little dizzy, as her waist was tightly held by him.

It was true that he was hugging her now, but–

“My hands…”

She looked at her hands that were being restrained by him and struggled a little, but it did not work.

Lu Huaiyu realized that she had suddenly stopped talking. He looked down at her and saw that she seemed to be in a daze, thinking about something.

Her thick and curly eyelashes fluttered slightly, like a dancing butterfly.

In the next moment, she murmured softly, “I can’t hug you without my hands, Lu Huaiyu…”

Asecond ago, Lu Huaiyu had made up his mind that no matter how much trouble she caused along the way, he would never be soft-hearted.

But hearing her words now, his solid barrier instantly collapsed.

He relaxed his strength and gently rubbed her wrist with his slightly calloused fingertips.

“Alright, hold on.”

Ning Li raised her head and wrapped her arms around his neck as she was told. The corners of her lips curled up slightly, and her peach blossom eyes sparkled.

Lu Huaiyu’s heart softened as he observed her.

His thin lips curled up slightly, and the corners of his eyes and brows were tinged with a hint of a smile. He asked with a low smile, “Are you happy now?”

Ning Li nodded.

She leaned against his shoulder again.

Because the space in the car was sealed, the cool cedar scent on his body became more and more intense.

She leaned closer, pressed her forehead against his flat, firm chest, and sniffed lightly.

She was like some kind of furry little animal.

Lu Huaiyu recalled her previous accusation.

She was clearly the one who had said that she wanted to smell his scent first, but she had refused to move after getting into the car.

That was until she had drunk the wine, and then blamed it all on him.

She really had not made a single mistake.

Just then, Ning Li’s phone vibrated.

Lu Huaiyu turned his head to look and saw that Ning Li’s phone had been placed at her side.

The caller ID on the screen was– Mian.

Lu Huaiyu raised his eyebrows.

“Ah Li, it’s a call.”

Ning Li leaned against his chest. Her mind was in a daze and she did not want to move, so she grunted and mumbled softly,

“.. You can answer it for me.”

Lu Huaiyu picked up the phone and answered.


Lin Fengmian’s voice came from the receiver.

Lu Huaiyu said calmly, “She’s drunk, so she asked me to answer this call. What’s the matter?”

There was a short silence on the other end.

“Thank you for sending my sister home.” Lin Fengmian’s voice became polite and distant. “T’ll go over to see her later.”

Lu Huaiyu looked at the person in his arms and laughed.

“There’s no need. She’s coming home with me.”

Lin Fengmian’s voice was tense.

“Please put my sister on the phone.”

Lu Huaiyu raised his eyebrows slightly and handed the phone to Ning Li.

“Ah Li, Lin Fengmian wants you to pick up the phone.”

Ning Li came back to her senses and spoke into the phone.

“Ah Mian, I’m home. You don’t have to worry.”

Lin Fengmian paused.

Ning Li had never said the word “home’ so easily.

But now, with Lu Huaiyu by her side, she had said the word.

Suddenly, the ear-piercing sound of steam could be heard from outside.

Ning Li frowned, feeling a little annoyed.

“It’s so noisy outside. Lu Huaiyu, please cover my ears for me.”

Lu Huaiyu,

Lin Fengmian, “…”

Lu Huaiyu took his phone back.

“Did you hear that?”

Lin Fengmian was silent for a long time.

“Tm sorry for the trouble.”

The call ended.

Lu Huaiyu put the phone down and looked at Ning Li.

Then, he really reached out and covered her ears.

“Is this okay?”

He covered her ears loosely, so she could still hear his words.

This time, she finally stopped. She nodded and leaned into his arms, quietly.

Lu Huaiyu finally let out a sigh of relief and calmed down the restlessness in his body.

After a while, Ning Li moved closer again. Her small hand grabbed the front of his shirt and sniffed lightly.

He did not pay too much attention to it and gently patted her back.

However, in the next moment, Ning Li straightened her back slightly, put one hand on his shoulder, and moved closer to his neck.

He thought that she still wanted to sniff, but after a while, she did not move.

Just as he was feeling that something was strange, he suddenly felt her move closer to his ear.

‘The tip of her tongue gently licked his ear, and she murmured seriously and curiously, “Lu Huaiyu, your body smells so good…”

A string in Lu Huaiyu’s brain suddenly snapped.