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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 583 - Lu Huaiyu, My Feet Hurt

Chapter 583: Lu Huaiyu, My Feet Hurt

Translator: Endlesskantasy Iranslation| Editor: Endlesskantasy Iranslation

Lin Fengmian nodded after hearing what she said.

“Ill come back to look for Sister later then.”

Ning Li nodded and walked towarda waiter.

“Hello, could you please get me a cup of hangover soup”

The waiter was stunned.

The cocktail party was not over yet. Why was she asking for hangover soup?

However, he reacted quickly.

“Miss Ning, we haven’t prepared any hangover soup. If you need it, I can ask

the kitchen to prepare it now, but it will take a while. Is that okay with you?”


The waiter quickly left

Ning Li walked to the sofa next to her, intending on resting for a while.

In order to resolve the scandal, she had made a last-minute decision to go on

stage last night and had stayed up all night to revise the plans for the big show.

Now that she was relaxed and drunk, she began to feel her tiredness set in.

A curious voice came from behind.

“Really? Did Second Master Lu really say that?

Ning Li opened her eyes.

The others were also whispering something

Of course it’s true. He said it himself that it was just a glass of wine. That it

was nothing. I guess he didn’t really take it seriously, right?

“But, I heard that this is the first time he has helped a woman stop drinking…

Do you guys think he really doesn’t have any other feelings for Ning? After all,

Ning is quite pretty.”

“It’s hard to say, but I don’t think so. Didn’t he say that he admired Ning’s

talent? If he really had other feelings for Ning, he wouldn’t have left with

George just now, right”

That’s true. Ning doesn’t seem to be very familiar with him either.”

Someone laughed.

“I think it’s possible that Ning wants to hook up with him.”

The small group of people burst out with laughter.

“Just her? That might be a little difficult, right? Does she not understand the

words ‘equal in social status?

“Second Master Lu is well-knowm for having very high standards.”

“I heard from a rich second generation in the Capital that Second Master Lu

already seems to have a girlfriend? However, he’s covering it up and protecting

it quite tightly:”

Ning Li listened quietly. These people seemed to be a few B-list celebrities who

were freeloading on the show.

Because the back of the sofa was relatively high, her figure was completely

blocked as she leaned against it

Moreover, those people were sitting with their backs to her, so they did not

notice that the person that they were discussing was right behind them

Most people were not actually eligible to attend the G&S show.

However, quite a number of invitations had been sent out, so other than the

best seats in the first two rows, there was a lot of room for maneuvering in the

seats in the back.

Many celebrities who did not have as much clout or other people who wanted

to enter the show, would find ways to get such an invitation.

This was obviously how these few people had come.

They chatted for a while.

Ning Li sat in the corner as time slowly passed by.

She looked up at the second floor.

From here, she could see that the upstairs was also full of people.

However, she did not see Lu Huaiyu.

She looked at her phone, but there was no news from him either.

She was feeling a little annoyed.

Lu Huaiyu seemed to be really angry.

Because of the scandal, and because of her concealment.

She was also trying to think of how to coax him, but he had not even given her

the chance to.

He had even refused to let her sit in the car and had spoken so politely to her.

He had helped her intercept a glass of wine, yet he had instantly left with


Even until now, he had not even returned.

“Miss Ning, here’s your hangover soup”

Just then, the waiter walked over and respectfully put down a cup of hangover


The voices of the people behind her suddenly stopped.

Ning Li thanked him, took the cup of hangover soup, and stood up.

When she turned around, she saw the pale faces of the gossiping women.

“Ning. We’re sorry!” “They hurriedly stood up and apologized to Ning Li.

Ning’s background was indeed not that great, but she was nowa top fashion

designer in the fashion industry. Even if she could not compare to Lu Huaiyu,

e was still of a much higher status than them.

The expressions of those few women were very awkward and embarrassed.

Ning Li glanced at them, but did not say anything. She turned around and left.

She could not be bothered with these people now.

Probably because of the glass of red wine that she had drunk, her face was a

little hot as she felt herself get wamer

It was as if she had a lump in her chest, and she did not know how to resolve it.

Coupled with the effects of the alcohol, it seemed to have magnified many


She held the cup of sobering soup and walked upstairs.

The wooden staircase spiraled upwards, and Ning Li walked up, step by step.

When she reached the second floor, the first thing she did was lower her head

to take a look.

She was wearing black stilettos today. After a few hours, her feet were already

a little swollen.

Moreover, the shoes were a little abrasive, and she could feel some pain. It was

probably because it was rubbing against her heel.

Just then, a flirtatious voice came from inside.

“Tve heard that Second Master’s family is very strict and that you haven’t drunk

for a long time. What’s the happy occasion today that has caused the Second

Master to make such an exception?

Ning Li heard the voice and looked up.

There were a few of them standing together, toasting each other.

Lu Huaiyu was the center of attention.

of course, no matter where this man was, he was always the center of


He was leaning against the bar counter, as he held a glass of wine in one hand,

his posture lazy and loose.

Ning Li could only see the side of his face

Hearing the voice, he seemed to laugh.

“Ah, so there is a reason to be so happy”

Someone beside him noticed Ning Li’s arrival and called out.


Lu Huaiyu heard it and looked over.

The light on the second floor was dim. He was hidden in the shadows, so his

expression could not be seen clearly.

Only his eyes were staring straight at her.

For a moment, Ning Li even felt as if his burning gaze seemed to have a spark

in it.

However, he quickly regained his calmness.

He merely looked at her without moving.

Oon the other hand, George came up to her. When he saw the thing in Ning Li’s

hand, he could not help but laugh.

“Ning, what is this?

Ning Li ignored him and walked towards Lu Huaiyu.

She stood in front of him, took the wine glass from his hand, and replaced it

with the hangover soup.

Everyone was shocked.

What… was Ning Li doing?!

Lu Huaiyu lowered his eyes and looked at her with a half-smile.

“Just for interceptinga glass of wine, you’re giving me this hangover soup.

Aren’t you being overly polite?”

Ning Li frowned when she heard his indifferent and polite tone.

“Lu Huaiyu.”

She called his name in a dissatisfied tone.

“Didn’t I tell you to drink less?

As soon as she said that, the entire second floor fell silent.

Everyone looked as if they had seen a ghost, and their faces were filled with


Ning Li… Had she gone mad?!

Many people immediately looked at Lu Huaiyu. Their thought was that this

master had always been a difficult person to serve. However, today, this

woman had snatched his wine cup, and was… lecturing him?

Who knew how angry he would become?

Sure enough, Lu Huaiyu furrowed his brows.

However, in the next moment, he raised his hand and touched her face, asking

in a low voice, “Are you drunk?


Ning Li denied his question and pointed at the cup of hangover soup again.

“Drink it”

Everyone gasped.

But then, they actually saw Lu Huaiyu drink the hangover soup.

He even gave her a look.

“Tm done. Is that okay?

Ning Li looked at him, nodded, and then shook her head.

She frowned slightly and said aggrievedly, “Lu Huaiyu, my feet hurt”

Lu Huaiyu looked at her.

The very next moment, everyone saw the man who had always been noble and

proud sigh and finally knelt on one knee in front of her.

His hand touched her ankle.

Let me see.”