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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 578 - Introducing Ning?

Chapter 578: Introducing Ning?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

At the left side of the front of the runway, in the first row, a man sat quietly with lazy posture.

The light was dim, and he was partially concealed by the thorns.

However, his facial features and figure were very familiar.

Lu Huaiyu!

The corner of Ning Li’s eyes twitched slightly.

This morning, she had even called him specifically to ask if he was free tonight.

At that time, he had said that he had something to deal with and would only be free tomorrow.

But now– he had appeared at the G&S show!

Situated among the crowd, his long legs were crossed as he lifted his chin slightly, and looked at her from afar.

The fingers of his slender and fair hands drummed against each other, carrying a sense of nobility and insouciance in his bones.

Even though the surroundings were dim, it did not hide the noble air of his entire body.

At the moment their eyes met, he raised an eyebrow slightly and gave a faint smile.

Standing beside Ning Li, George sensed her reaction immediately.

He followed her line of sight and immediately smiled meaningfully.

When they had been in Yunzhou, he had known that Lu Huaiyu had not known about Ning Li’s identity as Ning.

However, he had not expected that this secret had only finally been revealed to him tonight.

The smile on his lips deepened with a hint of schadenfreude.

Lu Huaiyu’s applause finally caught everyone’s attention.

Soon, some people began to follow his lead.

Gradually, the applause became louder and louder.

There was no other sound in the entire show, except for this concentrated applause, which covered the sky and the earth!

As the applause sounded throughout the entire venue, the warm and dense atmosphere seemed to overflow from the screen.

The countless fans who were watching the live broadcast seemed to be affected by the atmosphere and became even more excited.

All the bullet screens were unified.

“Ning! There’s no need for a crown, you are a god!”

“Ning! There’s no need for a crown, you are a god!”

“Ning! There’s no need for a crown, you are a god!”

At this point, all the rumors had been shattered.

She stood in the center of the stage and accepted the endless admiration and praise that belonged to her!

On this Night of Thorns, everything was a tribute to the god, Ning!

Ning Li regained her senses slightly. She finally placed her right hand on her left chest and bowed slightly to express her gratitude.

The moment she raised her arm, the cuff of her shirt slid down. A small section of the watch dial shining brilliantly was revealed on her snow-white wrist.

Lu Huaiyu, who was sitting below, finally relaxed his brows and let out a light laugh when he saw this.

The launch of G&S’ Fall/Winter Collection tonight had caused a shock.

Eight of the top ten trending topics on Weibo were related.

# Ning appeared on the show for the first time #

# G&S Night of Thorns #

# Lin Fengmian’s red hair #

Among them, # Ning Ning Li # was even more popular.

The number of people who were watching the live broadcast of G&S had broken a record. The part where Ning Li had appeared on stage and publicly announced that she was Ning had even been spliced out, which the entire Internet had gone crazy over.

All the slander and rumors from before had easily been torn apart tonight!

This was Ning Li’s first time making her appearance as Ning to express her gratitude, finally giving a perfect ending to this big show.

Ning Li followed George and the others back to the backstage area.

Everyone’s eyes were still burning as they fell on Ning Li.

Ning’s identity had been hidden so tightly that even very few people in G&S had known about it.

Today, she had finally revealed her identity, which of course had caused many people to be excited.

A top designer!

A person who stood at the top of the fashion industry!

More importantly, she was only eighteen this year. It was obvious that she had a bright future ahead of her.

Who would not want to build a relationship with such a person?

However, George had been standing next to her the whole time. The Crown Prince was in charge, so no one dared to be presumptuous. They kept a small distance from Ning Li.

George asked, “Ning, there will be a celebratory cocktail party in Yishuijian next door. Will you be going?”

This was the usual rule of G&S.

All the guests present had been invited by G&S to watch the show. Every time, it was a star-studded gathering filled with important VIPs.

Ning Li had not made an appearance at either of the previous two shows, let alone these celebratory cocktail parties.

This time was different.

“I don’t know how many people are waiting to see you,” George said with a smile.

Ning Li did not answer immediately, seeming to be a little distracted.

George smiled and called out to her again.


After the show, the crowd gradually dispersed.

All kinds of chatter could be heard.

“So Ning Li is Ning! What a surprise!”

“Who said it wasn’t? I thought she was relying on Lin Fengmian to enter the entertainment industry, but I didn’t expect that… She’s already standing at the top of the fashion industry! Her status is much higher than those in the entertainment industry!”

“By the way, today’s show was truly impressive. Ning is indeed…”

“If she wasn’t impressive, how could she be valued so highly by the Crown Prince of G&S? Don’t tell me you don’t understand what that person said on stage today? With the support of G&S, won’t she be able to do whatever she wants in this industry in the future?”

“Do you think Ning will attend tonight’s celebratory cocktail party? Since she has already appeared publicly, she shouldn’t be absent from this cocktail party, right?”

“Can’t we just go and take a look? Originally, I had a job to do tonight, but I just turned it down. If only we could meet Ning at the cocktail party, it would be good to have a few words with her…”

Ning’s status in the fashion industry was extremely high, so even if the people who had come today were all celebrities with high statuses in the entertainment industry, they were still far inferior to her.

Just as George had said, there really weren’t too many people who would not want to take this opportunity to become on good terms with Ning.

The surroundings were bustling with activity.

However, one person remained alone in her seat and had not moved for a long time.

It was Xu Yini.

She was in a daze. Her lips were pale, and she looked as if she had lost her soul.

From the moment she had seen Ning Li appear on the stage and announce that she was Ning, she had been in this state.

Her mind was a mess, and she had no memory of what happened after that.


A female voice suddenly came from the side.

Xu Yini slowly raised her head.

“… Sis Wanwan?”

The person who had come was Qi Wanwan.

She raised her chin towards the backstage area.

“Ning is over there. I’ve asked someone to make an introduction to her. Would you like to meet her together?”

Qi Wanwan was the editor-in-chief of the top fashion magazine in the country, so she had connections.

Although Xu Yini’s status had declined, she still had the Xu family behind her, so Qi Wanwan was still very polite to her.

Xu Yini had also asked for her help in getting the invitation card to this event this time.

However, when Xu Yini heard this, her expression suddenly became very ugly.

She had endured it for some time before she could suppress the surging emotions in her heart. She said coldly, “There’s no need.”

Qi Wanwan was stunned.

“What’s wrong? Didn’t you say that you really wanted to get to know her?”

Xu Yini suddenly stood up and gripped her handbag tightly, her face turning red.

“I still have things to do, so I won’t be going.”

After saying that, she moved her feet to leave.

Qi Wanwan frowned, feeling a little impatient as well.

She had invited her out of the goodness of her heart, but in the end, Xu Yini had thrown it back in her face?

This young lady’s temper is really getting more and more difficult to please!