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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 577 - The Uncrowned King!

Chapter 577: The Uncrowned King!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The air seemed to freeze, as the scene seemed to come to a standstill.

Everyone’s attention was attracted by the appearance of this person, with all their eyes drawn to her!

The figure that was concealed by the dark thorn bushes then walked out from the dark light!

Countless people subconsciously held their breaths in anticipation.

At the same time, on the huge screen behind her, there was a surge of waves and the blurry scene gradually became clear.

Everyone was stunned because it was revealed to be the face of an extremely young girl!

On the black-gray background, the eyes of the girl’s face were closed, but she was still incomparably beautiful!

Following that– Swish!

A beam of light descended from above, illuminating the tall and slender figure!

It was like a sharp sword piercing through the darkness, heralding the return of a king!

On the huge poster, the young girl’s tightly shut eyes then opened!


Dark gold words appeared!


In the next moment, she walked forward, out from the wilderness of brambles into this resplendent scene!




She walked towards the center of the runway, each of her steps seemed to be a step on people’s hearts.

Finally, she stood still.

The fog dispersed, and everything became clear!

She was wearing a simple white shirt, black straight-cut pants, and high heels of the same color.

Her waist and legs were long and slender, and her curves were exquisite.

Her wavy hair had been casually tied up in a bun at the back of her head. Her swan-like neck was long and slender, and her collarbone was exquisite, giving off a faint glow.

The entire stage was dark, and only this beam of light fell on her, becoming the only focus!

The very youthful, yet clean, and unbelievably beautiful face finally appeared in front of everyone!

“Hello everyone, I’m Ning Li.”

Her clear and calm voice echoed throughout the entire show venue.

She looked at the camera.

“I’m also the main designer of this show… Ning.”

–I’m Ning Li.

–I’m also the main designer of this show, Ning!

Just two sentences, yet they contained an astonishing amount of information!

In an instant, it was as if a huge rock had been thrown onto the calm surface of a lake, stirring up huge waves!

Everyone was shocked!

In the live broadcast room of the show, there was dead silence!

Ning Li… was actually Ning?!

This was the legendary, extremely mysterious top designer who stood at the top of the fashion circle. The same person who had stirred up the curiosity of countless people who were full of admiration for her, Ning!

From the audience seats of the show, there was finally a gasp.

As Xu Yini sat in the second row and looked up at the figure standing in the middle of the stage, her face was pale and her entire body had gone cold.

How could this be…

Ning Li was Ning?

And the millions of fans who were watching the live broadcast finally came back to their senses at this moment!

[ F*ck! ! ! ! ]

[ Ning… Ning?! ]

[ Ning Li is Ning, Ning is Ning Li! ? Am I seeing things? Am I deaf? Otherwise, how is it possible that I’m seeing Ning Li standing at the G&S show and announcing that she’s Ning?! I must be crazy! ]

[ How is that possible… How is that possible?! ]

[ Ahhhh! So my sister is Ning! No wonder she appeared at the rehearsal yesterday! She wasn’t going to walk the runway. However, this big show is clearly hers! ]

[ Hahahaha! I see! So, Ning Li is Ning. If she didn’t come to the rehearsal, dare I ask… who else would have the right to come?! ]

[ No wonder G&S made such a statement yesterday! Who wouldn’t know that Ning is G&S’ most valued collaborator? Ning Li is truly worth it! ]

[ To those rumor-mongers, slanderers, and unscrupulous people, why don’t they come out and take a few steps now? Ning Li has appeared at the G&S show and has even gone on stage now. What do you think? Are you satisfied now?! ]

[ Ning! There’s no need for a crown. You’re a god! ]

The number of viewers in the live broadcast room reached a new high, and the entire screen was occupied by crazy bullet screens!

From yesterday until now, the scandal between Ning Li and the Crown Prince of G&S, George, had become a hot topic.

The statement by G&S had been quite innocuous, and it had even attracted the ridicule of countless people.

If she had really hooked up with George, she could still have been considered capable. The key was that even though she had been photographed, she had still not been acknowledged.

What could be more ridiculous than that?

However, it was only now that everyone realized that it was not that Ning Li had not been acknowledged. She clearly had an even more valuable identity!


This genius designer had appeared out of nowhere last year. With the “Flower and Moon” show, she had gained a firm foothold in the fashion industry. Subsequently, G&S had even made an exception for her, naming her as the only main designer for their Spring/Summer collection.

This had been the first time in the 100 years of G&S’ history that such a show had been given to an independent designer who was not from within the G&S Group.

Only one person had ever had such an honor.

Of course, Ning had delivered an answer that had amazed everyone. She had become a top designer that was admired by countless people in and out of the industry.

The fashion industry was obsessed with her, and she had countless fans who eagerly awaited her every move.

Unfortunately, she had never appeared in public before, and all her personal information had been strictly kept confidential.

Before today, the public had known almost nothing about Ning.

Now, however, under the gazes of everyone, she had finally appeared.

With such a strong and dominant attitude, she had shattered all the rumors and shone with boundless brilliance!

With just these two simple sentences, she had shocked everyone on the spot and they could not calm down for a long time.

However, Ning Li, who was at the center of the vortex, seemed to be unaware of this.

Or perhaps, she did not care about this at all.

She merely stood on the stage, becoming the center of the show.

Her shoulders were straight, her peach blossom eyes were extremely clear, and there was a hint of indifference and pride between her brows.

There were thorns all around her, but they all seemed to have surrendered to her feet.

“The reason why I didn’t show up at the two previous press conferences was indeed because I had been held up by something else.”

Ning Li said calmly, “The ‘Flower and Moon’ collection was because I had to rush back to school for class, and the second time, I happened to be preparing for the National Physics Competition finals. As the main designer, it was indeed inappropriate for me to miss my own big show press conference. Therefore, I would like to express my special thanks to Mr. George and the entire G&S design team led by Mr. Edmund. Thank you for your time and effort in organizing these shows.”

With these words, the show and the live broadcast room fell into a strange silence.

For a long time, there had been a lot of speculation about Ning’s unwillingness to appear in public for her big shows.

Some people had thought that Ning might have had some sort of facial or physical defect. Some people had thought that Ning might have some social difficulties. Then, there were also some people who had speculated that Ning was trying to make use of this to increase her fame.

Besides, a genius designer like Ning was probably an eccentric person.

If Ning did not want to show her face, no one could persuade her otherwise.

In short, there had been a lot of speculation.

However, they had not expected the reason for her not coming to be because she had a class to attend! She had an exam?!

The sound of footsteps suddenly came from behind.

It was George.

Behind her were Edmund and the others, as well as all the models for the show.

The crowd walked toward her and surrounded her.

George was at the front as he stood beside her. His sky-blue eyes seemed to be smiling.

“It should be G&S who is thanking you. After all, without you, there wouldn’t have been such a talented and amazing press conference.”

He looked at the camera and smiled lazily.

“I’ve already said it. Ning is a friend that I, as well as the entire G&S company, greatly cherish.”

Everyone held their breaths.

This meant that George, as well as the entire G&S company, would support Ning Li!

Ning Li tilted her head and raised her eyebrows slightly.

At that moment, someone in the first row of the dimly lit auditorium suddenly began to clap.




The clapping was very rhythmic and carried a lazy and lazy energy.

Ning Li’s heart skipped a beat.. She followed the sound of the clapping and looked over.