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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 576 - : Night of Thorns! Ning!

Chapter 576: Night of Thorns! Ning!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

On the screen, the black color gradually faded away.

The G&S Fall/Winter Collection press conference was being presented to the audience bit by bit.

At first, a sharp and abrupt dark line could be seen. Then, as the dark color became lighter, its original appearance could gradually be seen.

It was actually a thorn.

Born from the darkness, its appearance was sharp all over.

The entire scene was dark and depressing, causing the people who were watching to subconsciously hold their breath.

The audience waiting for the big show to begin in the live broadcast room were all stunned.

[ What… is this? ]

[ Has it started? Has it started already? Why don’t I understand it? ]

[ It’s so dark and depressing… ]

Gradually, a dim light was projected down from above the venue.

The huge G&S logo appeared on the big screen before them.

Only then did everyone see that it was not just a singular thorn, but a bunch of thorns.

The messy vines intertwined with each other, disorderly and chaotic manner, tightly wrapped around the silver logo of G&S.

At a glance, it was like a cage, sealing in all the light and heat.

Below, a line of words was faintly discernible.

–The Night of Thorns.

The wilted and crazy exuberance, mixed with the gloomy and dark oppressive aura, interweaved and almost broke out of the screen!

When this huge poster was completely clearly displayed on the screen, there was a brief silence in the live broadcast room.

Everyone was shocked.

Unlike the previous time, G&S had not released any related theme posters in advance.

In private, countless people were secretly speculating about what kind of design philosophy they would be adopting this time.

Ning’s first two designs had been “Flowers and the Moon” and “After the Snow Melts, It Becomes Spring.”

The use of color had been to the extreme, rich and pure, and had contained an extremely rich cultural heritage.

Therefore, everyone subconsciously thought that this time, they would follow a similar style.

The thought was that Ning might present a “Warm Autumn and Winter”.

However, no one had expected that this time, Ning would actually go with a dark style!

After a moment of dead silence, the entire live broadcast room began to boil up!

[ Ahhhhh! The Night of Thorns! ]

[ It’s completely different from before! What a surprise! ]

[ It’s just a poster, yet I’m breathless just from looking at it. I really don’t know how shocking it will be when the show really begins! My heart is beating so fast! ]

The camera zoomed out gradually, and the dim light spilled down from the top of the venue.

Only then could the audience truly see the entire venue.

Immediately, the audience fell into a deep state of shock once again.


It was only now that they could see that this stage was an extremely orderly square.

The runway had been extended forward, and there were seats on three sides. Rows and rows of neatly arranged seats surrounded the stage that was in the middle.

Between the rows and rows of seats, sharp thorny bushes had been placed, ruthlessly cutting through the closed and orderly space!

–The atmosphere of this huge show was clearly of a cold wilderness of thorns!

It looked like a place where all living beings were trapped here, in a state where they were neither alive nor dead. A place where they screamed in silence!

A huge shock came over everyone.

Even though they were separated by the screen, the hearts of the many audience members were easily shocked.

Immediately, the bullet screens began to flood like crazy!

[ Ahhhhhhh! ]

[ Ning! YYDS1! ]

[ Amazing! As expected of G&S! What a show of strength! This show is really amazing! ]

[ Full of thorns, trapped in a cage… Winter is coming! ]

However, after giving the first full view of the show, the audience in the live broadcast room was already in an uproar.

Soon after, the deep sound of a cello was heard.

Along with the music, a figure appeared on the stage.

The opening model this time was still Tang Wei.

She wore a strapless gown with thick black gauze layers, and the hem of her skirt had been stretched out exaggeratedly.

Her swan-like neck was slender and beautiful. Even though the lights were dim, her delicate and fair skin was still exceptionally dazzling.

Today, she had changed from her usual light makeup to smoky makeup.

There was now a look of deep loneliness and coldness in her usually clear and pure eyes.

The skirt on the young girl looked like it could bear the warmth and purity of spring, as well as the winter wind and snow.

She seemed to be trapped in a cage, but she was still full of pride as she walked forward amidst the thorns.

Darkness, oppression, and heaviness.

This was the tone that this grand show had set from the very beginning.

From the posters to the stage, from the scenery to the music, it seemed to form a huge net that locked people in and made it difficult for them to break free.

However, at this moment, it was as if everyone had been possessed and did not want to break free.

Their hearts felt heavy and there was a choking feeling in their throats. Even the noise in their ears seemed to echo continuously, not giving anyone the slightest chance to escape or breathe.

It was like a deep nightmare, but no one wanted to wake up.

Walking through the thorns, stepping on the cage.

Despite the blood flowing everywhere, sticky and sweet, there was still the will to sink, falling forever.

Tang Wei walked to the front of the stage, posed in a particular position, and turned around.

Then, she moved away until her figure gradually disappeared into the darkness, and the second model came on stage after her.

She had the same style of smoky makeup, but the difference was this gown had flowy tulle.

A thorn pattern had been embroidered onto her waist. It looked as if it was so tightly bound that with even a slight movement, it would completely cut off this slender waist.

As she walked, the hem of her skirt swayed, and the thorns on her waist seemed to sway with the wind, swaying in the ice and snow.

After that, it was time for the third outfit.

The entire show venue was very quiet.

Watching the show live, one could feel the atmosphere more deeply, and it was easier to immerse oneself in it.

The dim lights and shadows intersected and fell on the serious faces that were staring at the stage. It was like a dream.

The camera zoomed in and Lin Fengmian’s exquisite and beautiful face came into everyone’s sight.

Today, he had dyed his hair a wine-red color, which made his skin look even fairer. The cross-shaped diamond earring on his left ear swayed slightly, echoing with the little mole at the end of his eye.

He looked at the stage with a focused expression.

At first glance, he looked like a demon who had strayed into the cold wilderness. Beautiful and fragile, pure and clean.

Countless people cried in amazement at this scene.

[ Hubby! Big sister loves you! ]

[ Oh my god! What kind of celestial beauty is this? ]

[ Red-haired little brother, you look so cute! How can there be someone who has such a combination of purity and lust, obedient yet succulent? Little brother, I’m so amazed! ]

The screen was already occupied by the crazy bullet comments of the fans.

Among them, there was a rather abrupt one.

“Wait! Who is the man behind Lin Fengmian? He’s so handsome!”

This bullet comment quickly flashed past, but it quickly attracted the attention of everyone.

Many people subconsciously looked behind Lin Fengmian.

There was an extremely young man who seemed to be in the best seat in the first row. It was just that the camera lens was a little too far away, and because the bushes nearby partly obscured him, they could not see very clearly.

His long legs were crossed, and his figure was hidden under the dim light, but it still could not hide his elegance.

All that could be seen was just his side profile. The lines from the brow to the bridge of the nose were extremely smooth, and the jawline was clean and sharp.

[ I’m shocked! How can such a handsome man exist? Why didn’t I notice him before?! ]

[ Who is that! ? I don’t think this person belongs to this industry! ]

[ Brother, I’ll become your fan for a moment first! This man is really amazing! ]

Soon, however, the camera flashed and turned away.

The bullet screen was filled with regretful voices, and there were many who shouted for the director to cut back to him again.

However, the camera did not show that astonishing figure again.

So, everyone’s attention was once again focused on this big show.

Time passed, and the models finished coming on to the stage.

At this point, the big show seemed to be coming to an end.

Suddenly, the poster of the crown of thorns appeared on the big screen again.

Everyone was excited!


[ Ning is coming! ]

[ God Ning! I will first kneel in respect! ]

[ Welcome to God Ning! ]

The bullet screen was unprecedentedly unified.

At this moment, in and out of the show venue, countless industry bigwigs and sincere fans were quietly waiting!

Everyone’s eyes were focused on the middle of the stage!



The crisp sound of high heels stepping on the ground rang out, and the deep sound of cello suddenly stopped!

Following that, the crown on the screen also shattered!

Black-gray and dark-gold colors interweaved, and a face was gradually outlined.

Almost at the same time, a tall and slender figure appeared on the stage!

On the Night of Thorns, someone stepped through the shattered crown and came out!