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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 574 - Waiting for Ning!

Chapter 574: Waiting for Ning!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

As soon as the news came out, all kinds of speculations surfaced.

The girl was Ning Li, and that car really did belong to George.

From these few moving pictures, it seemed that after Ning Li had visited Lin Fengmian on that day, she had gotten directly into George’s car.

Then, the two of them had left together.

By this time, the sky had already gotten dark.

Anyone could tell that the two of them had some kind of connection.

Moreover, the Crown Prince of G&S was a well-known playboy.

He was always involved in some kind of scandal or other.

However, no one had expected that Ning Li would be photographed together with this time.

Numerous doubts emerged. Although the fans were trying hard to control the comments, the effect was minimal.

All the spearheads were pointed at Ning Li once again!

Ning Li flipped through the comments for a while, then put her phone aside and looked at the computer.

Then, her slender and fair fingers landed on the touchpad.

Ten minutes later, she picked up her phone and made a call.


It was a dense night, with no stars and no moon.

As the dark night fell, the entire city remained brightly lit.

In the quiet and spacious room, the four walls had been painted pure white.

The gentle light seemed to disperse as it shone down lightly, making the entire room seem even more quiet.

The entire room was empty, with only a white sofa in the middle.

There was a person who sat quietly there.

Clad in a black shirt, he had an indifferent and noble expression on his face.

At this moment, he was sitting on the sofa with his legs crossed. He raised his head slightly and looked straight ahead with his deep and cold eyes.

A black swamp overgrown with reeds stretched out before his eyes. The sky in the distance was hazy, making it difficult to tell what time of the day it was.

The reeds seemed to be swaying in the direction of the wind.

Gray-white catkins fell off the branches and drifted in the wind.

The swamp looked thick, heavy, and slightly fishy.

One of the catkins had fallen down and seemed to have kissed the swamp lightly.


The name of this painting was–

“The Kiss”

This was also the first painting of the man that he had bought.

In order to display this painting, he had specially set aside this space as an exhibition room.

In other words, it could also be called a storage room.

Because in addition to this one, there were several other paintings hanging on the four walls.

The paintings hung on the walls, silently cutting through the white, yet perfectly fusing with it.

With the white background, all the paintings were clearly and deeply imprinted in his heart.

He actually could not remember how many times he had looked at this painting and all these paintings.

However, today was the most different.

He was silent, leaving only his long, clear, and shallow breathing. His heart was beating vigorously, interweaving with each other, like the sound of a drum playing in his ears.

After a long time, his thin crimson lips finally lifted in an extremely faint arc, and he laughed extremely softly.

“… It’s you…”

This scandal quickly developed.

# G&S Crown Prince Ning Li # quickly became a trending topic, and its ranking continued to rise.

Liang Yue knocked on the door and walked into the office, his mood tense.

Originally, he had thought that revealing the picture with the scene of the rehearsal had already been very excessive. However, he had not expected that such a big “surprise” would be waiting for them!

If it had been someone else who was rumored to be having an affair with George, G&S would not have interfered too much.

After all, it was normal.

However, this time was different.

That person was–

“I’ve already asked the public relations department to handle it. We must quickly suppress this news–”

“Just make a clarification. You don’t have to bother about anything else.”

George, who was leaning against the chair, was no longer as angry as before. He held a cup of coffee in his hand and looked at the computer leisurely. The tone of his voice was casual as he spoke.

“Whatever they want to do, let them do it.”


Liang Yue thought about the proposed plans of the public relations department. He had not known which one his boss liked, but when he heard his words, he was stunned.

Not worry about it?

However, this matter…

George’s beautiful eyes narrowed slightly, and the smile on his face was subtle and strange.

“Someone has made ample preparations to mess with her. They’ve put in so much effort. Of course, we should give them a sufficient stage to perform well.”

“But…” Liang Yue was still at a loss. “If we let the public opinion develop like this, I’m afraid it will cause a lot of harm to Miss Ning.”

George raised an eyebrow and took a sip of coffee.

“That’s the way it should be.”

Liang Yue was stunned. He really did not understand what was “good” about this.

The smile on George’s lips carried a hint of schadenfreude.

“What she needs to worry about now is not these rumors and slander. Besides, do you really think that anyone can bully her?”

After the scandal had broken out, the G&S official blog quickly made a clarification.

[ G&S: In response to the many rumors about our Vice President, Mr. George, and Miss Ning Li that have appeared on the Internet recently, we hereby make a solemn statement that the two of them are not in a romantic relationship as rumored. In fact, Miss Ning Li is a friend that Mr. George values greatly. Please stop spreading rumors. ]

In everyone’s eyes, this was an overly simple and even perfunctory clarification notice.

[ A greatly valued friend? It seems that Ning Li has not been acknowledged by the Crown Prince yet! ]

[ Initially, I really liked this situation, but it has turned out to only be just that… It’s true, though, that with Ning Li’s background, it would be very difficult for her to be favored by the Crown Prince. It’s a little too much for her to expect to be his girlfriend. ]

[ Whether it’s true or not, let’s see if Ning Li will appear at the G&S show tomorrow. Won’t we know by then? Since all the arrangements for the show have already been made, let’s see if G&S will change their plans at the last minute? ]

[ Hahahaha! This statement from G&S is the weirdest in the clarification of scandals that I’ve seen this year! ]

In the past, whenever George was linked to a scandal, the G&S officials would never respond to it.

This time, contrary to the norm, they made a clarification as quickly as possible. However, it only seems to have made things even more troublesome.

Under the G&S official Weibo post, the number of comments quickly soared.

Obviously, everyone did not believe it.

There were endless taunts, doubts, and abuse.

However, on G&S’ side, there was no further response.

At 9 pm, the G&S official Weibo account made a second Weibo post.

[ G&S: Waiting for Ning, 23rd hour of the countdown. ]

There was a black and gray poster with a dark golden crown of thorns lying quietly in the snow.

A line of silver words with iron and silver hooks hung high above the crown of thorns.