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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 573 - The Crown Prince of G & S’ New Love

Chapter 573: The Crown Prince of G & S’ New Love

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G&S was the absolute first-tier in luxury brands. They were extremely high-class.

The models who were selected for the brand’s big show had all undergone a selection process involving thousands of candidates.

The Fall/Winter Collection launch of G&S would be held tomorrow.

And now, Ning Li had actually appeared at the show venue.

It was not surprising that everyone had a big reaction to this. It was just that this matter was too unbelievable.

[ This is the picture of the rehearsal venue, right? This blogger actually managed to get this. It’s really amazing… ]

[ I heard that G&S did a very good job of keeping this show a secret. Even the final list of models has not been announced yet. Could Ning Li be among them? ]

[ This… Is this a joke? I admit that Ning Li is a top student, but having good grades and being a part of the G&S Show are two different things right? What will she be doing on the stage? Solving physics questions? ]

[ Hahahaha! The person before is truly sarcastic! To be honest, I think that Ning Li’s figure and face are not bad. She does indeed have the capital to enter the entertainment circle! ]

[ Are you serious? A show by a top-tier brand like G&S could almost be considered as the peak of the modeling profession. Countless supermodels at home and abroad might not even be able to squeeze their way up, let alone a non-professional like Ning Li? What is G&S thinking? Could it be because Lin Fengmian is the brand ambassador that he was able to so blatantly open the back door? ]

The fans quickly heard the news and rushed over, which sparked a fierce battle of words.

[ It’s just a picture, but you’re trying to start another rumor with it? Previously, you used a picture to spread rumors about my brother and sister, but in the end, you were ruthlessly slapped in the face. Haven’t you learned your lesson yet? ]

[ Exactly. In this picture, Ning Li didn’t even change her clothes. How can you say that she’s going to walk on the runway? So, if I stood there, would I also be able to walk on G&S’ runway tomorrow? How hilarious. ]

[ In the opening picture, the content is all made up. ]

The fans spontaneously defended Ning Li.

Previously, Ning Li and Lin Fengmian had been criticized for a long time because of these rumors on the Internet.

After the truth had been exposed, many people had firmly stood on their side.

Naturally, now that they saw this Weibo post and the countless mocking words below, they could not tolerate it.

This was not only an attack on Ning Li, but also an attempt at humiliating Lin Fengmian.

The battle situation in the comment section quickly escalated.

[ Lin Fengmian’s fans, can you have some common sense? For such a top luxury brand show, secrecy is the most important thing. From the director to the employees, everyone has to sign a confidentiality agreement in advance. Non-related personnel are absolutely not allowed to enter the show. This was the last rehearsal before the official launch of G&S. In what way was Ning Li qualified to enter?

[ The person above is right. Ning Li is a complete stranger. She doesn’t have any runway experience, yet she was actually allowed to come directly to a G&S rehearsal. Who would believe that it wasn’t because of Lin Fengmian? ]

[ Weren’t the siblings very poor in the past? Perhaps it’s because they are afraid of being poor that relying on Lin Fengmian alone isn’t enough. So, did they even bring Ning Li in so that they could make money together? ]

[ G&S’ behavior really sucks! ]

This Weibo post had been posted half an hour ago, but within a short period of time, it had already caused quite a stir among the public.

Ning Li casually glanced through the comments section. Apparently, someone had bought the data.

However, when she refreshed it again, it showed that the Weibo post did not exist anymore.

She clicked on the blogger’s homepage and found that he seemed to have deleted the Weibo post.

A lot of people flooded into his last post.

[ Blogger, why did you delete that post? ]

[ Did Lin Fengmian’s PR team do something? How efficient! ]

[ So what if it’s been deleted? I saved it already and besides, everyone already saw it. This Ning Li is really something. To think that I had a good impression of her before. Now, it seems that she’s a very shrewd person. ]

Everyone was discussing animatedly below, but the blogger did not reply.

Just then, a call came in.


Ning Li picked it up.


George frowned.

“Did you see that photo?”

Ning Li replied with a “Hmm”.

“It was a major mistake by our internal staff that implicated you.”

George knew that Ning Li was unwilling to reveal her identity, so when he saw the photo, he had revealed a rare fit of anger.

“Don’t worry, G&S will handle this matter as soon as possible. You don’t have to worry.”

Ning Li had already guessed that G&S must have made a move with such high efficiency.

Such a top-class luxury group would have people monitor public opinion at all times, so they could react very quickly.

However, in the end, that photo had still been exposed.

George’s voice carried a rare hint of helplessness in his apology.

“I’m really sorry.”

Actually, Ning Li was not angry.

Since George had already expressed his stance, there was really no need for her to hold on to it.

The sound of a car engine could be heard. It was the car that she had called.

She said, “Got it.”

After saying that, she hung up the phone and got into the car.

The car slowly drove forward.

Ning Li looked out of the car window.

After a moment, she said, “Sir, please change your destination and go to Shuiyuan Shijia.”

G&S was indeed very efficient.

Ning Li searched for another round of relevant content in the car and found that it had been blocked.

Although there were still some people discussing it, since that picture could not be sent out, and the relevant content could not be searched for, the scope of its spread was very limited.

This matter seemed to have been quietly suppressed.

Returning to Shuiyuan Shijia, Ning Li went to the bedroom and turned on the computer.

Then, she opened a proposal.

It was the presentation of the Fall/Winter Show of G&S.

She looked at it again and leaned back on the chair, as if she was hesitating about something.

Just then, another push notification popped up on her phone.

She glanced at it casually and raised her eyebrows.

[ Shocking! The new lover of the Crown Prince of G&S has been exposed! ]

George had been busy with preparations for the press conference recently and had not been able to bother much with romance for a long time.

Now, he was being filmed again?

Ning Li clicked on it casually and her gaze immediately focused as she slowly sat up straight.

The first person to post this message was a gossip entertainment account.

[ The Crown Prince of G&S drove to pick her up in the middle of the night. This national sister is really something! ]

There were a few moving pictures below.

The first time she saw it, she knew that it had been taken on the day she had gone to visit Lin Fengmian.

From the moment she had walked out of Lin Fengmian’s apartment, out of the neighborhood, and up to a car parked by the roadside.

The entire video had been spliced and edited, but it was still very coherent.

Despite the thick code, with the video that had been exposed for more than four hours, Ning Li’s appearance could be recognized at a glance.

As soon as this Weibo post was posted, it immediately caused a huge wave!

[ I was wondering why Ning Li would appear at the rehearsal of G&S’ big show. It turns out that it’s not just because of Lin Fengmian. It’s also because she has a “deep relationship” with the Crown Prince of G&S! ]

[ The Crown Prince is famous for being able to win the hearts of beauties. Since he personally picked her up, what would be so unusual for him to give her a spot in the show? ]

[ I’m confused. This sister and brother… Who was the first one to have a relationship with G&S? ]

[ I’ve long said that Lin Fengmian’s status is not enough to be their brand ambassador yet. So, was it because he has such a “good sister”? ]