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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 572 - Does She Deserve It?

Chapter 572: Does She Deserve It?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The first two times, she had only been responsible for handing over the sketches to George. As for the presentation of the show, she had handed the responsibility over to George and the entire G&S design team.

Although the results had been very good, George always believed that as the main designer, she was also the key point of the entire show.

It was a pity that she had to be absent.

So no matter what, he hoped that Ning Li could come to the venue personally.

Firstly, in this way, he would be able to communicate the details of the show in a timely and convenient manner. Secondly, only by being present could he truly immerse himself in the charm of the show.

He admired Ning Li’s talent, and also hoped that he would be able to use the overall performance of the show to perfectly display her talent.

He wanted the world to see it and also for her to see.

Therefore, after receiving Ning Li’s affirmative reply, George was extremely happy.

[ Okay, then I’ll personally pick you up tomorrow! ]

Ning Li thought of the flamboyant car that he usually used and refused.

[ There’s no need. I’ll take a taxi there. ]

George shrugged, feeling a little regretful.

However, it was already a pleasant surprise that Ning Li had agreed to come, so he did not insist on anything else and decided to go along with whatever she wanted.

[ Sure. However, you may still have to make a trip to G&S headquarters first. There are some things that you need to confirm personally. After that, we will go to the venue to watch the rehearsal. ]

Ning Li replied with an “Okay”.

The next day, after Ning Li finished her lunch, she went to the G&S headquarters.

Liang Yue was already waiting at the door.

As Ning Li got out of the taxi, Liang Yue immediately greeted her the moment that he noticed her.

“Miss Ning.”

Ning Li nodded and greeted her.

“Assistant Liang.”

She had been here a few times, so Liang Yue was very clear about her identity.

“Please come upstairs.”

After saying that, Liang Yue pushed the door open for her and led the way.

Ning Li followed.

As the two of them entered, a group of people was escorting a woman out of the G&S headquarters building.

She was tall and slender, her white fishtail dress accentuating her exquisite curves. Her dainty face had been covered up with sunglasses and enhanced by her snow-white skin and red lips.

It was Xu Yini.

She had come today to discuss a collaboration with the high-end brand, MY.

Ever since Lu Huaiyu had personally suppressed her, her career had been greatly affected.

She had lost her endorsements, her publicity had been withdrawn, and even the number of good scripts had lessened.

After all, those people did not want to offend Lu Huaiyu, so they could only try their best to minimize their interactions with Xu Yini.

During this period of time, her popularity had declined greatly.

In the end, she had no choice but to ask her family for help.

After all, she was the only daughter in her family and she was pampered by her parents. They could not bear to see her being sad every day, so they had finally taken action.

Only then did her resources recover.

Of course, compared to when she had been at her most popular, it was still a little lacking.

For example, although the MY brand that she had come to discuss today was also an extravagant brand, it was actually lower in class than Esya.

However, these could still not be compared to G&S.

However, this was already one of the better endorsements that she had been able to receive so far, so she had still come.

If nothing unexpected happened, she should be able to sign the contract very soon.

Seeing the figure opposite her, Xu Yini’s gaze froze, and she suddenly stopped in her tracks.

Mei Li, who was beside her, saw this and asked curiously, “Yini, what’s wrong?”

Xu Yini did not say anything. She merely stared at the person in front of her, a tensed look on her face.

She was so close that of course, she could recognize who it was!

Ning Li!

The news of the Second Master of the Lu family bidding a sky-high price for ‘The Night of the Milky Way’ and publicly announcing his girlfriend had long spread through the social circles of the Capital.

Coincidentally, a few days ago, Ning Li had also been revealed as Lin Fengmian’s sister.

It would be difficult for her to forget this person even if she wanted to!

Mei Li followed her line of sight and saw that Ning Li had already left with Liang Yue.


Xu Yini took her phone out and took a photo.

The two figures had already disappeared through the G&S door.

Xu Yini lowered her head and clicked on the photo.

“Is this Liang Yue?”

Mei Li took a closer look.

“Yes, it’s him.”

George’s senior assistant.

Xu Yini smiled coldly.

“How interesting.”

Ning Li followed Liang Yue to the conference room on the sixteenth floor.

George was already waiting.

When he saw Ning Li, George stood up to welcome her and said with a smile, “Ning, you’re probably the most difficult designer to hire in this world.”

Ning Li did not pay his words any attention and raised her chin.

“Let’s begin. After this afternoon’s rehearsal, I still have to go back to conduct experiments in the evening.”

George said, “Ning, you really know how to discourage my enthusiasm.”

Although he complained like this, he understood that it was a very rare opportunity for Ning Li to come over this time.

So, he did as she said and turned on the projector.

“This is the specific process of the rehearsal later. Take a look first. Is there anything else that needs to be adjusted?”

Ning Li looked up.

An hour later, Ning Li had adjusted the order of appearance for the final gown show.

George said, “It’s still best to see the overall effect at the rehearsal. So, shall we go over now?”

Ning Li nodded.

George picked up his car keys and teased with a smile.

“No one would believe that this will be the first time that Ning will be watching a rehearsal for her own big show. Will you come tomorrow?”

Ning Li put on her baseball cap.


George shrugged.

It was already seven o’clock in the evening when Ning Li came out of the show venue.

She stood by the roadside, ready to take a taxi back to school.

A piece of news suddenly popped up.

Ning Li was about to delete it when she caught a glimpse of her name.

She narrowed her eyes and clicked on it.

[ Gossip AA: National Sister Ning Li has appeared at the rehearsal venue of the G&S show. Is she about to enter the entertainment industry? ]

Below was a blurry picture.

It seemed to have been taken from a distance. In the built-up set, the huge G&S logo was extremely eye-catching.

A girl could be seen standing right in front of the runway.

She was wearing a hat, but with her tall and slender figure and exquisite side profile, it was not difficult to recognize that this was Ning Li!

The comments below were rapidly increasing.

[ This is the G&S show! Is the national sister going to make her debut by virtue of her younger brother? ]

[ Right, Lin Fengmian is the brand ambassador for G&S. It shouldn’t be difficult for him to help his sister get a spot in the show, right? ]

[ She’s a straight-A student. Why would she enter the entertainment circle? ]

[ The person above is too naive. How much money can you earn money in the entertainment circle? Won’t it be faster than studying? Now that I think about it, these two siblings must have been hyping up the show since the last time, right?”

“G&S is the top luxury show. Can anyone just enter this show? Does Ning Li deserve it?”