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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 571 - Rehearsals

Chapter 571: Rehearsals

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The photo on Tang Yi’s computer was the one that Lin Fengmian had posted on Weibo.

Yan Qiu took a closer look and realized that it was actually Ning Li.

“At just a glance, I thought… Little Junior Sister must have been around twelve or thirteen years old there, right?”

Fu Niannian had a look of disdain on his face.

“Eldest Senior Brother, how did you look at it that you could see Little Junior Sister as the Boss?”

Even though Little Junior Sister’s family circumstances were not good back then, she was still a pretty little girl.

Yan Qiu rubbed his chin.

“The boss was only fourteen when he went to Xijing University. The photo from that time really does look a little similar to this one. But if you look closely, it doesn’t look that similar.”

Tang Yi smiled.

“I told you earlier. Her brows and eyes are very similar to the Boss. You can see it clearly when she was younger.”

Yan Qiu stared at the photo for a while longer before asking, “Why do you have this photo? I thought I heard you two talking about Junior Sister when I came in just now?”

Tang Yi knew that he did not know much about the current situation, so he immediately explained the matter briefly.

“… and that’s about it.”

The more Yan Qiu listened, the more serious his expression became.

After Tang Yi had finished speaking, he remained silent for quite a while.

Actually, he had read the posts about Ning Li on the Internet before and had thought that he knew her pretty well. All this time that Ning Li had been in the lab, he had been very careful never to mention her past.

The same was true for Fu Niannian and Tang Yi.

However, he had not expected that her real life in the past would be even more…

After a long time, he nodded.

“Okay, I got it.”

He thought for a while and said, “Let’s give Junior Sister a break. If she doesn’t want to come in, we’ll just let her have a good rest. Anyway, the Boss is back in Bai City this week and won’t be here.”

Fu Niannian made an “okay” gesture.

After one lesson, the professor left with satisfaction.

Ning Li carried her backpack and prepared to change classrooms for the second lesson.

The moment she stood up, all the girls in the classroom stood up in unison and looked at her eagerly.

Ning Li, “…”

As she walked outside, they hurriedly made way for her and followed behind.

They did not dare to get too close to Ning Li, so they remained a short distance away from her.

When Ning Li looked up, she saw a group of boys from her class standing behind her, giving her a thumbs up.

Her phone vibrated.

She took it out to take a look and noticed that someone in the class group had tagged her.

[ Thank you, Boss, for helping the Institute of Physics! ]

A series of comments followed.

[ Thank you, Boss, for bringing good fortune to the Institute of Physics! ]

[ Thank you, Boss, for bringing good fortune to the Institute of Physics! ]

[ Thank you, Boss, for bringing good fortune to the Institute of Physics! ]

Ning Li took a deep breath, then turned around and said to the group of girls, “Actually, you don’t have to do this. Just go back to your classes.”

As soon as she said this, the group of girls immediately said, “I don’t have any classes!”

“I don’t have any classes in the afternoon either!”

“Sister, your class schedule is so full!”

Ning Li, “…”

One of the girls carefully asked, “Sister, are you unhappy?”

Ning Li was silent for a moment before she finally accepted her fate.


After saying that, she turned around and went to the classroom for her next class.

The girls quickly followed behind her.

The teacher for this class was very young. He probably knew about the things that were happening on the Internet, so when he saw the girls who had followed Ning Li to participate in the class, he was briefly surprised and guessed the general situation.

This young teacher had a very fun mentality, so during class, he specially called on Ning Li to answer a question.

The question was about a very basic concept. Ning Li stood up to answer. Just as she finished speaking, she heard a soft wave of compliments coming from the classroom.

“Wow! Sister even knows this! How amazing!”

“Do you think that brother often follows in sister’s footsteps to learn this? Should we follow her and learn as well?”

“What are the elective courses in the Institute of Physics? Why don’t we try it next semester?”

Ning Li sat down quietly.

It was not easy for her to finish this class. Ning Li was ready to go to the cafeteria to eat.

They quickly surrounded her.

“Sister, what would you like to eat tonight?”

“There are a lot of people in the cafeteria. Let me help you to order some takeout!”

“Sister, when will you be going to visit brother again?”

In the end, Ning Li chose to go directly to the lab.

The lab building of the Institute of Physics required a swipe card, especially to the sixth floor, where fingerprints had to be verified.

Twenty minutes later, Ning Li stepped into the lab and finally had some peace and quiet.

Tang Yi, who was running some data, looked up and was shocked to see her.

“Little Junior Sister, why are you here?”

Ning Li walked to her seat.

“Nothing, it’s just–”

Looking at the pile of pink and blue letters on the table, her voice became stuck in her throat.

Tang Yi coughed lightly.

“… Junior Sister, these were specially sent to the courtyard. We rejected all the gifts, but these letters, they said they had to deliver them no matter what, so–”

Some were addressed to Ning Li, and some were addressed to Lin Fengmian.

Ning Li rubbed the space between her eyebrows.

The Institute of Physics had become very lively lately.

Many more students had come to participate in classes, and most of them were girls. More importantly, they were very well-behaved and had excellent class etiquette.

Some of them had genuinely become interested in physics and enthusiastically spoke up in class.

The teachers were in a much better mood during class.

It was harmonious.

For Ning Li, after a few days of struggle, the girls finally stopped following her everywhere.

However, every time she appeared in various places within the school, she was often called sister.

There was even someone on Weibo who had created a special tag for her– # Ning Li #, and every day, she was sent cards and posts by many people.

There were two pictures in the top post.

One was of Ning Li’s college entrance exam score, and the other was of her full score from the national competition finals.

The topics of the post were also very interesting. Most of them revolved around learning.

–How could they pull their own weight when their Sister’s grades were so good?

–What were their own difficulties compared to their Sister having to take on the responsibility of supporting her family when she was young?

Ning Li would always be a role model!

By the time Ning Li found out about this, she had more than 500,000 fans.

Seeing that most of their posts were positive, Ning Li was not bothered by it anymore.

In the blink of an eye, it was late October.

The G&S Fall/Winter collection show was about to start.

George sent a message.

[ The last rehearsal will be held tomorrow afternoon. Ning, would you like to come and take a look? ]

Ning Li pondered for a long time.

[ Okay. ]