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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 570 - Really Was Little Junior Sister

Chapter 570: Really Was Little Junior Sister

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

There were still five minutes before the class started, but the entire classroom was already filled to the brim.

At a glance, it was filled with eager girls, and their extremely enthusiastic gazes were all focused on Ning Li.

They must have specially come earlier. The best seats in the middle and front were all occupied by them.

Oh, and so was the last row.

It was rumored that Ning Li often sat in the last row when she was in class.

Therefore, these seats could not be spared either!

On the contrary, the students of the astronomy department had been squeezed towards the corners.

The entire classroom looked over.

For a moment, Ning Li wanted to turn around and leave.

However, it was too difficult to skip class in front of so many people.

She took a deep breath and finally walked in.

She looked around, but she did not have any seats to choose from.

Fortunately, Zhang Yuanyuan and Yang Liu had also taken up some seats and had left the space in the middle for her.

The two of them waved at her crazily.

“Ning Li! Over here!”

Ning Li could only sit there.

The moment she sat down, the entire classroom was filled with sighs of regret.

“Sigh, sister didn’t sit here with me…”

“Could it be that sister doesn’t like the seat that I chose?”

“It shouldn’t be. They said that sister always chooses the last row for her Advanced Mathematics Class…”

Ning Li silently took out her book. Before she could open it, she was handed a cup of milk tea.

A girl was looking at her with sparkling eyes, her face full of anticipation.

“Sister! This milk tea is super delicious! But I didn’t know what flavor you like, so I chose mango according to my brother’s preference. Please try it!”

Ning Li moved slightly back.

“Thank you, but there’s no need.”

The girl immediately looked disappointed.

However, soon after, a tub of ice cream was handed to her.

“Sister! The weather is so hot, please have some ice cream!”

Ning Li leaned to the left.

“Thank you, but there’s no need.”

The girl also let out a regretful “Ah”.

Just then, a notebook appeared in front of Ning Li.

She slowly raised her head and saw a girl push up her glasses. She said very seriously, “Sister, I helped you take notes for the first three chapters of this class.”

Ning Li, “…”

The two girls next to her were very dissatisfied.

“The score that Sister got for the College Entrance Exam was 746! She got a perfect score in the National Physics Competition! Why would she still need notes?”

The girl seemed to have finally realized this point, and she furrowed her brows as she pondered for a long time.

“Then– what about homework?”

Ning Li’s breathing froze for a moment, and she said to the girl, “Thank you, there’s no need.”

Being rejected by Ning Li, she could not help but be disappointed.

Fortunately, however, she had rejected everyone.

From a certain point of view, this was also a kind of fairness.

Thus, the girls finally had a balance.

Then, they began to focus on inquiring about Ning Li’s preferences.

“Sister, then what flavor of milk tea do you like? What about ice cream? Why don’t we go for hotpot tonight?”

“The astronomy classes are all so interesting! Sister, which one do you like best?”

“Sister, you went to see your brother recently. How is he? The fans are so worried…”

Hearing the last sentence, Ning Li finally spoke.

“The doctor said that he will be fine after recuperating for a while.”

The girls cheered up a little, with a mixture of feelings of heartache and relief.

A group of boys walked in from the back door of the classroom. The one at the front raised his head and looked at the room full of girls. He subconsciously turned around and said to the people behind him, “Hey, we’re in the wrong classroom.”

As he said that, the group of people was about to leave.

A boy suddenly said, “No, this is right. This is where our class is.”

Everyone was stunned. They raised their heads and confirmed the door number of the classroom again.

They looked at the nameplate and then looked at the classroom.

It was not difficult to judge what had happened from the words coming from inside.

So, these girls were all here for Ning Li?!

“What… What should we do?” Someone stammered.

After a long while, someone added, “Skipping class isn’t good.”

As soon as he said that, everyone immediately responded.

“That’s right.”

“Let’s go to class!”

“Awesome, isn’t it just for one class? If there’s no space, then isn’t it the same if we just stand and listen?”

The boy at the front turned around and said earnestly, “When class is over, all of you should go and properly thank our school belle.”

“To be able to be classmates with someone who is willing to help all living things, this must be a sign of how many years of luck you have accumulated!”

The bell rang to indicate the start of class, and the classroom finally quieted down.

Ning Li heaved a sigh of relief.

The professor walked in, took a glance, and left.

Half a minute later, he came back.

Looking at the never-before-full classroom, the professor began to doubt his life.

“What… is going on? Why are there so many extra students?”

Everyone looked at Ning Li in unison.

Ning Li held her forehead.

A girl in the front row raised her hand excitedly.

“Professor! Everyone has said that your class is particularly good, so we all came to listen! You don’t mind, right?”

Who wouldn’t like to hear such words?

Looking at the eager faces in the classroom, the professor felt very emotional.

Even though he had taught for so many years, such a scene was very rare.

“I don’t mind. You may all listen together, if you like!”

In the laboratory building of the Institute of Physics, Tang Yi was typing away on the keyboard.

Fu Niannian raised his head lazily.

“Junior Brother, you’ve been typing all morning and noon. Are you able to get it done?”

Tang Yi’s expression was solemn.

“Senior Brother, you don’t understand. When you face a hater, you have to sweep away the fallen leaves! You can’t give them even the slightest chance!”

Fu Niannian said, “Oh, you mean about Junior Sister?”

Tang Yi nodded seriously.

Fu Niannian said, “Can’t we just hack their accounts? Search for the keywords and follow the trail. I’ve already hacked four digits.”

Tang Yi, “…”

Fu Nian smiled smugly.

Yan Qiu walked in and saw Tang Yi’s computer. He caught a glimpse of a photo from afar and asked casually, “Junior Brother, why are you looking at the boss’s photo?”

Tang Yi turned around.

“Eldest Senior Brother, can you please look a little closer? This is Junior Sister!”

Yan Qiu had been extremely busy these past two days. He had not even looked at his phone, so he did not know about the things that were happening on the Internet.

He was stunned for a moment and subconsciously said, “Isn’t this the boss when he just started attending university– F*ck!”

He took a few quick steps forward and got closer to take a look. His eyes immediately widened.

“It really is Junior Sister!”