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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 568 - Good Morning, Sister

Chapter 568: Good Morning, Sister

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The girl in the two photos was indeed the same person.

Once this Weibo post had been posted, it had ignited Lin Fengmian’s fans first.

Countless fans rushed over when they heard the news. When they saw this picture and the comments of the blogger, they were all excited.

[ So, sister is so awesome! I’ll kneel to her! ]

[ Ahhhhh! I seem to remember this! At that time, when the results of the National Physics Competition were released, there was an unprecedented perfect score! Our physics teacher even specially praised this in class, saying that this was a rare physics genius! I didn’t expect that it was actually this sister! ]

[ I’m crying. Sister took such good care of my younger brother, and she was even able to enter Xijing University with the top grade in the whole province. She was even speaking as a representative of the new students. What kind of immortal sister is this! ]

[ Ning Li… Ning Li! Ah!! So maybe when little brother wrote, “Colorful clouds are easily dispersed, like fragile glass”? His sister’s name is in that poem, so… he must have deliberately changed the word “fragile” to “green”! ]

This comment was quickly pushed to the top, attracting countless replies.

[ So that’s how it is… That must have been what really happened! I really misunderstood him! ]

[ I knew it! My brother knows how to derive functions and knows Boltzmann’s constant. How could he have made such a mistake? So, it was all for his sister, right? ]

[ Really, why is he so good? Thank you, sister, and thank you, brother. Thank you for growing up so well. ]

[ My brother is the best brother in the world, and my sister is the best sister in the world! I don’t care! From now on, my little cub’s sister will be my sister! Whoever dares to bully my sister again, I will be the first to disagree! ]

[ Me too! Sister is worth it! ]

[ Ditto! The fans will always protect Fengmian, always protect sister! ]

At 6:43 in the morning, Lin Fengmian posted on Weibo.

The accompanying picture was a picture of the sun that was just rising.

The red morning sun leaped out from behind the thin clouds in the sky. The warm light illuminated the horizon, dyeing it with a layer of light.

The city that was forged by the steel forest was very quiet. It was shrouded in that layer of light, as if it was only just about to wake up.

He said–

“The sun is shining well today, and the weather is beautiful. Good morning, Sister.”

After an entire night, Lin Fengmian had finally responded to the countless doubts and curses on the Internet.

He did not refute or explain anything. He only looked at the new sun as he gently and calmly wished his sister a good morning.

However, such a simple post, which could not even be considered as a refutation or explanation, had made countless fans’ hearts ache.

[ If not for my sister, my brother might not have been able to see a new day or a new sun, right? ]

[ Do not be sad, little cub. In the future, the fans will watch the sunrise and sunset with you. Watch the clouds gather and disperse! Brother, good morning! Sister, good morning! ]

The comments section was quickly flooded with this sentence.

[ Good morning, little brother! Good morning, sister! ]

[ Good morning, little brother! Good morning, sister! ]

[ Good morning, little brother! Good morning, sister! ]

Almost at the same time, the media that had exposed Lin Fengmian’s scandal suddenly released a video that was over four hours long.

It was the entire recording of the afternoon that Lin Fengmian had been filmed.

First, Ning Li had entered the building. A few minutes later, the scene had changed and she had appeared in the living room of Lin Fengmian’s apartment.

Then, she took a computer and a stack of paper out of her backpack and sat down at the long table.

Not long after, Lin Fengmian walked over.

He was injured and his left ankle was still in a cast which made it very inconvenient for him to move.

However, he still came over and sat down opposite Ning Li.

There was a book in his hand, which looked vaguely familiar.

Some people recognized it as “The Kinetic Theory of Matter” that he had selected from the haunted house when he participated in “King of Escapes.”.

The two of them sat on either side of the long table, one facing the computer, while the other reading a book.

After about an hour, Lin Fengmian had fallen asleep at the table.

After another two hours, Ning Li had gotten up and left.

When she appeared in front of the camera again, she was holding a bowl of porridge.

Lin Fengmian had woken up at that moment.

Ning Li placed the porridge in front of him. Then, the two of them had stood up and left together as if they were conversing with each other.

A few minutes later, Lin Fengmian had reappeared in the camera frame.

He pulled out a chair and sat down. He held the bowl in his hands and quietly finished the porridge.

Once the original video had been released, it had completely shattered the last bit of doubt.

Everyone could see it clearly. The entire process was very simple and clear. Ning Li had visited Lin Fengmian and cooked a bowl of porridge for him.

For four hours, the siblings had spent their time together, quietly and peacefully. One had been reading a book while the other had worked on a computer.

It could be seen that this was their usual way of getting along.

To others, this was extremely boring.

But for some reason, seeing them quietly together, even if they were just doing their own thing, made people feel a strange sense of bitterness and relief.

The two conflicting emotions were interweaved.

It was a feeling that was difficult to describe with words.

For the past ten years, they had also relied on each other as they grew up, right?

However, in the span of one day and one night, the whole incident had flipped around several times. Finally, the dust seemed to have settled now.

The mysterious girl who had gone in and out of Lin Fengmian was the elder sister that he missed dearly.

They were not related by blood, but they were each other’s closest family members.

In the end, they were just two pitiful and adorable children who had worked hard to grow up together.

Ning Li woke up late in the morning.

Lin Fengmian’s Weibo post was within her expectations.

However, she was a little surprised to see the long Weibo post that Lin Zichu had posted late at night and that the media had taken the initiative to release the original video.

Hearing the familiar footsteps outside, she got up.

Lu Huaiyu placed the sandwich and milk on the dining table.

“You’re awake? Come and have breakfast.”

Ning Li walked over.

“Second Brother, Editor-in-Chief Lin’s Weibo post and the original video…”

Lu Huaiyu smiled.

“Lin Fengmian was the one who found him. Editor-in-Chief Lin is a very nice person. After hearing about what happened online, he had immediately agreed to help.”

Ning Li took a bite of her sandwich.

“Mian does have Editor-in-Chief Lin’s contact information. However, for such a late-night post by an average person to attract traffic and change public opinion so quickly, everything happened much faster than I would have thought.”

Lu Huaiyu sat down next to her, and his smile deepened.

She was always so smart, really…

“Just give me a lead, and things will naturally develop like that.”

That was because every word and sentence in that long Weibo post had been true.

All he had done was just to casually push it, which sped up the whole process.

“But speaking of the original video… it was not my doing.”

Ning Li was slightly stunned.

“It wasn’t Second Brother? Then why would they take the initiative to release it?”

The gossip had been spread by them. Wasn’t this a self-inflicted slap in the face?

“Someone was one step ahead of me.”

Lu Huaiyu raised his brows slightly, a faint smile on his face.

“The third master of the Gu family personally stepped up.”