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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 567 - National Sister

Chapter 567: National Sister

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

By night time, the situation became more and more intense.

More and more people had begun to denounce Lin Fengmian, demanding an answer from him.

However, for the entire night, there was no movement from Lin Fengmian’s side.

It seemed as if he was feeling too guilty to respond.

Or perhaps he simply wanted to play dead and deal with it by ignoring it.

However, this time, it was obviously impossible to rely on such a method to brush it off.

Under his Weibo post, disappointment, curses, stirring up of trouble, and humiliation flooded in like a wave.

Wu Yuanfan felt like he was about to go crazy, and the entire public relations department of Huayi Entertainment was on the verge of collapsing.

At first, no one had expected that things would develop to such a stage.

Now that things had developed to such an extent, no matter how they dealt with it, Lin Fengmian would probably suffer a great loss.

But now that Lin Fengmian was injured, no matter how angry Wu Yuanfan was, there was nothing he could do.

In the end, he could only go back with a heart full of sorrow.

Rongyue Mansion.

It was almost midnight, and the public opinion on the Internet was now almost one-sided.

Ning Li sat on the sofa as she sent a message to Lin Fengmian.

Lu Huaiyu walked over and raised his eyebrows slightly when he saw this.

“What did Lin Fengmian say?”

Ning Li shook her head.

“He only said that it’s not good to stay up late, so he told me to sleep well.”

Lu Huaiyu smiled faintly.

“That’s quite sensible.”

Ning Li looked at him speechlessly.

It seemed that in their eyes, whether she had a good sleep or not was the most important thing.

As for the storm on the Internet… they were really not worried at all.

Lu Huaiyu walked around the sofa and bent over to pick her up.

“Be good, go to sleep.”

He smiled.

“You don’t need to worry about these things.”

Ning Li had been running around outside all day today. After going to see Lin Fengmian, she had been busy at G&S for a long time. She was very sleepy now.

The matter was a little tricky, but it was not completely unsolvable.

Subconsciously, she rubbed against Lu Huaiyu while she was cradled in his arms.

Lu Huaiyu carried her back to the bedroom and coaxed her to sleep. Only then did he leave the room.

He took his phone out and narrowed his eyes.

Late that night, a blogger named “Author Lin Lin” posted a long Weibo post.

[ Hello, everyone. I am the editor-in-chief of Lincheng Evening News, Lin Zhichu. I have only just learned how to use Weibo. There are many things that I don’t understand so if there are any mistakes, please correct me. ]

[ I don’t mean to bother you, but there have been many untrue rumors about Lin Fengmian and his sister on the Internet recently. As one of the few people who has some understanding of this pair of siblings, I’d like to take this opportunity to clarify some things. ]

[ Ten years ago, I was still an ordinary reporter for the Lincheng Evening News. That year, on October 17th, we had received news that an eight-year-old boy had been saved from gas poisoning by another eight-year-old girl. She had smashed a glass window in his home in the Old City District in the west of the city to reach him. After hearing this, we had originally wanted to do an exclusive interview, but the guardians of the children refused. In the end, we could only produce an ordinary press release. ]

[ A month after the incident, I went back to visit them again. However, I saw that the two children were being beaten up by a few older children. I quickly rushed forward to pull them apart. ]

[ I asked them why they were being bullied, but they refused to speak. Later, when the girl’s grandmother and mother came back, I told them about the incident and got a rough understanding of their situation. ]

[ When the boy was very young, his father had died of illness. His mother then raised him alone. On that day, the gas poisoning incident had happened only because he had been locked up at home and was so hungry that he had tried to cook for himself. As for the girl, her parents had divorced, then her mother had remarried, and her father had gone to prison. She was left alone with her grandmother. ]

[ Due to the special circumstances of their family background, both of these children were rejected and bullied by their peers. That chance rescue then became an opportunity for the two women who each had a child. Under the most difficult circumstances, they had supported each other. ]

[ When the boy was 15 years old, his mother died of an illness. He had amazing musical talent, and he wanted to be on the stage. Originally, he had not been worthy enough to talk about his “dream”. However, fortunately, his sister would help him by selling her sketches in the park and making coffee in the cafe. His sister had saved up money and bought him a plane ticket to go abroad. I forgot to mention that I was the one who helped the siblings get their bank cards. ]

[ During the two years I was abroad, the sister would give her brother a monthly stipend. I offered to help him several times, but I was declined. The sister said that she could take care of her grandmother and brother, and she didn’t need anyone’s help. ]

[ Last year, the old lady passed away. The sister and brother had no parents to rely on and no other family members to rely on. Fortunately, the brother finally has a name now, and his name is Lin Fengmian.”

Under the long article, the blogger also attached a photo.

It was the Lincheng Evening News from ten years ago, on October 18th.

At the bottom right corner was the news bulletin from that year.

It only took up a very small space. As time passed, the paper had yellowed.

Only two people had been mentioned in it–

An eight-year-old boy named Lin.

An eight-year-old girl named Ning.

At the end of the post, he asked:

[ It is true that there is no blood relationship between the two of them, but is it really the most important thing to have such a bond?

Because this blogger was a newly registered account, he did not have many followers. Plus, it had been posted in the middle of the night, so at first, no one had paid attention to it.

Later, an entertainment blogger with a million followers had shared it, and it quickly received a response from everyone.

After that, all the marketing accounts went down one after another, and Lin Fengmian’s fans rushed over one after another.

By morning, the number of reposts had already exceeded 50,000.

This reversal shocked everyone.

[ Oh my god, before this, all I thought was that Lin Fengmian’s family’s conditions weren’t too good, but it turns out… It was so miserable? ]

[ I burst into tears! My heart really, really hurts! ]

[ First, he lost his father when he was young, then his mother when he was young. Later on, his grandmother passed away too. So, Fengmian only has his sister left as his family, right?”

[ His life was saved by his sister. His plane ticket was bought by his sister. When he was injured, the porridge that he ate had been cooked by his sister… We are just strangers who admire his starlight. Only his sister is the closest person to him! ]

[ His sister is so pitiful. She is the same age as him, but she has had to endure so much. Fans, thank you so much! ]

At the same time, another blogger made another Weibo post.

[ Fengmian’s Ears: Sisters! Come and see if this is really the sister or not! ]

There were two photos.

One was the photo of Lin Fengmian and Ning Li that had been taken in their apartment, and the other was of a photo of a girl wearing a military uniform who was standing at the podium during the 120th-anniversary celebration of Xijing University.

The bloggers were screaming excitedly in the comments section.

[ Ahhhhhh! This was Ning Li, the top scorer in science in this year’s college entrance examination of M Province! This was the photo of her speaking at the anniversary celebration as the representative of this year’s freshmen of Xijing University! If I remember correctly, she even won first place in the national physics competition with a perfect score last year! Her learning abilities are at a god-level! Ah! So she’s the one who is his sister! It’s no wonder that he’s so good at math and physics. ]

[ Big sister is awesome! She taught her little brother well.

[ Sister, I’ll call you big sister first! ]