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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 566 - People You Don’t Want to Think About

Chapter 566: People You Don’t Want to Think About

“Let me see your phone,” he said.

“Huh? Hey!”

Gu Siyang was stunned at first, then subconsciously handed his phone over.

He actually did not check Weibo often. However, mainly because this incident was too big, and many media platforms were pushing it, when he casually opened it and took a look, he saw that the issue had exploded.

Gu Tingfeng took the phone, clicked on the photo, and zoomed in.

The dilapidated and narrow tube-shaped building, the wilting potted plants in the midsummer heat, the mottled walls reflected in the puddles and accumulated water…

And the girl who was looking at the camera with an indifferent expression.

Gu Tingfeng’s heart seemed to have been hit by something.

For a moment, he almost thought that he had seen this photo and this girl before.

However, it was clear that he had not.

Gu Siyang leaned beside him and muttered, “Dad, look, Ning Li lived here when she was young. She…”

He suddenly did not know what to say as he scratched his head in annoyance.

He knew that Ning Li’s home was in the old city district of Lincheng.

When he had gone to Lincheng with Gu Tinglan to get his car repaired, they had coincidentally met Ning Li.

At that time, she had said that her home was nearby.

However, it was not until he had seen this photo that Gu Siyang had a tangible idea of the “home” that she had mentioned.

This was even more ancient and dilapidated than he had expected.

“The person beside her is Lin Fengmian, a very popular celebrity now.”

Gu Siyang did not know that Ning Li actually had such a relationship with Lin Fengmian.

However, surely anyone who was even a bit suspicious would not be able to say such offensive words after seeing such a photo, right?

He asked eagerly, “Dad, doesn’t Third Uncle have a few media companies under him? Why don’t you look at…”

After talking for a while, he realized that Gu Tingfeng did not seem to be listening at all. He was still staring at the photo.

In confusion, Gu Siyang called out.

“Dad? Dad?”

Gu Tingfeng finally came back to his senses.

He looked at the photo and slowly frowned.

Gu Siyang looked at him and noticed that the expression on his face did not look very pleasant.

No, in fact, it could be said that he was in a bad mood.

He took half a step back quietly and asked carefully, “Dad? What… What did I do wrong again?”

Gu Tingfeng closed his eyes, his brows filled with a hint of frustration.

“It’s none of your business.”

However, this photo reminded him of a person he really did not want to remember.

When he had first seen the photo, the young girl in the photo really looked like Yinyin when she was young.

However, when he zoomed in and took a closer look, it did not look like her anymore. Instead, it faintly overlapped with another face in his memory.

Yinyin had loved to smile, and the corners of her eyes and brows had always seemed to be smiling.

Every time she smiled, her brows and eyes would be curved, and the dimples at the corners of her lips were shallow.

However, the girl in the photo had an indifferent expression. Her brows and eyes were cold, and there was a faint trace of rebellion and pride deep in her bones.

She looked so similar to Yinyin, yet they were completely different.

This silent, arrogant, and cold appearance was really… …

Gu Tingfeng’s mood suddenly became extremely bad.

With a dark face, he shoved the phone back into Gu Siyang’s hand and turned to leave.

Gu Siyang was confused by his reaction.


Had he not been fine just now?

Why had he gotten angry in the blink of an eye?

Seeing that Gu Tingfeng was really going to leave, he hurriedly asked, “Dad! Do you really have the heart to watch my employee be bullied like this?”

That would mean he was too incompetent as a boss!

Gu Tingfeng stopped in his tracks.

“Go look for your Third Uncle.”

Hearing his words, Gu Siyang knew that he was safe!

He immediately laughed.

“Thank you, Dad!”

Gu Tingfeng continued to walk forward, but after a few steps, he stopped again.

He said in a deep voice, “Send me that photo.”

Gu Siyang was about to throw himself back into the cursing war and fight with the haters when he heard this sentence.

“Which photo?”

Gu Tingfeng turned around and glanced at him.

Gu Siyang felt a cold sensation on his neck. His strong desire to survive immediately made him understand.

“Ah! This photo! Okay, okay! I’ll do it right away!”

Gu Tingfeng then returned to his room.

He did not like and was not interested in the software that young people played with, but that photo…


Gu Siyang sent it over very quickly.

Gu Tingfeng sat down in a chair and clicked on it.

Then, he frowned again. He did not want to look at it anymore, so he backed out and held his breath.

He rubbed the space between his eyebrows. His mind was in chaos for once.

After a while, he picked up his phone again as if he could not control himself.

This time, he did not zoom in. He only looked at the small picture.

The room was quiet. He merely stood still and stared at it for a while.

Liang Su walked in. Seeing that he seemed to be lost in his thoughts, she asked, “Tingfeng?”

Gu Tingfeng snapped out of his daze and touched the screen with his finger. The picture was clicked open again.

His jaw tightened slightly. Two kinds of emotions crossed his mind.

He made a long press to delete it.

A prompt popped up on the screen: Are you sure you want to delete it?

Gu Tingfeng’s hand paused for a long time, but the hem of the girl’s clothes rolled up, the dilapidated apartment building behind him, and the dirty puddles at her feet appeared in his mind.

He suddenly asked, “I heard that he has returned to the Capital?”

His voice was tense and cold.

Liang Su was slightly stunned.

She and Gu Tingfeng had been husband and wife for many years, so their minds were in sync. Thus, she quickly understood who he was referring to.

That was a name that the entire Gu family was unwilling to mention again.

For some reason, Gu Tingfeng had suddenly asked about him today…

She nodded lightly.


Gu Tingfeng did not speak again.

Liang Su thought of something and sighed softly.

“Actually, all these years, he also…”

Gu Tingfeng suddenly frowned.

Liang Su did not continue speaking.

After a long time, Gu Tingfeng looked at the photo again.

Long press, save..