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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 565 - Selling Misery

Chapter 565: Selling Misery

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lin Fengmian’s Weibo post quickly became a trending topic.

The direction of public opinion quickly changed.

However, after just an hour, a marketing account came out again, posting questions.

[ Dou’er Gua group: I wouldn’t know this if I had not looked into it further. Lin Fengmian is the only child in his family. Where did he get a sister? ]

A lot of information about Lin Fengmian’s childhood had been compiled in this post.

It included his background in Lincheng, the primary school and middle school that he went to, as well as his family background.

Several people who claimed to be former classmates of Lin Fengmian had also spoken anonymously.

[ Lin Fengmian doesn’t have a sister at all, okay? The two of them are just neighbors who live close to each other, and their birthdays are less than a month apart. Rather than saying that she’s his sister, it would be better to say that she’s his childhood sweetheart. ]

[ Agreed. They used to be in the same junior high school. The two of them were notorious for their love of fighting and causing a lot of trouble together. But now that he’s entered the entertainment industry, does he think that he can just start again with a clean slate? What a joke! ]

[ It’s hard to say whether he is protecting his sister or whether he has romantic feelings for her, right? After all, they are not related by blood, so why did he call her “Sister” so smoothly? ]

[ His fans are so pitiful. Their idol has failed to live up to his standards, publicly becoming close to other girls. In the end, his fans have to follow him and call her ‘sister’. Tsk, it’s still the fans who are the most pitiful. ]

[ Lin Fengmian is really interesting. How can you be that close to someone who isn’t related by blood? I can only say that it’s an eye-opener! Why can’t I find a ‘sister’ as well? ]

The moment this question post was posted, it quickly caused a huge commotion.

This was because everyone’s first reaction after seeing the photo was to silently agree that the girl was Lin Fengmian’s biological sister.

But now, it was said that they weren’t even family?


Thus, countless people flooded Lin Fengmian’s Weibo.

[ Are they really biological siblings? ]

[ I thought this was a family photo, but it’s not? ]

[ Braindead fans, take a good look. Your brother is rubbing your faces into the ground! What sister? What a joke! ]

Fans and passersby might not investigate Lin Fengmian’s background, but it did not mean that his rivals and haters would not.

In this circle, he had no capital and no backing. He had relied solely on himself to get to where he was today.

He was indeed very popular, but it was not difficult for those people to discover information about him.

This content had obviously been prepared by someone long ago, but they had chosen to reveal it at this time.

Their purpose was just to blacken Lin Fengmian’s reputation.

Other than Lin Fengmian, there were also people who had started to pick on Ning Li.

[ Why do I feel that this sister of Lin Fengmian’s looks a little familiar? Is she the one who used to bully students in some school in Yunzhou? ]

[ Ah! It does seem to be her! This face is very recognizable. It’s impossible to mistake her! ]

[ I remember something else. Is this girl called Ning Li? Do you remember the Ye family from the Qinghe Bridge project in Yunzhou a few months ago? She seems to be the stepdaughter of the Ye family. Her mother was the wife of the head of the Ye family at that time. The woman in the photo is absolutely not her. ]

[ Ning Li, Lin Fengmian– they are obviously not in the same family! ]

Someone took advantage of the situation and started to add to the conversation.

More and more people began to question the relationship between Lin Fengmian and this so-called “sister.”

If she had been Lin Fengmian’s biological sister, of course, there would be no problem.

But if she wasn’t… then what were they doing?!

The tables had turned so quickly that Huayi Entertainment was caught off guard.

Initially, they had thought that once Lin Fengmian had made his Weibo post, the problem would be solved.

Who knew that those people could be so unreasonable?

If it was not handled properly, Lin Fengmian would be labeled as having “deceived his fans”!

Fans were the most sensitive.

Therefore, at this time, every word and action had to be taken with extreme caution.

At Lan Di Apartments.

Wu Yuanfan had a headache as he looked at Lin Fengmian.

“Fengmian, is she really not your biological sister?”

Lin Fengmian had always said that he had a sister, and he knew that this sister was extremely important to Lin Fengmian.

Therefore, he had always tacitly acknowledged her as his biological sister.

Who knew–

Lin Fengmian’s expression was calm.

“She is my biological sister. We are just not related by blood.”

Wu Yuanfan’s head was about to explode.

If they were not related by blood, then what kind of biological sister was she??

If he used this statement to explain to his fans, they would probably immediately go crazy!

“If that’s the case, she can’t be considered your sister! You–”

Before Wu Yuanfan could finish his sentence, he noticed Lin Fengmian suddenly looking over.

The rest of his words were stuck in his throat.

After a long while, he said, “Well then, what do you think we should do in this situation?”

Lin Fengmian was silent for a long time.

“I will solve it.”

As time passed, the public opinion was still fermenting.

Countless questioning voices came from all directions, almost drowning Lin Fengmian.

At the same time, some people were already angry at Ning Li, and their words were extremely unpleasant to hear.

# Lin Fengmian #

# Lin Fengmian, sister #

# Lin Fengmian, liar #

A few words made it onto the hot searches, and the popularity remained high.

Clicking into the topic square, one could see that many people were scolding Lin Fengmian, and some were scolding Ning Li.

[ Did you think just posting a photo would fool people? You called this person a sister for so long, yet it turns out that she’s not really your sister at all! ? ]

[ I told you that the two of them don’t look alike at all, and I was proven right! ]

[ I always thought that the look in Lin Fengmian’s eyes became different every time he mentioned his sister! ]

[ This Ning Li is really pretty. It’s no wonder that her younger brother likes her… ]

[ The two of them just came out together to show off. Bah! ]

“I’m so angry!”

Gu Siyang jumped up from the sofa.

Gu Tingfeng, who had just come out of the study and was about to rest, frowned when he heard him cry out.

“Gu Siyang, why are you crying about?!”

Gu Siyang gritted his teeth.

“Dad! Don’t you know that those people have gone too far?!”

Gu Tingfeng was unbothered.

“Isn’t it common for you to be scolded? You’ll get used to it.”

Gu Siyan, “???”

“It’s not about me! It’s about Ning Li!”

Gu Tingfeng stopped when he heard Ning Li’s name and frowned.

“What’s going on?”

Gu Siyang handed the phone over.

“It’s all because those people are too free! Look at what she used to wear and where she used to live! Why are those people so mean?

He felt uncomfortable and kept on muttering, “Ning Li used to earn her living by drawing sketches for people in the park. How miserable was her life then?”

Gu Tingfeng’s gaze fell on the phone screen, and he suddenly froze.