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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 564 - Follow Me, Ah Li

Chapter 564: Follow Me, Ah Li

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The girl in the photo looked to be twelve or thirteen years old.

Although her face was young, one can still see her delicate features, clean and beautiful.

She was wearing a loose white t-shirt, with the edge of the shirt slightly raised, and the sky blue jeans had been washed until they were white.

It was a very simple outfit, and it was obviously cheap.

Even though the girl’s slender figure had already started to show signs of puberty, she still wore this outfit with a different attitude.

She looked at the camera, raised her chin slightly, with an indifferent gaze.

The boy standing on the other side also looked about the same age.

His facial features were exquisite, and he was very beautiful.

His lean body was swimming in the black sportswear. The torn sneakers on his feet were still stained with mud, and he was half a head shorter than the girl. There was a band-aid on the left side of his cheek, as if he was injured.

However, he seemed to be very happy. The corners of his lips were curled up slightly, and his eyes were slightly curved. His light brown, glass-like eyes were slightly glowing.

He had the rebellious and proud air of a young man, but as he stood there, he was extremely obedient.

He looked as if he had never felt happier.

That was because, today had been the first time that he had not allowed Ning Li to fight together with him. He had won the first fight for her alone.

After the fight, as a consolation prize, or perhaps as a reward, he had requested to take a group photo.

Thus, that was how he had gotten this special “family photo”.

In the dilapidated and crowded alleys of the old city, the midsummer sun shone down, and the dust in the air could be seen clearly.

Some people were stuck in the mud, covered in dirt, but they still tried their best to look up.

— Wild growth.

Even though this photo was from five or six years ago, everyone could still recognize that the boy was Lin Fengmian.

And that girl…! She was indeed the person who had appeared in Lin Fengmian’s apartment!

When the Weibo post came out, everyone was stunned.

[ Is that him? Is this really him? ]

[ Ah… Did my brother use to live in such an environment? Didn’t he use to be a trainee abroad? I heard that those companies only provided food and lodging, and were not responsible for other expenses. Ordinary families would not be able to afford it. I always thought that his family was fairly well off. ]

[ The fans never knew… ]

[ My younger brother’s sneakers have become unglued… Oh God, I’m really crying… ]

[ Sister! So, this is his sister! ]

Everyone knew that Lin Fengmian had an older sister.

His sister had taught him math.

It was because his sister liked physics that he could guess Boltzmann’s constant.

When he had entered the haunted house, he had immediately cautioned his sister not to look.

Many fans were curious about his sister. At the same time, they felt envious and jealous.

However, it turned out… that this girl was his sister?

[ Ooooooooooh! The fans really didn’t love the wrong person! Your fans will always be here! ]

[ Haters, please open your useless eyes and see clearly! This is my sister! ]

[ Rumors really just come freely out of your mouth. Feng Mian was injured after being chased by an obsessive fan. What’s wrong with my sister helping out by cooking some porridge?! What’s wrong with that?! ]

[ The haters and the paparazzi just can’t bear to let it go. ]

[ Did my brother and sister have such a difficult life…? ]

Lin Fengmian had been a trainee overseas for more than two years. He had only returned to China to make his official debut at the beginning of this year.

After he had become popular, countless fans had flocked to him.

However, he had never taken the initiative to reveal his background.

Therefore, most people’s impression of him was still limited to being “a trainee who came back from abroad.”

Just as some comments had said, those who were able to sign contracts with foreign economic companies and become trainees would basically already have a certain amount of resources.

This was because the regulations of foreign companies were very strict, and they were especially harsh on trainees.

It would be fine if they could debut, but if they could not debut, they would not be able to earn a single cent. Without financial support, they would not be able to persist.

Therefore, no one had ever thought that Lin Fengmian would have had such a background.

Even though it was just a photo, a lot could be seen from it.

All his fans were heartbroken.

[ I really want to go back in time and buy a new pair of sneakers for my baby. ]

[ Sister’s clothes were also very old. They must have been worn for a long time, right? ]

[ Really, why? Why are you slandering these two children? Mommy fans really can’t stand these things… ]

[ Thinking about my younger brother’s past, and comparing it with him now– He’s so outstanding! I really didn’t follow the wrong person! ]

Lin Fengmian’s Weibo post could not be any simpler.

However, that photo and the sentence “This is my sister” already showed an absolutely strong intention to defend.

This was more powerful than any clarification.

Because this was the first time Lin Fengmian had publicly mentioned his past.

Since his debut, he had been interviewed many times, and there had inevitably been questions about his family and home.

However, Lin Fengmian would never answer these questions.

In the past, everyone had thought that he did not like talking about it and wanted to keep some privacy for himself.

But now, they understood that he had wanted to protect not himself, but his sister.

It was only now, when the rumors had spread all over the Internet and people were bullying his sister, that he had not hesitated and had given the most direct response.

Rongyue Mansion.

Ning Li was sitting at the dining table, holding a small bowl of soup in her hands.

She knew that Lin Fengmian had made that Weibo post.

All along, Lin Fengmian had been worried that she would be disturbed by many people and things in the circle. Thus, he had always been careful not to expose his relationship with her.

This time, there was really no other way.

Without a doubt, this was the most powerful counterattack against the rumor.

After she had finished her soup, she heard that there was no movement in the living room, so she had gotten up and walked over.

Lu Huaiyu was sitting on the sofa, looking out of the French windows.

The light cast a layer of light on him.

He seemed to have maintained this posture for a long time. His profile was perfect and smooth, and there was a faint chill around him.

From Ning Li’s current perspective, she could only see that his expression was calm, but there was an intense look in his eyes.

No one would be able to guess what he was thinking.

“Second Brother?”

She called out to him.

Hearing this, Lu Huaiyu turned his head to look at her.

He looked at Ning Li quietly.

“Ah Li, come here.”

Ning Li was slightly startled.

At this moment, Lu Huaiyu seemed… somewhat different.

However, she still walked over.

“What’s wrong?”

Lu Huaiyu raised his head to look at her before grasping her hand and easily pulling her into his arms.

Ning Li’s hands were pressed against his chest, staring at him blankly.

Lu Huaiyu gently pressed his forehead against hers, remaining silent for a long time.

He had investigated Ning Li’s background a long time ago.

He knew that her life had been.

However, when he saw that photo, his heart had still felt as if it had been stabbed by something.

All he could think about was how had his little girl had grown up.

Ning Li seemed to have sensed something as well. She softened her body, hugged him, and obediently buried her head in the crook of his neck.

Lu Huaiyu tightened his arms. After a long time, he said, “Ah Li, you have to follow me closely from now on, understand?”

Ning Li nodded.