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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 561 - Peace of Mind

Chapter 561: Peace of Mind

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Lin Fengmian was injured. He had not wanted her to know about it, and he had not wanted her to see him like this.

But now that Ning Li had said that she was coming, it was hard to say no.

Moreover, they had not seen each other for a long time since after the summer vacation.

He missed her very much.

After hesitating for a moment, Lin Fengmian still sent her the address.

–Lan Di Apartments, Block 2,1001.

Ning Li picked up her backpack and was about to go out when she received a message from George saying that there were still a few things about the show that she needed to review and personally finalize.

She placed her laptop in the backpack as well.

Lan Di Apartments was a high-end residential area located on the second ring road. It was said that many artists had purchased properties here as well.

However, Lin Fengmian was only renting this place, and because of his busy schedule, he rarely stayed here.

However, this time, it was a special situation.

Ning Li took a taxi to Lan Di Apartments.

Probably because Lin Fengmian had already informed the security guards, Ning Li entered the residential area very smoothly.

She found Block 2, entered the elevator, and pressed the button for the tenth floor.

Two elevators and two apartment blocks meant that the privacy there was pretty good.

Besides, those who could live here were either rich or members of the aristocracy, so it was relatively easier.

Ning Li found apartment 1001.

Lin Fengmian had already sent her the password, so after pressing the doorbell, she went straight in.


Ning Li called out before she heard footsteps coming from the living room.


She turned her head and immediately frowned.

“Why aren’t you lying down and resting?”

Lin Fengmian had a large area of soft tissue bruise on his body, and his left ankle was also injured and immobilized with a brace.

At the moment, he was standing on one foot. His face was a little pale, and he looked quite haggard.

When he saw Ning Li, his clear, light brown eyes lit up a little.

“Sister, you’re here.”

Ning Li changed her shoes and walked over to him.

“You should sit down.”


Lin Fengmian had originally wanted to move forward to take her backpack, but after hearing what she said, he obediently returned to the sofa and sat down.

However, his eyes were still glued to her– it had been a really long time since they had last met.

Ning Li put her backpack in a corner of the sofa and looked around.

The company treated Lin Fengmian quite well and had helped him rent a spacious three-bedroom.

However, it looked like Lin Fengmian was the only one here now.

As if he had guessed what she was thinking, Lin Fengmian said, “Brother Fan and the others have returned to the company.”

His injuries were not particularly serious. At the very least, he was still capable of caring for himself.

However, when the news of him being chased by an obsessive fan had caused him to get rear-ended and injured had broken out, it had caused a huge uproar. Wu Yuanfan and the others were also very busy at the moment.

Firstly, they had to give their fans an explanation so that they would feel more at ease. Secondly, they had to pursue those obsessive fans and hold them accountable.

Initially, Wu Yuanfan had wanted to keep an assistant here, but Lin Fengmian had rejected him.

Ning Li nodded.

She had already read Lin Fengmian’s medical records, so she knew what needed to be done. She was not as worried as she had been at the beginning.

However, he was still injured after all.

Moreover, it was because of an obsessive fan.

Her gaze fell on his left ankle, and her brows furrowed slightly.

“Sister, the doctor said that the brace should only need to be worn for a week,” Lin Fengmian said, “It’s not serious.”

As he spoke, the corners of his lips curved up slightly.

“It’s not as serious as the injuries from our previous fights.”

Ning Li glanced at him.

“You seem quite proud of that.”

Lin Fengmian had fought by her side for many years.

At first, they had been outnumbered, and they had lost more than they had won. Moreover, even the few times that they had won had always been with great difficulty.

Eventually, they had gradually gained some experience, and as they grew older, they had won more easily.

Throughout this process, it was inevitable that both Ning Li and Lin Fengmian had been injured.

The injuries had been both big and small, and layered on top of each other.

They had been afraid that Ning Li’s grandmother would find out, so they had covered up whatever they could. However, there had been times that they really could not, which caused her to be heartbroken when she saw it.

Lin Fengmian said, “Sister, what would you like to drink?”

“I can get it myself.”

Ning Li turned around to go to the kitchen and opened the fridge door.

There were quite a lot of things inside that Lin Fengmian’s assistant had bought for him before he had left.

Ning Li took a bottle of mineral water.

“Have you had lunch yet?”

Lin Fengmian nodded. “Yes.”

Ning Li felt a little relieved.

Lin Fengmian glanced at her backpack on the sofa. It seemed to be quite heavy, most likely because there was a computer in it.

“Sister, if you have something to do, just go and do it. Don’t worry about me.”

Ning Li took the computer out of her bag, along with a stack of drawings, and sat down at the long table behind the sofa.

“It’s okay. I’ll stay here with you for a while.”

When Lin Fengmian heard this, a hint of surprise flashed across his eyes and the corners of his lips curled up.


Actually, he rarely made such a request in front of Ning Li.

Or even any request at all.

In the past, when he was abroad, it had been very difficult for him to meet her.

Now that he was back in the country, it was still very difficult for him to meet her.

He took a book out from under the coffee table. Then, he slowly moved to the side of the long table and sat opposite Ning Li.

The two of them sat facing each other.

Ning Li turned on the computer. There was a drawing in her hand, as her fingers typed on the keyboard from time to time.

Lin Fengmian opened the book.

Ning Li glanced at it and found it familiar.

“Is this the book that you took from the haunted house previously?”

Lin Fengmian raised his head and smiled.

“Yes. After the variety show was finished, the program team gave it to me as a souvenir.”

It was not an expensive gift, but it was a gift from the heart.

Lin Fengmian appreciated the gesture and since he happened to like it, he had brought it back.

Ning Li nodded.

“Oh right, will you be able to attend G&S’s big show this time?”

Lin Fengmian had officially announced his collaboration with G&S. This could be considered his first official appearance as a brand ambassador at G&S’s press conference. It was of great significance.

“I’ll be there.”

Lin Fengmian knew what she was thinking,

“There’s still some time before the press conference. There’ll be enough time to recover.”

“Okay, that’s good.”

This opportunity was not easy to come by. Naturally, Ning Li hoped that everything would go smoothly on his end.

Then, she continued to focus her attention on the computer.

Lin Fengmian also lowered his head to read.

The room was very quiet. Only the sound of typing and flipping the pages of the book could be heard.

Lin Fengmian’s brows gradually relaxed. It was very rare for him to be so relaxed.

When he was young, he would always follow Ning Li, fight with her, and read with her.

Ever since he had gone abroad, it had been a long time since he had lived like this.

Most of the time, he was tense, rushing to work and recording shows without daring to relax at all.

It was only at this time that he finally felt a hint of exhaustion that he had not felt in a long time.

After an indeterminate amount of time, Ning Li and George finished discussing the details of one of the dresses. When she looked up, she saw that Lin Fengmian had laid his head on the table and fallen asleep.

He rested quietly on the table, breathing lightly.

Ning Li looked at him.

He had just returned home from work at three o’clock that morning. After that, he had been harassed, rear-ended, and injured by an obsessive fan…

It was obvious that he had not rested well.

However, since her arrival, he had not said a single word about being tired.

She looked at the computer again, and the tapping on the keyboard became softer.