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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 558 - Don’t Cry

Chapter 558: Don’t Cry

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Everyone could see that this sister was someone who was very special and important to Lin Fengmian.

He was born to be the king of the stage. He was quiet, with a constant faint cold air around him.

Yet, at the mention of this person’s existence, he became meek, docile, and adorably obedient.

He was like a cat that had just had its fur smoothed down.

That night, the countless fans that were mother fans or girlfriend fans had turned into sister fans.

At the same time, his outstanding performance in the live broadcast had once again attracted a large number of fans.

He was the youngest, yet he had been calm and composed.

He could solve math problems, protect his sister, and play the piano well.

The hours-long live broadcast had not only not made him fail, but it had also made more people see his good points.

He had become more real, and more likable.

Who would not want a brother like him?

At the same time, the existence of this “sister” had also aroused the curiosity of many people.

What kind of person was this that Lin Fengmian missed so much?

It was a win-win situation for both the King of Escapes and Lin Fengmian, so everyone was happy.

The two shots: one where Lin Fengmian had modestly said, “My sister taught me before,” and the other where he frowned and said, “Sister, don’t look,” to the camera had been specially captured and turned into animated pictures, which were spun on the front page.

All of his performances on this day’s program had also completely overturned his reputation.



It was obvious that he was capable, and he was not any lesser than those who mocked him on the Internet!

However, from the beginning to the end, he had never defended himself at all.

Thinking back to everything that had happened to him as he had been being ridiculed, the fans’ hearts ached even more.

At the same time, many passers-by also changed their opinion of him greatly.

Lin Fengmian had completely made a beautiful comeback.

After the holidays, the students returned to school one after another to start classes.

Ning Li also returned to school.

She did not have too many classes. In addition, all the teachers in the Physics Department knew that she was now doing experiments with Shen Zhijin, so most of the time, they were not very strict with her.

Therefore, she still had a lot of free time.

On Wednesday morning, after the usual group meeting, Shen Zhijin called Yan Qiu into his office.

After a while, Shen Zhijin left, and Yan Qiu returned to his seat.

Fu Niannian curiously asked, “Eldest Senior Brother, did the boss give you another task?”

Yan Qiu nodded.

“This Saturday, the boss will be giving a lecture at our school. He asked me to prepare some materials.”

Hearing this, Tang Yi looked up as well.

“Really? How long has it been since the boss gave a lecture in this country? I’m afraid it will be crowded this time.”

Shen Zhijin had stopped giving lectures a long time ago. Even many of the teachers and students of the Physics Department found it extremely difficult to meet him.

Now that he had finally returned to China, it was truly rare for him to give a lecture.

One could imagine how crowded it would be when the time came.

“The venue will be set at the Grand Hall. The tickets will be free. However, whether or not we can snatch it will depend on our luck.”

As Yan Qiu spoke, he winked at the rest of them.

“Don’t worry! Our laboratory can still guarantee that everyone will get one ticket!”

Fu Niannian looked at him expectantly. “Can we bring our family members?”

Yan Qiu glared at him.

“No, just give up on that idea!”

Fu Niannian had already expected this outcome and let out a long sigh.

“It’s so difficult just to get one ticket for my boss’s lecture. Is there any justice in this?”

Yan Qiu patted his shoulder.

“Just get used to it.”

On Friday, Yan Qiu brought a few tickets to the auditorium. Ning Li and the others each got one.

“Tomorrow morning at nine o’clock, at the auditorium. Don’t be late.”

As Yan Qiu spoke, he looked at Ning Li again.

“Junior Sister, remember to follow us closely tomorrow. We don’t want to accidentally lose you.”

Ning Li, “… Oh.”

Tang Yi thought of something and heaved a big emotional sigh.

“The last time I attended the Boss’ public lecture was a year and a half ago. Tsk, at that scene… I was lucky to be able to come back with all my limbs intact!”

Ning Li looked at the ticket in her hand as she listened to them, feeling a little curious.

Shen Zhijin was a renowned physicist at home and abroad. He was definitely a peak figure in the astrophysics world.

This would also be her first time listening to his lecture live. Of course, she felt a great sense of longing and anticipation for it.

She placed the ticket in her Advanced Mathematics book.


Early in the morning, outside the auditorium of Xijing University, there was a hubbub of voices.

Yan Qiu was Shen Zhijin’s assistant, so naturally, he went with him.

As for Ning Li and the others, after Fu Niannian’s persuasion, Yan Qiu had finally agreed to bring them along and they followed behind Shen Zhijin.

Ning Li was two steps behind Shen Zhijin as she followed him and her senior brothers into the Great Hall.

Even though she had mentally prepared herself beforehand, she was still shocked when she saw the situation outside the great hall.

The long line of people had formed into an S-shape. It really was like a sea of people.

Other than the students, there were also quite a number of Xijing University teachers and their families who had come over.

Ning Li roughly scanned through them. It seemed that there were some who were from other schools as well.

There were only so many tickets to the auditorium. Some had been sent out as invitations, and some were left for the insiders. There was not many left.

Most of the people here could only stand in the auditorium and some could not even enter.

Yet, they still came.

All because the main speaker of this lecture was Shen Zhijin.

“Professor Shen is here!”

Someone shouted, and the crowd immediately burst into an uproar.

Everyone looked over eagerly, and some even began to crowd forward.

Yan Qiu quickened his footsteps:

“Teacher Shen, you can go through the side door–”


A young and aggrieved cry suddenly came from the side.

Ning Li turned her head to take a look and realized that there seemed to be a woman who had brought her daughter over to listen to the lecture. However, when the crowd became chaotic, she had lost her balance, and the little girl had been pushed to the ground.

The little girl looked to be only two to three years old. Wearing a pink and white dress, she was very cute.

The little girl blinked her eyes and began to cry, most likely from the pain of the fall.

Her mother immediately panicked and bent down to pick her up.

However, there was someone who was faster than her.

The man in a suit walked over quickly and squatted down. He ignored the dangerous crowd around him and picked the little girl up.

He knelt on one knee, his clothes becoming stained with dust.

However, he did not mind at all. He merely looked at the little girl in his arms.

He gently patted the dust off the corner of her skirt. His usually cold voice was gentle and careful.

“Don’t cry.”

There was a rare trace of nervousness in his voice as he spoke.

“Don’t cry.”