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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 557 - She Likes It

Chapter 557: She Likes It

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Even though the screen was in black and white, the young man’s slightly furrowed brows full of worry, was still accurately captured by the camera.

Countless people in the live broadcast room went crazy with just this one sentence.

[ Oooooooooooo! My younger brother told me not to look and I obeyed! I covered my eyes… Ohhhhhhhhh! ]

[ To the person above who covered their eyes, were you hit by a phantom limb as you were writing? ]

[ I don’t care! My little brother told me not to look so I didn’t look! ]

[ Oh my god, I almost lost my soul when that head flew past! Thank god for my little brother! Ahhhhh… My little brother is so manly! Just now, he pulled Zhang Qing behind him. My boyfriend’s strength is really powerful! ]

[ I won’t be able to sleep tonight! I will have such great dreams of him as I sleep! I really love him! ]

[ I’m a pure passerby, I have no feelings for Lin Fengmian. However, that series of actions just now really gave me some good feelings. Also, I finally got a good look at his face. ]

Ning Li looked at the screen full of bullet screens and could not help but laugh.

Just like that, it was quite difficult to see.

The layout of the castle was grand and luxurious. No one had expected that the program team would set up a haunted house here.

“We… we still have to go in and get the book, right? But there are so many, which one is it?”

Zhang Qing stood behind Lin Fengmian, her teeth chattering as she spoke.

This place was dark and eerie, coupled with the sound of the piano and the ragged doll, it was very overwhelming.

Zhan Song said, “You guys wait here first as Fengmian and I go in to take a look first, okay?”

Zhang Qing hurriedly said: “I’m fine. Let’s go together!”

Even though she was afraid, she did not want to drag everyone down at a time like this.

There was strength in numbers. Perhaps if everyone acted together, it might be the fastest way to solve this puzzle.

Lin Fengmian walked in first.

Zhan Song and the others followed closely behind.

Lin Fengmian found a small flashlight next to the doll.

He turned on the switch and a beam of light shone on the bookshelf.

He was slightly relieved.

Zhan Song also walked over and frowned.

“So many books, which one should it be?”

There were all kinds of books scattered on the bookshelf. At a glance, there seemed to be no order to them at all.

Zhang Qing and the others plucked up their courage and searched the room, but they could not find any clues.

“There’s no clue at all. How will we know which book it is?”

The people in the room were in a deadlock.

Suddenly, Lin Fengmian walked to the piano.

There was a phone on it. The piano sound they were hearing was actually a recording.

He sat down on the piano bench and listened for a few seconds.

Then, his slender fingers pressed down on the piano keys.

“Fengmian, how–”

Before Zhang Qing could finish his sentence, a smooth piano sound flew out from beneath Lin Fengmian’s fingers.

The small group reacted for a moment before they realized what was going on.

Lin Fengmian was replaying the melody of the phone’s loop.

However, what was the use of that?

In the next moment, however, the recording on the phone stopped playing.

“This is…”

Lin Fengmian confirmed his guess. He turned around and walked to the bookshelf again. His gaze swept across the bookshelf before he took down a book.

“It should be this book.”

Zhan Song and the others immediately looked at the book in his hand.

At the same time, the camera gave a close-up.

“The Kinetic Theory of Matter.”

“What… is this?” Zhang Qing looked bewildered. “Physics?”

The other two male hosts looked at each other in confusion.

“Fengmian, how are you sure it’s this one?”

Zhan Song looked at the cover of the book and suddenly remembered something.

“Could it be… Boltzmann?”

Lin Fengmian nodded.

“The conversion number of the melody is 1380649, and Boltzmann’s constant is exactly 1.380649 × 10 ^-23J/K.”

He raised the book in his hand,

“This is the only Boltzmann book on the bookshelf.”

All the participants were silent, and the scene seemed to freeze.

The audience was also dumbfounded.

“… Wh-what constant?”

“Boltzmann’s constant. Lin Fengmian actually remembered this so clearly? To be able to link music and physics… he really has some skill.”

[ Ah! I remember now! My brother read Universe magazine on the plane and was ridiculed for a long time! But now, it seems that my brother is really knowledgeable about this! ]

[ I don’t understand, but he’s so handsome! ]

Then, under the watchful eyes of countless people, Lin Fengmian took the book and walked forward.

He came to the last door, where there was a table with a concave part in the middle.

Obviously, this was where the book was meant to be placed.

The voice of the main PD could be heard.

“Fengmian, are you sure it’s this one?”

Lin Fengmian nodded.

“I’m sure.”

Then, he placed the book in the concave part without hesitation.

After a short silence…


The last door was officially opened!

Everyone was shocked.

Zhan Song and the others followed behind him. At first, they were stunned. But then, Zhan Song could not help but shake his head and laugh.

“I’m impressed. Fengmian, you’re amazing.”

Only then did one of the male hosts remember something.

“This, this time… it seems that the time that was spent has… broken the record?”

The directing team was both sad and happy.

What was sad was that this time, the guests had indeed escaped much faster than expected, resulting in them not managing to get much footage at all.

What made them happy though, was that although the time had been short, Lin Fengmian’s performance had really been brilliant throughout!

Even though they had not gotten enough footage, this episode would definitely be a hit!


The main PD’s voice was helpless, but full of admiration.

“The king of this episode is none other than Fengmian!”

Hearing this, the rest of the group quickly congratulated Lin Fengmian.

Zhang Qing looked at him with great affection.

“Fengmian, how did you guess that last book? Do you like physics a lot?”

This question was actually a little sensitive. After all, Lin Fengmian had been ridiculed by the whole Internet for reading the core journals of the physics world on the plane.

For such a long time, he had never given any explanation.

Everyone had thought that it was because he was guilty of pretending to be a cultured person that he did not dare to make any fuss about it.

But who knew–

Today’s scene could be considered as a loud slap to those people!

If he was illiterate, then what were Zhan Song and the others?

Hearing this, the corners of Lin Fengmian’s lips pursed into a faint smile.

“My sister likes it, so I like it too.”

That night, Lin Fengmian completely slaughtered the top searches.

# Lin Fengmian King’s Great Escape #

# Lin Fengmian’s boyfriend strength #

Even an entry like # Boltzmann’s constant # had been listed as a top search topic.

And at the top of the list–

# sister Lin Fengmian #