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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 556 - Sister, Don’t Look

Chapter 556: Sister, Don’t Look

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

He had exquisitely beautiful facial features. From the inside out, he exuded a rarely seen youthful aura, bringing with him a clean and fragile beauty.

He was like a porcelain doll that had been placed in the window, clear and moving, yet fragile to the touch.

However, as he said this, his voice was gentle and mild. The corners of his crimson lips were slightly pursed into a beautiful arc and he looked extremely obedient.

Especially when he said the word “sister”, he was exceptionally obedient and docile.

The other guests were stunned. They had not expected him to say something like that.


One of the male hosts was the first to react,

“You have a sister?”

He had never heard of her before.

When Lin Fengmian heard the voice, he raised his eyelids slightly. There was a serious look in his light brown eyes.

His jade-white, delicate chin as his reply was clear.


Zhan Song laughed.

“Then your sister must be a straight-a student as well!”

Some time ago, the matter of Lin Fengmian miswriting a word had caused a stir on Weibo.

Many people in the industry had followed the gossip and more or less had some understanding of Lin Fengmian’s situation.

He had not attended high school, but had left the country as a trainee when he was in his teens. It was not until he had returned to the country at the beginning of this year to make his debut that he had become famous.

At the moment, he was only eighteen years old.

In other words, he had learned high school mathematics from his sister before he had gone abroad.

When Lin Fengmian heard this compliment, he tilted his head, and the smile on his lips finally deepened.

He said, “Yes, my sister is very smart.”

All kinds of strange books had often appeared in Ning Li’s bag.

Some of them he could understand, but most of them he could not understand.

Sometimes, when she was free, she would tell him about some of them.

The camera cut in very close. Everyone could see that the young man was full of affection and trust for his sister.

The bullet comments went crazy.

[ Ahhhhh! My brother has a sister! ]

[ He’s so obedient! My sister taught me things too, but do I remember everything? What kind of immortal brother is this? Ahhhhh! ]

[ This little brother learned high school math from his sister when he was in his teens. My actual little brother is 20 years old, but he only knows how to lie on the sofa and play games! F*ck! Why is there such a big difference between different human beings? ]

[ Hubby! I’m willing to be your sister… Ahhh! A girlfriend fan has turned into a sister fan on the spot! ]

[ Who said that our little brother was illiterate before? Open your eyes wide! ]

[ That’s right. Education doesn’t mean everything. My brother’s composition, dancing, and singing skills are all top-notch. Now, he can even derive functions with ease. Dare I ask how many of the haters can come up with the answer to this question? ]

The fans were finally able to hold their heads high.

Previously, the entire Internet had ridiculed Lin Fengmian for being uneducated. Countless people had been waiting for him to fail in this live variety show.

Who would have thought that he would make such a beautiful comeback and give those people a resounding slap at the start of the show?

However, there were still several voices of doubt mixed in.

“Who knows whether the program team might have given him the answer in advance? He only stood to the side and observed for a while. He didn’t even make a single calculation, yet he got the answer already? is he really some kind of unworldly genius?”

Obviously, there were still people who were unwilling to believe Lin Fengmian.

However, the fans’ morale had been greatly boosted.

[ The King of Escape’s program team is famous for tormenting the guests. They’ve never done this before. If you suspect that there’s something wrong with the program team, why don’t you go and speak to the director yourself? Besides, if you want to see whether it’s true or not, why don’t you check behind the scenes? ]

The bullet comments were still chaotic, but Lin Fengmian’s fans still had the upper hand.

The program team had originally thought that they would not be able to get past this stage on time and that it would be fun to prank the participants. However, they had not expected Lin Fengmian to easily resolve it.

However, this was actually a pleasant surprise.

Their program had indeed been a test of the guests’ intelligence and reaction. Many of the stages in the middle of the set depended on their brains.

Usually, among a group of guests, the smartest and the best at deciphering the stages would be the ones who would get the most airtime and would easily attract fans the most.

The reason Lin Fengmian had been invited in the first place was because of the traffic that he attracted and his outstanding musical talent.

However, there had been the mishap with the miswriting issue, and Lin Fengmian had been ridiculed by the whole internet.

The program team had also worried that Lin Fengmian might not be able to adapt and would expose his shortcomings.

However, the contract for this job had been signed a long time ago, and since Lin Fengmian had not rejected it, they had carried on as usual.

All they thought was that if it really did not work out, they would give him less footage and just focus more on his face.

They had not expected Lin Fengmian to give them such a surprise at the beginning of the show.

The main PD gave instructions to the other members of the program team.

“Get more shots of Lin Fengmian.”

He had a feeling that this episode’s program would generate a lot of interest because of Lin Fengmian!

As it turned out, the main PD proved that he was indeed worthy of being a television personality with a sharp eye after having worked in the industry for many years.

After Lin Fengmian and the others entered the castle through that door, they went through several levels one after another.

From the beginning to the end, Lin Fengmian was quiet, without being competitive. However, whenever they encountered a problem, he would immediately step up.

He was clearly the youngest among them, but he had a calm and unhurried demeanor that was completely incompatible with his age.

After some time, the small group arrived at a sealed room.

The sound of a piano came from inside.

According to the clues before them, they needed to enter this room and find a book.

“This is it, right?”

The female host said as she pushed the door open and walked in.

Just as she walked in, an upside-down head floated past in front of her.


The female host was caught off guard when she saw this. She immediately screamed and almost fell to the ground.

Lin Fengmian grabbed her arm and pulled her back. At the same time, he stepped forward to block the front.

He said in a low voice, “Sister Qing, be careful.”

Then, he raised his head and looked forward.

The room was almost completely dark, with only a few flickers of some glowing lights. There was a piano in the middle of the room and a broken doll on it. There was a bookshelf next to it, with several rows of books messily stacked up.

The cameraman had already turned on the infrared camera.

In the live broadcast, the figures of the small group of participants had turned gray.

This was the scene of a haunted house. The atmosphere was eerie and terrifying.

Moreover, it was extremely dark.

Lin Fengmian frowned and suddenly looked at the camera.

“Sister, don’t look.”