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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 555 - My Sister Taught Me

Chapter 555: My Sister Taught Me

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Although the previous incident concerning the miswritten word had quickly subsided, troublemakers would always remember it.

They were the best at catching the smallest mistake, magnifying it infinitely, and then ridiculing it to their heart’s content.

Seeing such bullet screens, the fans quickly began to fight back.

[ To the person with the acidic mouth who spoke before, please speak more kindly! ]

[ Since you are paying so much attention to Fengmian, then just take a look at my brother’s album ‘Faith’. It’s nice to listen to and not expensive. It’s not a loss to invest in it. ]

[ The program team has invited these guests again and again to come. If you don’t like it, just click on the cross in the upper right corner and see yourself out. ]

[ Since you have the time to criticize others, why don’t you go home and help cook up more data? You’re not even worthy of being scolded. Do you understand? ]

The war of haters had broken out, until the comments section could no longer be seen.

At the same time, the number of viewers in the live broadcast room had continued to increase.

It was a fight between the negatives and positives, but in the end, the positives were still ahead.

Ning Li casually glanced at it.

It was easy to attract haters when one was popular. Lin Fengmian had taken a large share of the market and resources compared to other artistes, so it was inevitable that he suffered these attacks.

There were many people who wanted to pull him down.

Since Lin Fengmian had debuted some time ago, his only dark spot remained the issue over his education.

Of course, they would take advantage of this to attack him.

Fortunately, he would not be able to see this at the moment.

No matter how much the bullet screen argued, the live broadcast had started as per usual.

The five people entered the castle through the gate together.

The live broadcast would last for a total of six hours. Each guest had their own camera and accompanying PD.

During this time, all reactions would be recorded by the camera.

There would be no editing, no post-production.

Everything would be shown in its original appearance.

This was also a very important reason why this program had become so popular.

Artistes liked to create a persona, but it was impossible to wear a mask all the time.

In the King of Escape program, the long live broadcast would more or less reveal their true appearance in private.

Some people were attracted by this, while some people were turned off by this.

Now, Lin Fengmian had come.

Countless people were waiting to see him make a fool of himself.

The five guests entered the castle and were soon blocked by a door.

A combination lock was hanging on the door.

There was a small desk in front of the door, and on the desk was an open exercise book and a pen.

The female host was very experienced.

“It looks like the password is in this exercise book!”

As she spoke, she picked up the exercise book.

However, within the next moment, she let out an “Ah!”.

“It’s so difficult!”

“What is it?”

Another male host came over. When he saw more clearly what was on it, he was speechless.

“The program team is too good at playing games. To come up with such a question, aren’t they deliberately making things difficult for us?”

He raised his workbook towards the camera.

There were actually three math questions on it.

Three-dimensional geometry, two-dimensional quadratic equations, and a derivative function.

Obviously, they needed to write out these three questions in order to guess the password.

“I guess I learned it in high school. However, I’ve forgotten everything since I went to college.”

“Me too…”

“Let me try writing this geometry first. What’s the formula again…”

A few of the guests began to study the questions with their heads lowered. Everyone on the bullet screen was laughing like crazy.

“Hahahaha! The program team still knows how to play!”

“With just these three questions, it shouldn’t take half an hour to solve them, right? After graduating for so many years, who would still remember these things?”

“Popular Science: Zhan Song passed the College Entrance Exam 601 years ago. He graduated from Haicheng University of Technology.”

“At the critical moment, we still have to look at our Lil Songsong!”

Sure enough, the first male host tried for a while but failed to write anything. He handed the pen to Zhan Song and said with a smile, “Zhan Song, this time it’s all up to you!”

Zhan Song smiled modestly.

“I don’t really remember. Let’s try to write down the first line first. You guys can think of the last two lines first and sort out your thoughts.”

As he said that, he took the paper and pen and started to calculate.

Although he said that he did not remember much, he wrote smoothly. It was obvious that he knew how to answer it.

The other hosts all gathered at his side, their faces full of admiration.

“Wow… He really is a top student!”

“Zhan Song, since you can answer this. The next two questions definitely won’t be a problem!”

“Fortunately, we have Zhan Song here today. Hahaha!”

Lin Fengmian stood a little further away.

He first looked at the combination lock, then at the workbook, and his eyes focused on it for a while.

The camera cut to him.

The young man’s side profile was exquisite and perfect. When he lowered his eyes slightly, his eyelashes lightly covered his eyes, and there was a mole at the end of his eye, pure and wavering.

He looked very focused.

This instant blast of beauty instantly made countless fans’ hearts soften.

[ Ah! My little brother is so obedient! ]

 [ How can such a beautiful person exist? I’m speechless! ]

However, at the same time, this also caused many people to laugh at him.

 [Could Lin Fengmian be looking at those questions? Can he even understand it? Hahahaha! ]

[ Everyone, please understand. He hasn’t seen high school mathematics before. So what if he’s a little curious? Let him look! ]

[ To the sarcastic person above! Please be a bit nicer!”

At this time, Zhan Song had already calculated the answer to the first question.

The second question was slightly simpler, and he had also successfully completed it.

Finally, he came to the third question.

“This calculation is a little too much. It might take a while.”

The main PD reminded.

“There are still three minutes left. If this door can not be opened in time, someone will be punished.”

Zhan Song sped up his calculation.

The people beside him were also nervous.

“Oh dear, it’s such a difficult question. Please give us more time!”

“That’s right! Zhan Song will solve it soon!”

In the tense atmosphere, no one noticed that Lin Fengmian was now standing in front of the combination lock.

The main PD’s voice was cold and emotionless as he started counting down.

“Five, four, three, two–”


With a crisp sound, the combination lock was opened.

The youth’s clear voice rang out in the room.

“The door is open. Let’s go.”

Dead silence.

The PD and the other guests were stunned. After a while, the female host asked in disbelief, “Fengmian, how… did you open it?”

The combination lock consisted of six digits. Theoretically, it was impossible to rely just on guesswork to get it.

Lin Fengmian’s gaze fell on the workbook beneath Zhan Song’s hand.

“After figuring out the answer, I opened it.”

His voice was very calm.

Everyone was shocked.

After a long while, Zhan Song smiled and said, “Fengmian really has a deeply hidden talent! I’ve been calculating for so long, yet I still haven’t solved it out!”

Lin Fengmian’s eyes moved slightly, and the tone of his voice became gentler.

“My sister taught me before.”