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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 552 - Never Forgotten

Chapter 552: Never Forgotten

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Seeing the things in his hand, Ning Li was slightly stunned.

In the next moment, she remembered the email reply from Shen Zhijin.

Yan Qiu had said that he did not celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival.

However, this bouquet of camellia flowers and this small gift box had clearly been prepared for someone else.

She finally understood Yan Qiu’s words.

Even though he never celebrated such a festival, he had in fact, never forgotten it.

The others did not seem to be surprised by this. Instead, they each said goodbye to Shen Zhijin.

Ning Li also called out, “Goodbye, Teacher Shen.”

Shen Zhijin saw the mooncake gift box in her hand and nodded. His gaze swept past her face and paused on the dimple at the corner of her lips for a moment.


The next morning, Ning Li returned to Shuiyuan Shijia.

She stayed in the studio for a long time.

Wei Songzhe had been busy lately. Ever since the last time they had met, she had helped him with several pointers. With his increased perceptiveness, he had been practicing diligently ever since and had made great progress.

This Mid-Autumn Festival, he had returned to Lincheng.

Before leaving, he had not asked Ning Li to go with him.

He knew that for Ning Li, there was no one and nothing there that she would miss or cherish.

Ning Li continued painting until the afternoon. It was only when Yu Pingchuan came to ring the doorbell that she pulled herself away from the painting. She put down her brush and went to open the door.

“Teacher Yu.”

Yu Pingchuan asked, “What are you busy with? It took you quite a while before you came to the door.”

Ning Li gestured inside.

“I wasn’t done painting, so I didn’t notice that you were here.”

Hearing that she was painting, Yu Pingchuan was happy at first, but then he frowned slightly.

“So you didn’t eat lunch?”

Ning Li said, “I ate some snacks, so I’m not very hungry.”

“How is that acceptable?”

Yu Pingchuan looked at her disapprovingly.

“I’ve already told you so many times and yet, you still haven’t changed your habit.”

Ning Li coughed lightly and looked at the two big bags in his hands, quickly changing the topic.

“Did you just buy these?”

Yu Pingchuan grunted. How could he not know what she was thinking? However, his heart ached for her. He thought about how she had not eaten lunch yet and could not bear to blame her.

“These are all your favorites.”

As he said that, he walked into the house and went straight to the kitchen.

“Go wash your hands and wait for lunch.”

Ning Li immediately went to take the things from him.

“Since you bought the groceries, I’ll cook.”

Yu Pingchuan insisted, “No, you go and rest. After we finish eating, we’ll look at your paintings.”

Ning Li gritted her teeth slightly.

“Don’t you want to eat steamed short ribs?”

Yu Pingchuan, “…”

He finally agreed and handed the two bags of ingredients to Ning Li. After a moment of hesitation, he asked expectantly, “Then… can I add another dish of braised shrimp in oil?”

Ning Li smiled slightly.


Since there were only two people in total, Ning Li reduced the portions but still made several dishes.

When dusk arrived, the two of them sat down in the dining room.

Yu Pingchuan chatted with her about some university matters. After hearing that Ning Li was doing well, he felt much more at ease.

“By the way, the ‘Summer Cicada’ that you sent to the art association will officially be exhibited in a few days. If all goes well, it should be able to be sold very soon.”

Yu Pingchuan said.

Ning Li nodded.

“Thank you, Teacher Yu.”

Yu Pingchuan smiled and shook his head.

“This is all through your own excellence. There’s no need to thank me. On the other hand, the art association is very happy to be able to handle your business.”

He sighed softly.

“In the past, you painted a lot, but in the past two years, it has been less. I think it will be auctioned off at a new price.”

From last summer until now, Ning Li had more than a year’s worth of time yet in total, she had only produced these few.

The first painting had been sent to Jinse Bay, but she had insisted on not selling it.

Therefore, this painting could be considered as her new work after a long time.

When the time came, it would inevitably cause another commotion.

Ning Li smiled.

“Wasn’t I busy earning money in the past?”

Of course, she was still busy now, but it was much better than back then.

Yu Pingchuan shook his head.

“You’ve already earned quite a lot. Logically speaking, that money should be enough for you to spend for a long time. When you have time, don’t always think about earning money. Go out and have some fun.”

Ning Li replied. “Okay.”

“Right. There’ll be a meeting later. Are you going?” Yu Pingchuan said, “It’ll be at the National Gallery.”

Ning Li did not even raise her head.

“I have to go to class so I don’t think so.”

Yu Pingchuan seemed to have already expected this answer from her.

“Alright, I’ll inform them later.”

Ning Li’s long vacation had mostly been spent at home.

Part of her time had been spent painting. In addition, G&S’s autumn/winter press conference was to be held at the end of October.

After traveling around the world, George had finally returned and thrown himself into the preparations for this big show.

In fact, with his status, he did not need to do so personally.

However, the main designer this time was still Ning Li so of course, he was not willing to let anyone else do it.

He had sent the concept poster to Ning Li earlier. Many details of the big show were also being communicated with Ning Li.

He called Ning Li again.

“Ning, you didn’t come the first two times. At that time, you said you were busy, so I compromised. But this is already the third time. Surely it’s about time for you to come, right?”

As the crown prince of G&S Group, George had never begged anyone like this before.

Many people clamored for an invitation letter to the press conference, yet he could not give it away even if he wanted to.

The most outrageous thing was that this person was the main designer of this big show.

Ning Li turned her brush and thought for a moment.

“I’ll try my best.”

George had been so worn down by her that even hearing her words, he did not dare to have 100% hope.


Ning Li hung up the phone and realized that she had also received a message.

After months of tug-of-war, the verdict on Ye Ci’s sentencing was finally out.