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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 551 - Mid-Autumn Festival

Chapter 551: Mid-Autumn Festival

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Hearing this, Lu Huaiyu also turned to the side and greeted Shen Zhijin with a smile.

“Teacher Shen.”

He had spent a year at the Fino Laboratory headquarters, so he was already familiar with Shen Zhijin. Thus, his tone of voice was naturally more familiar as well.

Shen Zhijin’s gaze fell on the two of them, and he nodded indifferently.

He had always been very liberal and open-minded when it came to youths who were in love.

As long as they did what they needed to do, he would not interfere with the private affairs of the students in the team.

Ning Li’s cheeks, however, were a little hot.

It had not been long since school started and she had officially joined Shen Zhijin’s project team only a little over a week ago. Now, however, she had already been caught kissing and hugging Lu Huaiyu.

Furthermore, they were still at the experimental building of the Institute of Physics!

Earlier, it was only because she had seen that the sky was dark and no one around that she had moved to kiss him.

However, she had still encountered someone.

If it had been a stranger or one of her senior brothers, it would have been fine, but it had to be Shen Zhijin!

Fortunately, Shen Zhijin did not seem to be very concerned about such things. The expression on his handsome and cold face remained calm.

After nodding to the two of them, he turned away slightly and continued to walk toward the experimental building.

When he went up the stairs and his figure gradually disappeared, Ning Li heaved a sigh of relief.

Lu Huaiyu held her hand and asked in amusement, “Why are you so afraid of Teacher Shen?”

Ning Li glared at him.

In what way was she afraid?

It was purely because Lu Huaiyu was too thick-skinned to feel anything even if he bumped into anyone.

The dim yellow light from the street lamp shone on her peach blossom eyes, making them glisten and look very moving.

Her delicate and fair earlobes also seemed to be stained with a layer of alluring rose color.

Lu Huaiyu’s Adam’s apple rolled.

“Ah Li–”

Shen Zhijin had already walked some distance away when he suddenly remembered that he had forgotten to remind Ning Li about something. He turned around again.

There were several steps in front of the experimental building of the Institute of Physics. At this moment, he was standing at a higher position. When he turned around, he could easily see the two people standing together by the roadside.

The street lamps overlapped their shadows.

It was Lu Huaiyu who moved forward to embrace her slender waist again.

Ning Li’s hand gently pressed against his shoulder. She seemed to be a little hesitant, as if she wanted to push him away.

Lu Huaiyu wrapped his arms around her, and his lower jaw gently pressed against her shoulder socket.

The evening breeze carried a hint of coolness, and one could vaguely hear his low and languid voice.

He seemed to be smiling and coaxing her.

“… Ah Li, please kiss me…”

The next moment, Shen Zhijin saw that Ning Li listened to those words and turned her head slightly.

He stopped in his tracks and gave her a detached look. He quickly withdrew his gaze and turned around to enter the experimental building.

Shen Zhijin returned to the laboratory.

Tang Yi approached him with a laptop in his arms.

“Teacher Shen, please take a look at this. The data doesn’t seem to be right.”

Shen Zhijin’s gaze swept across the screen and pointed at two places.

Tang Yi took a closer look and came to a realization.

He was filled with emotion. He had stared at the screen for half an hour, but he still had not been able to figure out what was wrong. Shen Zhijin had only glanced at it for less than two minutes, and he had already figured it out.

It was a rare opportunity to do scientific research with such a top-tier boss. He could learn a lot, and his scientific research ability could also be improved rapidly.

However, there was just one thing: the pressure was really great.

He had skipped grades consecutively and started studying for his doctorate under Shen Zhijin at the age of 23. In the eyes of many people, he was already very outstanding.

However, he was still far from Shen Zhijin’s level.

The absolute gap in IQ was not something that could be made up with hard work.

Shen Zhijin said, “The error in this measurement method is too big. Let’s do it again.”

Tang Yi felt bitter in his heart, but he also knew that this was the best solution. He nodded.


With that, Shen Zhijin walked to the office next door, and Yan Qiu caught up with him with his thesis.

Fu Niannian winked at Tang Yi.

“Hey, why didn’t you wait for Junior Sister to come over and help you take a look?”

Ever since Ning Li had immediately picked out the three groups that were wrong out of hundreds of data sets, they very much looked up to Ning Li. If they encountered similar difficulties again, the first thing they would think of was to look for Ning Li.

Tang Yi said, “Isn’t Junior Sister late? Logically speaking, she should have arrived fifteen minutes ago, right?”

Fu Niannian laughed and joked, “Oh right, I heard that Lu Huaiyu came to accompany her for her Advanced Mathematics class today. It’s not unusual for her to come over a little later tonight.”

Shen Zhijin subconsciously glanced at the wall clock, and the scene that he had seen downstairs surfaced in his mind.

Then, he focused his mind and pushed the door open to enter the office.

After a while, Ning Li finally came up.

She opened her laptop and found that she had received an email.

It was the opinion from the Universe’s review team: approved.

She heaved a sigh of relief and then informed Xu Yin about the news.

Although he had already expected this result, Xu Yin was still very happy at the moment of confirmation.

Ning Li looked towards the cubicle office.

“Senior Brother, is Teacher Shen over there?”

Fu Niannian nodded.

“He went in just now. He’s probably reading Eldest Senior Brother’s thesis.”

That meant that he was busy. Ning Li replied with a “hmm” and decided not to disturb him.

She sat in her own seat and began to design the pre-experiment.

Tang Yi was not far away from her and casually glanced over.

“Junior Sister, tomorrow is the holiday. You don’t have to rush your progress so much.”

Although it was rare for them to get their own holidays, Ning Li was only a freshman after all. Thus, she should have a normal holiday.

Since school had started, this was the first time that many students were able to return home.

However, due to Ning Li’s family situation, Tang Yi did not mention this and only said, “It’s a rare long holiday. You should go out and have fun. Don’t waste it.”

“That’s right.”

Fu Niannian nodded in agreement.

“Even we have a holiday tomorrow, so there’s no need for you to come.”

Tomorrow was the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Ning Li thought for a moment.

“Thank you, Senior Brother. I know.”

After a while, Yan Qiu came out of the office that was next door.

Upon spotting Ning Li, he suddenly thought of something and clapped his hands.

“I almost forgot.”

As he spoke, he walked to his seat, took out a square box from the cabinet, and gave it to Ning Li.

“Junior Sister, everyone has a share of these mooncakes.”

Ning Li took it.

It was a beautifully packaged square box.

In fact, she rarely celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival, and she rarely ate mooncakes.

However, this was, after all, a token of goodwill.

“Thank you, Senior Brother.”

“You should thank the boss. Your Senior Brother is so poor, how can he afford to buy mooncakes for everyone here?” Yan Qiu said with a smile.

Ning Li put down the box of mooncakes.

“Then… for this Mid-Autumn Festival, do we need to send Teacher Shen something?”

Yan Qiu shook his head.

“No need, we don’t need to send anything.”

As if he was worried that Ning Li would misunderstand, his smile faded slightly. He looked in the direction of the office and then said softly, “The boss doesn’t celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival.”

Ning Li was stunned.

Yan Qiu looked troubled and said carefully, “You’ve only just come here, so you might not know. The boss doesn’t celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, nor does he celebrate the Spring Festival.”

“He doesn’t celebrate all of these festivals.”

Or rather, he always spent them alone.

After following Shen Zhijin for a long time, it was natural that he knew about these things by default.

Ning Li was slightly startled and nodded.

“I got it.”

With that said, the office door opened again.

It was Shen Zhijin who came out.

He was holding a bunch of red camellias in his arms and an exquisite and beautiful square glass gift box.

The gift box contained a little white horse doll and a huge rainbow lollipop.