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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 56 - How Did You Get This Score?

Chapter 56: How Did You Get This Score?


Duan Xu bolted up and opened the window. He shouted at the boys who walked past his classroom, “Hey, mate! The person who got a perfect score in general science, do you have a name?”

The boy turned around. One of them knew Duan Xu and he ridiculed, “Yo, Duan Xu, is the sun rising from the west? Why do you even care about things like this?”

Duan Xu belonged to the school’s basketball team and was considered Mr. Popular on the courts of Second High. However, everyone knew his results were bad, so bad that it was shocking.

Why would a guy like him care about who got a perfect score in general science?

Duan Xu was anxious. “Cut the crap. Just tell me who it is!”

The boys looked at each other curiously before one of them said with hesitance, “I…I actually had a glance at the computer in the teacher’s office. I didn’t catch the name, but I’m sure the person is from the first class. Oh, and I think there are two words in the name.”

Two words?

A spark of hope was ignited in Duan Xu’s heart. “Pei Song? Is it him? It’s him, isn’t it?”

The boy giggled. “Nope, it’s not Pei Song. When I came out from the office, I heard another teacher saying that Pei Song missed a question about Chemistry, or else he would’ve gotten full marks. So, the one who got the perfect score must be someone else.”

Duan Xu’s heart sank and went cold.

“Is this even humanly possible?”

Lin Zhouyang came back to the classroom looking like a ghost.

He had gone out to buy a cup of milk tea, but he heard something that destroyed his confidence and hope.

He put the milk tea on Ye Ci’s table as his mind remained blank.

Although Ye Ci thanked him, Lin Zhouyang did not hear a word. She looked at him curiously while she thought that something was not right with him.

“What’s wrong?”

Lin Zhouyang gulped and said in a bitter tone, “Ye Ci, do you know that someone in our class got a perfect score in general science as well?”

Not only Ye Ci, but the entire class also fell into silence when he said that.

A perfect score in general science?

What did that even mean?

Ye Ci instinctively looked at Pei Song’s seat which was empty. Pei Song must have gone to the teacher’s office.

“Did our class monitor do that well in the monthly test?” Ye Ci said.

Lin Zhouyang rubbed his face in disappointment. “It’s not Brother Pei.”

Ye Ci’s heart skipped a beat. Who else could have gotten a perfect score in general science other than Pei Song?

It was then Zhou Fei walked past the class with a stack of papers. He stood at the entrance and waved at Ning Li.

“Ning Li.”

Ning Li got up and went over. “Mr. Zhou?”

Zhou Fei then gave her a book.

Ning Li had a glance at the cover and realized that it was a book that he had on his table. The book was about astrophysics and related theories. It was an original version written in English, thus it was quite rare to find it in a school.

When Zhou Fei was not playing with his phone, he would read it.

“Mr. Zhou, this—”

“I noticed you were interested in this book, and since you did well in the monthly test, I’ll lend it to you.” Zhou Fei lifted his chin with a grin.

Despite Ning Li being a little surprised, since Zhou Fei had come all the way to her class just to lend her the book, it would be inappropriate for her to reject his goodwill. She accepted the book with both hands and smiled softly, “Thank you, Mr. Zhou.”

“You’re welcome.” Zhou Fei grinned as he raised his brows childishly.

“If you get a perfect score the next time, I’ll reward you with even more prizes!”

The class plunged into dead silence. It was obvious by now. The only person who had gotten a perfect score was Ning Li.

Cheng Xiangxiang widened her eyes in disbelief as she instinctively grabbed Ye Ci’s wrist. “She got…a perfect score…in general science?”

Ye Ci felt suffocated, as though something was lodged in her throat. An imaginary buzz sounded in her eyes and silenced her completely.

Zhou Fei looked at his watch. “Okay, I still have to teach the second class. Off you go now.”

He then left in a nonchalant manner.

Ning Li returned to her seat with the book.

Everyone in the class turned their heads along with her movements.

Moments later, Lin Zhouyang gasped in shock. “Holy moly!”

Ning Li had gotten at least 450 marks with both perfectly scored papers. Even if she simply answered the other two papers, she would still score above 700 marks.

Lin Zhouyang could not help but get closer to Ren Qian. “Qianzi, do you think Brother Pei can still get first place this time?”

Ren Qian leaned on his chair. “I can’t say for sure.”

He already had a hunch that Ning Li would do well in the monthly test, but the actual score still shocked him.

It was then that Pei Song came in with the results in his hand.

The class was in awe.

“Monitor, are those the results for English and Literature?”

Pei Song nodded. “These are just the results for our class. If you want to see the results for the entire third year, you will have to go down to the notice board.”

Lin Zhouyang ran over. “Let me see, let me see!”

Pei Song put the paper on the rostrum and took a step back. He then subtly glanced at the corner of the classroom.

Ning Li was reading the book Zhou Fei had given her, not seeming interested in knowing the results. She sat in her seat quietly as the sunlight shone through the window and shed a layer of glow on her, making her look like a living painting.

“Brother Pei, you got a perfect score for English!”

Lin Zhouyang was looking at the result paper, but he did not look at his own scores. Instead, he checked Pei Song’s scores. He was excited. If Pei Song got a perfect score in English, he would still stand a chance to get first place.

Pei Song simply said, “In the entire third year, three people got perfect scores.”

“What?” Ling Zhouyang was stunned. He looked at the next row and saw another 150 marks. He then quickly glanced through all of Pei Song’s results.

Literature: 139; Mathematics: 148; General science: 294; English: 150.

Total: 731.

The score was extremely high, but on top of his name, there was another row.

Literature: 137; Mathematics: 150; General science: 300; English: 150.

Total: 737.

Lin Zhouyang slowly moved his finger along the row and finally saw the name at the end.

Ning Li.

He gasped.

Pei Song had beaten Ning Li in Literature, but his total score was 6 marks lower than Ning Li’s. The two of them would not just be the first and the second in class but in the entire third year.

The third would be Ren Qian with a total score of 711.

Ren Qian was 20 marks behind Pei Song who was only in second place. He was no match for Ning Li at all, who sat in first place.

The fourth place would be He Xiaochen with 709 marks. She was the third to have achieved a perfect score in English.

Only these four people had scored more than 700 marks throughout the entire third year.

Lin Zhouyang’s eyes widened like golf balls. He was stunned for quite a while before recovering with a complicated look.

“Brother Pei, you got beaten?! This has got to be the first time in many years, right?”

Ren Qian tapped Lin Zhouyang at the back of his head. “What are you talking about?”

“I’m just speaking the truth!” Lin Zhouyang covered his head and looked aggrieved.

If it was not for Ning Li with her otherworldly scores, Pei Song would have still been first.

Ye Ci went over to look at her own results.

    That was the 17th place in the entire third year. 17th place was not a good place for her, not to mention there was Ning Li who outsprinted everyone and got first place.

    Lin Zhouyang could not help but ask, “Ning Li, how did you get this score?”

    In the teachers’ office.

    “You got a perfect score for all these sections: the multiple-choice questions for Mathematics and English, and filling in the blanks for general science.”

    Zhang Yuan pointed at the paper in his hand and raised his chin at Duan Xu who was standing in front of him.

    “Tell me, how did you get this score?”