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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 550 - I’m Really Easy to Look After

Chapter 550: I’m Really Easy to Look After

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

–I like you.

And that is the only proof question I want to do.

After the Advanced Mathematics class, Professor Fang waved at Lu Huaiyu and gave a very smooth command.

“Send all the assignments to the office of the Mathematics Department.”

Ning Li stood up.

“Professor Fang, I’ll send it.”

Professor Fang looked at Lu Huaiyu with a smile.

“There’s no need, let him send them. My lessons aren’t for free.”

Lu Huaiyu walked over with a smile.

“It’s my pleasure. I’ll help Ah Li send them off.”

Professor Fang snorted.

After all, he had to charge some interest for dating in his class.

Thus, Professor Fang led the two of them back to the Mathematics Department.

On the way, they were the focus of a lot of attention.

After Lu Huaiyu put down the stack of assignments, he also greeted several professors from the Mathematics Department. Only after a lot of fuss was he finally able to get away and leave with Ning Li.

Before he left, Professor Fang did not forget to remind him, “Next time, remember to write your student number.”

Lu Huaiyu raised his eyebrows. Thinking of his girlfriend standing next to him, he smiled and agreed.

“As you wish.”

The genius of the Finance Department, Lu Huaiyu, had returned to Xijing University after a few years.

He had also attended Professor Fang Liang’s Advanced Mathematics class.

Not only had he listened to the lecture seriously, but he had even handed in homework.

The news spread like wildfire throughout Xijing University.

Professor Fang Liang sat in his office and leisurely brewed some chrysanthemum tea.

Knock, knock.

The door opened.

Professor Liao Juntao, who taught Line Generation, came to ask for advice.

“Professor Fang, that kid Lu Huaiyu, how did you manage to get him to behave so well?”

Professor Fang took a sip of tea and then looked at him unhurriedly.

“Did he skip your class as well?”

Professor Liao looked worried.

“He only came for two classes.”

Professor Fang paused. His gaze fell on Lu Huaiyu’s homework that was next to him on the table, and he had the urge to give him a zero again.

He snorted. Before he could speak, a call came.

He picked it up.

“Cao Zhi, why did you call me?”

The other party said something, and Professor Fang expressed his sympathy.

After a long while, he said, “Even if it’s not possible, Ning Li is from the Institute of Physics, and she doesn’t go into international financial management.”

“Western Economics? That’s not possible either. How could she possibly take a major course in your institute?”

“Calm down, I’ll hang up first.”

After saying that, Professor Fang hung up the phone cleanly.

Professor Liao gave him a thumbs up.

“Good for you.”

Professor Fang thought about what he had just said and still feeling upset, he asked again, “How many classes did Shen Zhijin take with you back then?”

Professor Liao looked at him with a complicated gaze.

“Professor Fang, did you forget that Shen Zhijin was a Ph.D. supervisor when he was 21?”

“I took his class.”

Professor Fang immediately felt refreshed. He slowly blew on his teacup.

“Oh, really? That’s good. He teaches quite well.”

After some effort, Second Master Lu finally got the chance to have dinner with his girlfriend.

It was almost six o’clock, and the campus was bustling with people.

The sight of the two of them walking together was very eye-catching.

Ning Li asked, “What does Second Brother want to eat?”

Lu Huaiyu thought for a moment and smiled.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve eaten at the cafeteria.”

Ning Li was surprised. “Do you really want to eat at the cafeteria?”

Lu Huaiyu held her hand and raised his eyebrows as he asked, “I’ve seen other people do this when they’re in a relationship.”

Accompanying his girlfriend to class.

Helping his girlfriend with her homework.

Eating at the cafeteria with his girlfriend.

“What other people have, of course, my little one has to have it too.”

The two of them went to the second floor of the cafeteria.

Along the way, they attracted a lot of attention.

Ning Li looked around at the various windows.

Lu Huaiyu stood beside her.

“Which one do you want to eat?”

Ning Li raised her finger and pointed.

“The omelet rice?”

Lu Huaiyu answered with a smile, “Okay.”

As he spoke, his hand reached into his pocket.

The next moment, he paused.

Ning Li turned around to look at him.

The two of them looked at each other, and the air was silent.

Lu Huaiyu calmly raised his head and asked, “Sir, can I pay by cell phone?”

From behind the window came the man’s cold and emotionless answer.

“No, you can only use your school card here.”

Lu Huaiyu, “…”

Ning Li, “…”

After a moment of silence, Ning Li silently took out her school card.

“Sir, one serving of omelet rice please.”


Fifteen yuan.

Lu Huaiyu, who was beside her, quickly recovered himself and very naturally said, “Sir, I’ll have the same as her. Oh, and one serving of yogurt please.”

As he spoke, he raised his head and asked, “It’s fine to swipe my girlfriend’s card, right?”

The man ignored his public declaration of affection.


Lu Huaiyu looked at Ning Li without moving.

“Ah Li?”

Ning Li slowly swiped her card for the second time.


Eighteen yuan.

In a corner by the window, the two of them sat facing each other.

Ning Li stirred the omelet rice with a spoon.

“Second Brother, if you want to freeload, you could have just said so.”

Lu Huaiyu paused, before inserting a straw into the yogurt and handing it over.

He then raised his eyebrows and said, “Ning Li, I’ve never freeloaded for such a cheap meal in my life.”

Ning Li waved the school card in her hand.

“But you still got a free meal.”

Lu Huaiyu looked at the relaxed expression on Ning Li’s face and smiled with a hint of pride.

“Yes, I got a free meal from Ah Li.”

He bent down slightly and looked at her with a smile.

“Since I’m so easy to look after, do you want to consider bringing me home?”

Ning Li drank a mouthful of yogurt, so her voice was muffled.

“We’ll see. It depends on your performance.”

Lu Huaiyu smiled.


As the people beside them were chatting, something came to Lu Huaiyu’s mind.

“Ah Li, tomorrow will be the Mid-Autumn Festival. Together with the National Day holiday, you’ll have a total of eight days off, right?”

Ning Li nodded.

Xue Langlang had booked a plane ticket for tomorrow morning. Ding Yu would be traveling by high-speed train.

Since Yao Mingjia’s home was in the Capital, it was much more convenient for her and she had already packed her things and left that afternoon.

“Would you like to visit Grandpa tomorrow?”

Lu Huaiyu asked.

Ning Li rubbed the space between her eyebrows.

“I’ve already agreed to spend the day with Teacher Yu tomorrow.”

Yu Pingchuan did not have any children. Ever since his wife had passed away nine years ago, he had not looked for another anymore.

On days like the Mid-Autumn Festival, he would basically give Lin Yaohui a holiday and he would celebrate the festival alone.

Therefore, Ning Li had already told him that she would accompany him this year.

Lu Huaiyu nodded thoughtfully.

“That’s true.”

After all, Ning Li had spent the Spring Festival at the Lu family’s residence.

Even now, Yu Pingchuan was still brooding over this matter.

It was time for him to let her accompany Elder Yu.

After dinner, Lu Huaiyu had originally wanted to send Ning Li back to Shuiyuan Shijia.

However, Ning Li said that there were still some things left to be settled at the laboratory, so he could only send her back to the institute.

Ning Li said goodbye to him.

“Second Brother, I’ll go up first.”

Lu Huaiyu held her hand and raised his eyebrows slightly.

“You’re leaving already?”

Ning Li looked around, took a step forward, and tiptoed to kiss him on the chin.

Lu Huaiyu held her waist and said with a low smile, “It’s already dark, is that why you’ve found the wrong place?”

As he said this, he tightened his arms and was about to lower his head to kiss her lips.

Ning Li suddenly caught a glimpse of a tall and slender figure from the corner of her eyes.. She immediately pushed Lu Huaiyu away and called out respectfully, “Teacher Shen.”