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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 548 - Proof

Chapter 548: Proof

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Shen Zhijin was a cold and proud person, and he was rarely angry.

Of course, rather than saying that he had a good temper, it was more that he did not care very much.

Also, every time he got angry, he would never be as angry as other people.

The tone of his voice would never change. Only his eyes would become exceptionally cold, and the pressure around him was extremely low.

Even if he did not say a word, just a glance was enough to scare people.

Yan Qiu had been with him for two years, so he was the most familiar with him.

So when he had accidentally noticed Ning Li’s eyelids droop slightly as she went silent, his heart had skipped a beat.

That look, that aura, it really was the same as when the boss was angry!

When Ning Li heard that, she was stunned.


Yan Qiu tugged at Fu Niannian.

“Niannian, tell me, just now… didn’t they look alike?”

Fu Niannian’s face darkened when he was called that. However, since Ning Li had helped him solve a big problem, his overall mood was pretty good, so he decided to let what Yan Qiu said go.

He studied Ning Li as he leaned back, and rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

“I don’t think the resemblance is only when she’s angry… Don’t you guys think that Little Junior Sister actually looks a little like the boss?”

As he spoke, he raised his finger and pointed.

“Just… Her eyes are very similar.”

Ning Li looked at them in a daze.

Up until now, she had seen Shen Zhijin several times. Although she was not familiar with him, she was definitely not unfamiliar with him.

However, she had never noticed this before.

“Did you guys only just realize this?”

Tang Yi finally could not hold it in any longer,

“I could tell from the first time I met Junior Sister. Her eyes and brows truly resembled the boss. Before I saw Junior Sister’s registration form, I thought she was the boss’s relative.”

Yan Qiu and Shen Zhijin had worked together for quite a long time. Although Fu Niannian had followed another vice-principal previously, he had met Shen Zhijin many times before.

After being around someone for a long time, one would often get used to many things, and it was easy to overlook many details.

That was why when they had first seen Ning Li, they had not immediately felt that she looked like Shen Zhijin.

However, Tang Yi had only been recruited this year, and he had not had much contact with Shen Zhijin in the past.

This, on the other hand, had sharpened his senses.

It was just that he had not mentioned it before.

Now that he had heard what Yan Qiu and Fu Niannian had said, he followed suit.

As a matter of fact, after his reminder, Yan Qiu and Fu Niannian also came back to their senses. They stared at Ning Li for a while and gradually became a little surprised.

“Oh? It seems like… it’s true!”

Ning Li had distant mountain eyebrows and peach blossom eyes.

Upon a closer look, she indeed looked very much like Shen Zhijin.

When such eyebrows and eyes were placed on a girl’s face, it made her look fresh and clean, pure and moving.

When they were placed on a man’s face, the man would look elegant, bright, clean, and indifferent.

The reason why they had not seen this point before was; firstly, because men and women were different. Secondly, there was a distinct age gap between the two of them.

Finally, Shen Zhijin carried the pride and coldness in his bones. His peach blossom eyes, which were supposed to be gentle and affectionate, were also stained with some coldness.

That made it seem even more unlikely.

However, it was only when they saw Ning Li’s appearance just now that they realized that the two of them truly resembled each other when they were angry.

Fu Niannian teased with a smile.

“Eh, it looks like it’s true that all good-looking people are similar. Little Junior Sister, it looks like you and the boss are share a destiny.”

Ning Li blinked.

Only Yan Qiu let out a long sigh.

Having a boss like Shen Zhijin was already a lot of pressure, and now there was this little junior sister.

In the future, not only would he not dare to offend the boss, but if he ever saw the little junior sister become unhappy again, his legs would also go weak.

What was this?

He patted Fu Niannian on the shoulder.

“Let’s go and eat.”

Fu Niannian had a look of disdain on his face.

“Go to the cafeteria?! Little Junior Sister has helped me so much today, it’s only right that I give her a treat, right? Little Junior Sister, tell me, what would you like to eat that’s nearby? Senior Brother will order it for you!”

Ning Li was about to say that there was no need, but then she thought of the advanced mathematics homework that she had not finished yet.

“Rice casserole.”

Lu Huaiyu had invited Ning Li out several times in a row, but he was rejected every time by Ning Li on the grounds that she needed to study and conduct experiments.

Of course, the focus of her studies was on Advanced Mathematics (I).

As time passed, Ning Li’s progress also continued to advance.

Each time that Lu Huaiyu approached her, Ning Li would turn to a new chapter and take a photo for him to show her intentions.

Lu Huaiyu was almost forced to follow her and study Advanced Mathematics (I) again.

When he was in college, he had only flipped through this book once, and on the day he finished his exams, the book had disappeared.

At that time, who would have thought that such a day would come?

On Thursday night, Ning Li decided to send him a photo.

Lu Huaiyu picked up his phone.

It was a proof question.

[ Proof: When X & GT; 0, XLN (x + √1 + x 2) & GT; 1 + √ x2-1. ]

Lu Huaiyu put down the contract that was in his hand and took a blank piece of paper from the side. Just as he was about to write, he received Ning Li’s second message.

[ Ah, I forgot that Second Brother only listened to Professor Fang’s class once. I don’t think he has learned this much yet. I think it’s better if I write it down myself. ]

Lu Huaiyu raised his eyebrows.

[ Junior Sister, you probably don’t know this, but I got full marks for Advanced Mathematics. ]

Ning Li replied very seriously.

[ There’s no sense of accomplishment without a perfect score in the learning process. ]

The tip of Lu Huaiyu’s tongue touched their left cheek as he laughed in exasperation.


It was another Advanced Mathematics class.

Ning Li carried her backpack into the classroom.

The class had not started yet, and it was noisy.

She took out her book and started to collect the assignments at the same time.

Suddenly, the classroom fell silent.

Ning Li was counting the assignment books at the podium. She thought it was Professor Fang, so she did not pay attention and continued with her counting.

Then, the sound of footsteps could be heard getting closer and closer as someone walked toward the podium.

She finished counting the last book and finally turned around.

“Professor Fang, all the assignments have been collected–”

The voice with a smile was deep and unhurried.

“Classmate, I haven’t handed in my assignment yet. How can it all have been collected?”