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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 547 - You Look Exactly Like Him When You’re Angry

Chapter 547: You Look Exactly Like Him When You’re Angry

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The laboratory was silent.

Yan Qiu silently flipped open his lab notebook.

Fu Niannian’s eyes were fixed on the computer, even his eyeballs did not move.

Tang Yi turned on the computer, and all ten of his fingers tapped on the keyboard.

Shen Zhijin put down the things in his hands, his expression calm.

“Yan Qiu, please send this reagent form out before 1 p.m.”

Yan Qiu quickly replied, “Okay.”

Shen Zhijin then turned around and left.

After a while, Tang Yi quietly peeked outside the door. After confirming that Shen Zhijin had left, he lowered his voice and asked, “Eldest Senior Brother, isn’t this kind of work always done by the youngest? Why is our laboratory different?”

Yan Qiu, “…”

Could he not see that the youngest junior sister was angry?

Was it not clear that the boss did not want to offend the little junior sister?!

Ning Li glanced over and stood up.

“Senior Brother, give it to me. I’ll mail it.”

“No need, no need! We can handle such a small matter!” Yan Qiu quickly rejected. “You just need to continue reading!”

What a joke. This task had not been given to her by the boss, so how could he dare to trouble the little junior sister to run this errand?

Ning Li raised her eyebrows, but she did not continue to argue.


After saying that, she sat back down again.

Yan Qiu, “…”

Fu Niannian lowered his head at the side, laughing until his whole body trembled.

So what if he was the eldest senior brother?

Wasn’t he supposed to be the first to serve people at any critical moment?


Yan Qiu glanced at him, silently snorted, and called out to him.

“Old Fu, you don’t seem to be familiar with this company. You should send it and acquaint yourself with them. After all, there will be many more such tasks in the future.”

Fu Niannian seemed to have been thrust into a difficult position.

“Eldest Senior Brother, of course, I have no problem with this. But since the boss personally told you to handle this, this batch of reagents must be more important. I’m afraid it would not be appropriate for me to go, right?”

Yan Qiu’s voice was gentle. “I trust you, Niannian.”

Fu Niannian suddenly stood up, his body suddenly covered with goosebumps.

“Stop shouting! I’ll go!”

After saying that, he snatched the item and rushed out without saying a word.

Tang Yi gave Yan Qiu a thumbs up.

Ning Li’s phone lit up. It was a message from Lu Huaiyu.

[ Ah Li, are you coming back for lunch today? ]

Ning Li took a photo of the Advanced Mathematics book and sent it over.

Before Lu Huaiyu could react, Ning Li typed another line of words.

[ I’ve been busy with Advanced Maths lately. I don’t think I have time. Second Brother, you can eat by yourself. ]

Lu Huaiyu looked at the photo and text that she had sent over and raised his eyebrows.

[ Is the Advanced Math class more important than me? ]

Ning Li sent over a screenshot of the class schedule.

[ Advanced Mathematics (I), Fang Liang. ].

Lu Huaiyu stared at the name and fell into deep thought.

It seemed… a little familiar…

[ Teacher Shen said that Professor Fang teaches Advanced Mathematics very well, so he asked me to take the class well. Coincidentally, I think so too. ]

[ It’s such a pity that Second Brother missed Professor Fang’s class back then. ]


Lu Huaiyu finally remembered something.

Ning Li rejected Lu Huaiyu and continued to read.

She was a fast reader, and since this was something she had read before, she read even faster.

The morning passed just like that.

In the afternoon, Ning Li went to the cafeteria for a simple meal, then went to the library to borrow two books before returning.

She had already finished reading everything on the reading list that Yan Qiu had given her. In addition to the fact that the experiment had not officially started, she still had a lot of free time, so she had gone to look for books on her own.

When she was reading, she was always the most quiet and focused.

A few hours passed, and only when Yan Qiu called out to her did she come back to her senses from the book.

“Senior Brother, you called for me?”

Yan Qiu smiled.

“Junior Sister, you were too engrossed in reading. It’s already past six, aren’t you going to eat?”

Ning Li looked at her phone. As expected, it was already half-past six.

She said, “There are a lot of people in the cafeteria right now. I’ll go later.”

Yan Qiu nodded and called Fu Niannian and Tang Yi again.

Fu Niannian was staring at his computer.

“I’m not going. Just help me bring back some food.”

Yan Qiu looked surprised.

“Does the sun rise from the west? Are you actually willing to skip dinner? Fu Niannian, you’re still not a qualified cook yet, right?”

Fu Niannian sighed, looking a little troubled.

“The data seems to be wrong. I haven’t found out what the problem is.”

Yan Qiu walked over to take a look and was shocked.

“So many groups? How are you going to find them? Why don’t you do it all over again?”

Fu Niannian was extremely frustrated.

“My experiments are done step by step according to the procedures. It takes a full five days to complete all of them. Moreover, I have used up all the reagents I need, and the new ones haven’t arrived yet. It’s too troublesome to do it all over again. I won’t be able to make it in time for the group meeting next week.”

Yan Qiu said, “Then, shall I help you take a look?”

Fu Niannian refused, “There’s no need. You guys can go eat first.”

Yan Qiu looked at him sympathetically. “This is… more than a hundred sets of data. You have to go through them one by one. How long will it take?”

Fu Niannian frowned but did not say anything.

“Senior Brother.”

The clear voice of a young girl was heard. The two of them turned around and saw that Ning Li was already standing behind them.

She looked at Fu Niannian’s computer. The desktop was very simple. There was only a huge square box with rows and rows of data neatly arranged inside.

She raised her hand and pointed.

“There are errors in the data of the second, fifth, and eighth groups.”

Fu Niannian and Yan Qiu were stunned. Tang Yi also raised his head and looked over, somewhat bewildered.

Fu Niannian frowned slightly.


Ning Li looked left and right. She took a neutral pen and pointed at the data on it.

“This, this, and here. There are problems. Senior Brother can bring the equation back to verify it.”

Fu Niannian subconsciously followed her instructions and entered the first data that she had pointed to in the box above.

The program prompt was wrong.

Fu Niannian was shocked when he saw the red cross.

Yan Qiu’s eyes widened slightly as well.

Seeing both of their reactions, Tang Yi quickly walked over. “Junior Sister was right?”

Then, the three of them stared at the computer screen in a daze.

Fu Nian asked in disbelief, “Junior Sister, how did you see it?”

Ning Li said, “I saw it with one look.”

The three’s expressions cracked.

She saw it with just one look?

Ning Li paused and rephrased her explanation.

“Just imagine that the normal data is gray, and the abnormal data is red. It will then be very obvious.”

The laboratory was silent.

The three of them looked at Ning Li speechlessly.

Ning Li glanced at her phone. Someone had tagged her in the class group.

[ Class representative, which questions were left for our Advanced Mathematics homework? ]

Ning Li, “…”

Her lips pursed slightly, and her peach blossom eyes drooped slightly. Her entire body seemed to be flooded with a coldness.

“Little Junior Sister.”

Yan Qiu suddenly called out to her.

Ning Li looked up and saw Yan Qiu cautiously step back. He looked at her with an extremely complicated expression.

“Junior Sister, could you not get angry so easily? Your Senior Brother is scared.”

He patted his chest and looked at Ning Li with lingering fear.

“Do you know that when you got angry just now, your expression was exactly like the boss?”