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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 546 - You Have a Good Lesson

Chapter 546: You Have a Good Lesson

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

In an instant, there was only one sentence left in Ning Li’s mind: “The way of heaven is good for reincarnation, and heaven forgives whoever1.”

The old professor gently pressed his hand down.

“Sit down. Have a good lesson.”

Ning Li slowly sat down and looked blankly at the book on the table.

–Advanced mathematics.

Oh, there would be more in the future.

After the Advanced Mathematics class, the students were already drowsy. Only the old professor was feeling refreshed.

The Institute of Physics and the Institute of Mathematics had been in love for many years. This time, they had finally gotten back at each other and settled two old scores.

After the class, the old professor had even specially called Ning Li to the front to express his concern.

“Ning Li, how was your class? Is there anything you don’t understand?”

Ning Li, “…”

Everyone looked at her sympathetically.

Tsk, who did not know that Ning Li had gotten full marks except for Chinese in the college entrance exam? The old professor was deliberately arresting her to collect the debt!

Ning Li took a light breath and smiled.


The old professor nodded with a smile.

“That’s good. In the future, you will be responsible for many tasks in this class. Thank you for your hard work. Also, if you don’t understand anything, feel free to ask me.

“Of course, you could also ask Shen Zhijin and Lu Huaiyu.”

Early in the morning on Saturday, Yan Qiu arrived at the laboratory.

The moment he entered, he saw a familiar figure sitting behind the table, reading a book.

He was amused.

“Eh? Junior sister, it’s Saturday today and you’re not sleeping in at the dormitory. Why are you here so early?”

Ning Li raised her head and greeted him.

“There’s no class today, and I have nothing else to do so I decided to come here to take a look. Doesn’t Teacher Shen and the senior brothers work on Saturdays as usual?”

Yan Qiu and the others would normally call Shen Zhijin boss in private. However, Ning Li was not officially his student at the moment, so most of the time, she still called him teacher Shen.

Yan Qiu was very gratified.

Little Junior Sister was really diligent!

He had originally thought that Ning Li would be able to relax after having read the whole month’s worth of documents ahead of time.

He had not expected that this junior sister would come on her own without any prompting!

“Yes, we usually only rest on Sundays. However, if you are efficient and complete the experiment ahead of time, you can also take some time off.”

Yan Qiu took a glass of water and changed into a white lab coat.

“Oh, by the way, Junior Sister, your lab coat is in your locker, right under your seat. In addition, the lab equipment that you’ve already applied to use will be distributed within the next two days, one after another. If there’s anything you need urgently, we can lend it to you first.”

Ning Li bent down and opened the small cabinet. Sure enough, she saw a brand-new white lab coat inside.

“Thank you, Senior Brother.”

“What for?”

Tang Yi came in just as Yan Qiu was speaking.

The corner of his mouth twitched when he saw that Yan Qiu and Ning Li had already arrived.

“Can this world even be improved?”

Eldest Senior Brother and Junior Sister had both arrived earlier than him?!

What was he supposed to do?!

“Hey, Tang Yi, why are you blocking the entrance?”

Fu Niannian was a few steps behind him, yawning as he arrived.

As he walked in, he urged Tang Yi forward.

Tang Yi turned his body sideways and looked up.

“The scholar’s aura is preventing me from going in.”

It was only then that Fu Niannian noticed Yan Qiu and Ning Li.

His gaze wandered in search of the time, and the last trace of sleepiness finally dissipated.

After a long silence, he muttered, “This f*cking… They’re already holed up inside?!

He thought that he was already quite diligent, but who would’ve guessed that he would be the last one to arrive here?

Yan Qiu was the eldest senior brother, so he had a lot of things to be responsible for.

It was natural for him to come early, but what was going on with the little junior sister?

He walked to his seat and sat opposite Ning Li.

Turning on the computer, he glanced at Ning Li a few times, and finally could not help but ask,

“Junior Sister, it’s such a good time to be young. If you don’t go out to eat, drink, have fun and talk about love, wouldn’t it be a waste?”

After all, she was only eighteen years old. Why was she not having any fun at all?

As a senior brother, the pressure was really great.

Ning Li was about to speak when Shen Zhijin walked in.

He glanced at Fu Niannian indifferently.

Fu Niannian, “…”

What else could be worse than being heard by the boss urging his junior sister to go out and have fun??

Ning Li said, “I haven’t finished reading my book.”

Tang Yi looked over in surprise.

“You haven’t finished reading it? Didn’t you finish reading the previous documents already? Did Teacher Shen give you another assignment?”

Shen Zhijin’s gaze fell on Ning Li.

“Ning Li, you’ve only just arrived. You can take some time to get used to things. You don’t have to rush so much. You don’t need to clock in here.”

Some tutors would force their students to clock in and out of work. Furthermore, the hours would be inhumane. It was as if it was a sin for a student to have more free time.

However, Shen Zhijin was not like that.

He had always been quite free with his students.

He appreciated and valued Ning Li greatly. Therefore, as long as she could do her job on time, he would not ask too much of her.

“I know, Teacher Shen.”

Ning Li nodded, but she insisted, “But I still want to read the book. It’s better to study it thoroughly.”

Yan Qiu had a good impression of his junior sister who was so diligent and eager to learn.

He asked with a smile, “Junior Sister, what book are you reading?”

Ning Li slowly raised the book which had a green cover and slowly said, “Advanced Mathematics.”

There was a moment of dead silence in the laboratory.

Yan Qiu’s smile froze.

Tang Yi looked terrified.

Fu Nian’s face was filled with disbelief.

“Junior Sister, do you really still need to waste so much time on this thing?!”

What was so good about this lousy book that it was worth her coming to the laboratory early in the morning to study hard?

Shen Zhijin’s brows also furrowed slightly.

Ning Li looked over and met his gaze. She said faintly, “Yes, because I’m the class representative for this class.

“I forgot to mention, the teacher is Professor Fang Liangfang.”


There was a slight and very rare change in Shen Zhijin’s expression.

However, none of them noticed it.

Yan Qiu thought for a moment.

“Professor Fang Liangfang? This name is so familiar.”

Fu Niannian kindly reminded him.

“You were in his class when you were an undergraduate in Advanced Mathematics.”

“Ah… I remember now!” Yan Qiu suddenly remembered. “Wasn’t that the class that I asked you to answer to the roll call on my behalf at that time?”

Fu Niannian shrugged.

“No, I asked my classmates to help answer for both of us.”

Yan Qiu, “You b*stard… I even treated you to several meals for this!”

Ning Li, “…”

Tang Yi suddenly thought of something.

“Eh, I think my high school teacher was also this professor.”

Yan Qiu glanced at Ning Li. Seeing that her expression was not too good, he deliberated and said, “What a coincidence, right? Then… that professor should be quite good-tempered, right? Little Junior Sister, you don’t have to be so nervous.”

Tang Yi said, “I don’t know either. My roommate helped me do it.”

Yan Qiu, “Oh.”

Ning Li slowly lowered her head and looked at the book in her hand.

The surroundings were silent.

After a long while, Shen Zhijin finally said, “Professor Fang’s lecture is very good. You should attend it well.”


Ning Li tore the cover of the Advanced Mathematics book slightly.

She was expressionless.

“I wasn’t careful.”