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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 545 - Paying Back the Debts of Two Men!

Chapter 545: Paying Back the Debts of Two Men!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ning Li had been admitted with the highest score, so naturally, her student number was first.

She replied, “Yes.


The old professor raised his head and looked over. He looked at Ning Li carefully with a kind smile.

“Zhijin’s student?”

Ning Li, “…”

The news that Shen Zhijin’s new research team had recruited a first-year undergraduate student had long spread.

The teachers at the Institute of Physics were especially curious about Ning Li.

This was an old professor from Xijing University who had taught here all his life.

Ning Li guessed that Shen Zhijin had most likely also been his student.

All the students in the classroom looked over, enviously.

The old professor pointed at the roster and joked, “Originally, according to the rules of my class, I would always choose the first student to be the class representative. But since you’re with Zhijin, I can’t snatch someone away from him.”

Ning Li, “…”

The old professor continued to call out names, and sure enough, the male student who was next in line behind Ning Li became the class representative.

In the middle of class, the old professor even called on Ning Li to ask a question.

“Ning Li, write down the TIRS-true equator system transformation.”

The classroom instantly quieted down, and many people looked bewildered.

This… What?

Ning Li paused.

This was one of the contents of the textbook. This was only their first lesson, so of course, they had not learned it yet.

The old professor had deliberately asked this question. It had obviously been done with the intention of doing a spot check.

She straightened out her train of thought and gave an answer.

Only then did the old professor nod in satisfaction.

After Ning Li sat down, Xue Langlang asked with a dumbfounded look, “Ning Li, isn’t the question that the professor just asked, something we haven’t…”

Ning Li nodded.

“It’s in chapter two.”

Xue Langlang immediately flipped through the book, but she could not find it even after searching through a few pages.

Ning Li recalled, “The TIRS-CIRS transformation should be on page 31.”

Xue Langlang sped up and flipped to page 31.

She was silent for a moment. When she raised her head to look at Ning Li again, her expression was complicated.

“Have you already previewed this before? Wasn’t this book only just published?”

Ning Li took a sip of water.

“I read it in the past.”

Xue Langlang, “…”

Why did she have to ask the god of learning such a question?

“Ning Li, I’m sad.”

She said gloomily.

Ning Li shook her head.

“Actually, it’s all basic content.”

Xue Langlang sighed. She glanced at the podium again and lowered her voice.

“But our professor really pays attention to you! It’s no wonder. After all, you’re now considered Dean Shen’s student!”

Ning Li did not take it to heart.

“It’s probably just because he also taught Teacher Shen in the past, so he paid more attention to it.”

Xue Langlang nodded in agreement.

However, Ning Li soon realized that things seemed to be developing in a direction that she had not expected.

That was because, on the second afternoon, in the first ordinary astronomy class, she was called out again.

“Ning Li?”

It was not a big deal to be called out. In the first class of a new student, the teachers would always call out the person by name.

However, the key point was that she had been called up again to answer the question.

The only difference this time was that the teacher was a middle-aged man.

Yes, this had been Shen Zhijin’s university classmate.

Fortunately, she had answered the question smoothly, so the professor was satisfied and allowed her to sit down.

Xue Langlang could not help but say, “Ning Li, Dean Shen’s connections are too strong. Don’t tell me that every teacher in the department will be doing this in class?”

The prophecy came true.

After the ordinary astronomy class, everyone had moved to the classroom next door and prepared to go to theoretical astrophysics.

The teacher of this class was only in his thirties.

However… he had read Shen Zhijin’s thesis before.

“Ning Li?”

Ning Li stood up again.

This person was more interested in her than the other two. Perhaps it was because he was too curious about Ning Li, or perhaps it was because he was a little competitive, he asked her three questions in a row.

After Ning Li had finished answering them and sat down, this person finally let her go.

The reactions of the other students in the class had already gone from the initial confusion, to shock, and then to numbness.

A big shot is a big shot. She could even withstand such a beating.

What else did they have to struggle for?

Ning Li attended five professional classes in a row. After her name had been called five times in a row, and she was called up five times to answer questions.

Finally, on Friday afternoon, she escaped the torture from the teachers in the Institute of Physics.

This was an Advanced Mathematics class in a large lecture hall. Other than the Astronomy Department, there were also freshmen from the Atmospheric Science and Physics departments. They all attended this class together.

The classroom was filled with darkness.

Ning Li sat in the last row of the classroom.

When she saw the gray-haired old professor from the mathematics department walk in, she heaved a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, the Mathematics Department and the Physics Department should–

“Ning Li?”

The old professor was in high spirits. He chuckled and called out Ning Li’s name. At the same time, his gaze fell on Ning Li, who was sitting in the corner.

Ning Li, “… Here.”

The old professor smiled and said,

“You can be the class representative for this class.”

Ning Li was stunned.


The old professor nodded.

“Yes, is there a problem on your side?”

In front of so many people, Ning Li had no reason to refuse.

She said, “No.”

The old professor nodded in relief.

“That’s good. From now on, you will be responsible for receiving and distributing homework in every class.”

Ning Li paused.


Xue Langlang revealed a sympathetic expression and said softly, “Ning Li, if that’s the case, doesn’t that mean you won’t be able to skip high school math classes again?”

As soon as she finished speaking, the old professor on the podium spoke again.

His expression was benevolent.

“Shen Zhijin used to skip my classes. In the last two semesters, he only attended two classes.”

Ning Li, “…”

The old professor seemed to remember something, and his smile became even more gentle.

“But he’s stronger than Lu Huaiyu. Lu Huaiyu only attended one class.”

Ning Li’s temples throbbed.

The entire classroom was very quiet, and the old professor’s loving words echoed in the air.

“You can go on their behalf.”