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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 544 - Caring for Junior Sister, Starting From Me

Chapter 544: Caring for Junior Sister, Starting From Me

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

When she had first met Xu Yin, he had actually mentioned this matter.

However, this was not something Ning Li had been able to do.

Lincheng was her home, and she still had her grandmother.

So she had chosen to continue staying there, like all normal children, going to school, studying, and taking exams.

Xu Yin knew of her concerns, and although he had felt that it was a pity, he did not try to persuade her otherwise.

Yan Qiu looked at Ning Li’s calm demeanor and said with a smile, “It’s alright. Little Junior Sister is already very outstanding now!”

Being able to publish a thesis in Universe magazine at the age of sixteen was enough to prove her excellence.

The rest did not matter.

Real gold could shine anywhere.

Fu Niannian thought of another matter and casually asked, “Junior Sister, you were only sixteen when you published that thesis. Why didn’t you publish another after that?”

Ning Li paused.

After a moment, she said, “I had some family matters to handle at that time, so I put it on hold for a while.”

Fu Niannian was stunned.

Tang Yi sighed.

“How can it be so easy to publish a thesis of this level? Junior Sister’s results are already very impressive, okay? If we could really publish one every year, would we still be alive?”

Fu Niannian thought about it and agreed.

“Then, Junior Sister, after such a long time, have you not been busy with other topics?”

They already knew that Ning Li used to follow Xu Yin and was partly considered his student.

Xu Yin was also a big shot in the industry. With his guidance and supervision, no matter what, Ning Li’s thesis’ should not have gone unpublished for nearly two years.

Even if she could not get it to be accepted into Universe’s sub-journal, a slightly lower-ranked one would still have been fine.

Ning Li said, “Yes, I just submitted one recently. I’m waiting for the review comments.”

“Really? Which one did you submit it to? Astronomy and Astrophysics? The Astronomical Journal?”

These were also core journals that were quite prestigious in the astrophysics world.

Before Ning Li could say anything, a message notification came from her phone.

It was a semi-finished oil painting that had been sent by Wei Songzhe.

Below it was an emoji that was kneeling on the ground and hugging his thigh.

[ Sister Li! Please give me some guidance! I’ve already ruined more than ten drafts, but it’s still not right! ]

Seeing that she seemed to have something to do, Yan Qiu waved his hand gently.

“Junior Sister, go ahead and do your own thing first.”

After all, Ning Li was a freshman, and she still had to attend classes to earn credits.

Ning Li remembered that there was indeed a lesson on the fundamentals of celestial physique mechanics at 4:30 pm.

“Then I’ll go to class first. See you, Senior Brother.”

Seeing Ning Li enter the elevator, Yan Qiu’s expression turned serious.

“Try not to mention Junior Sister’s past in front of her in the future. It’s best not to ask too many questions.”

Tang Yi was puzzled. “Huh? Why?”

Yan Qiu frowned.

“Junior Sister’s family background… is rather complicated. Just pay attention to it.”

He had been the first to know when Shen Zhijin had made the decision for Ning Li to join the new research team.

So, after he had given the registration form to Ning Li that day, he had gone to the campus forum to take a look.

At that time, there had been all kinds of speculations and rumors about Ning Li.

The post about her background was still there, so he had clicked on it to read.

After reading it, he had mixed feelings.

At that time, when he had first met Ning Li, he had thought that such a beautiful girl must have come from a decent family.

Who would have thought…

This complicated feeling had reached its peak when he saw Ning Li’s application form later on, and it had turned into sympathy and admiration.

Growing up with such origins, yet she could actually achieve this much…

Talent, hard work, persistence, and perseverance were truly indispensable.

A thought also seemed to come to Fu Niannian’s mind as well. He seemed slightly startled before nodding his head seriously.

“I know.”

Ning Li walked out of the experimental building of the Institute of Physics and sent back a reply to Wei Songzhe, making an appointment to meet the next morning.

They had not met since she had come to the Capital.

Although both of them could be considered students of Xijing University, Xijing University Art Academy was a separate campus, so they had never had the opportunity to meet.

Naturally, Wei Songzhe happily agreed.

[ Oh right, Sister Li, since you are already in the Capital, are you still intending on handing over your paintings to the Yunzhou Art Association to be handled on your behalf? ]

Ning Li had sent two paintings to the Capital during the summer vacation, and they were now being kept at Shuiyuan Shijia.

[ No. ]

[ It’s been transferred to the National Art Association. ]

When Wei Songzhe saw this news, he was a little surprised, but he had also expected it.

Now that she was here, doing this was indeed the most appropriate thing to do.

He replied with a big [ OK ].

Just then, Ning Li happened to walk to the complex building.

This class was in a large classroom on the first floor.

She looked at the classroom’s door number and looked over.

It was almost time for class, and the classroom was filled with people. It was very lively.

When Ning Li stepped into the classroom, someone immediately noticed her arrival.

Someone shouted in a low voice.


“Ning Li is here!”

As if there was some kind of tacit understanding, everyone went silent. They looked at her with complicated expressions.

Shock, envy, admiration…

Obviously, the news of what had happened in 601 had already spread.

Everyone was from the Institute of Physics. Of course, they all knew how rare it was to be able to publish a thesis in Universe magazine at the age of sixteen.

If in the beginning, everyone had been surprised and incredulous that she had been chosen to join Shen Zhijin’s team, now… everyone was completely convinced.

So now, the way everyone looked at her was very different from before.

Xue Langlang waved at her excitedly.

“Ning Li! Over here!”

Ning Li walked over.

This was the first class for this subject. Everyone was very active and consciously sat in front.

Xue Langlang had come very early to take a seat. She had snatched the best seat in the middle of the third row and specially reserved one for Ning Li.

Ning Li walked over and put down her backpack.

“Thank you.”

Xue Langlang’s eyes lit up as she looked at her.

“You’re welcome, you’re welcome! Ning Li, you’re the first undergraduate student that Dean Shen has ever accepted in so many years!”

Unlike those projects that were just for show, the new research team this time would be personally managed by Shen Zhijin.

Only four spots had been available in the whole of Xijing University.

Among them, three were Ph.D. students, and only Ning Li was an undergraduate.

She was also a freshman!

“You don’t know, the whole campus forum is exploding!”

Shen Zhijin was not only the honorary dean of the Institute of Physics, but also the vice-president of Xijing University and the President of the National Physics Association.

Since his youth, he had been considered a legend at Xijing University.

Until now, he had been very popular in the school.

Even many students who were not majoring in physics regarded him as their idol.

So it was not hard to imagine how much commotion the incident regarding Ning Li would cause.

Xue Langlang’s entire body was brimming with happiness.

“If you follow Dean Shen, I’ll be closer to my Prince Charming!”

What else could be better than this?

Ning Li, “…”

Fortunately, the bell rang in time and an old professor walked in.

Only then did everyone quieten down.

However, there were still many gazes that turned Ning Li’s way from time to time.

Ning Li took out the book.

The old professor was wearing reading glasses as he held the roster and began to call out names.

“Ning Li?”