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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 542 - On What Basis?

Chapter 542: On What Basis?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

At the end of the report, Yan Qiu and the other two finally understood why Shen Zhijin had made an exception in recruiting Ning Li.

Other than her resume on the application form, her real talent in physics and scientific research was far beyond their imagination!

When she was halfway through her explanation, there were even a few places that even Yan Qiu and the other two did not fully understand.

After listening to her, the whole of Room 601 was silent.

Only Shen Zhijin nodded.

“Not bad.”

Yan Qiu and the others wanted to cry but had no tears.

Not bad?

This was not just not bad!

Ning Li was only a freshman!

How were they going to live in the future with this?!

Ning Li returned to her seat, maintaining her very calm demeanor from beginning to end.

In the eyes of the others, this mentality was extremely stable. They had to admit defeat.

“Next, Tang Yi,” Shen Zhijin said.

Tang Yi’s heart beat violently.

Of course, he was also very outstanding. Otherwise, he would not have become Shen Zhijin’s Ph.D. student.

Moreover, he had made a lot of preparations for today’s group meeting.

However, Ning Li’s performance was too outstanding. In comparison, he appeared to be much more moderate.

Shen Zhijin rejected one of his research topics and allowed him to choose between the other two.

Tang Yi agreed.

Fu Niannian and Yan Qiu were at the back of the line. They were actually top students from the top universities in the country, so they should not have done anything wrong.

However, they were most afraid of being compared to others.

In the entire team’s first group meeting, the person who had performed the best was actually the little junior sister Ning Li.

This group meeting was held until 11:30 pm.


Some teachers liked to take up their students’ time, but Shen Zhijin was not one of them.

After the meeting ended, he left immediately.

Before he left, he instructed, “Yan Qiu, take Ning Li around to familiarize herself with the laboratory environment and equipment in the afternoon.”

Yan Qiu immediately agreed.

Seeing that it was almost time, Ning Li was about to pick up her backpack and leave when she was stopped by Yan Qiu.

“Junior Sister, since this is our first group meeting, let’s have lunch together!”

Ning Li hesitated for a moment.

Yan Qiu smiled.

“Don’t worry. The boss won’t be coming. It’ll just be us.”

After all, they were already a team, and there would always be a need for them to work together.

Ning Li thought for a moment and nodded.


Since Yan Qiu was the eldest senior brother, it was only natural for him to treat them to this meal.

The small group went out of school to have hotpot.

Fu Niannian and Tang Yi had seized the opportunity to punish Yan Qiu a little… After all, was it not his fault for not telling them that the last junior sister was actually Ning Li?

In addition, they had been dealt a heavy blow by Ning Li today, so they did not give Yan Qiu any face at all.

Ning Li ate quietly as she sat beside them.

Suddenly, a surprised voice could be heard.

“Ning Li?”

Ning Li looked up and saw that it was Yao Mingjia.

There was a tall boy standing next to her.

It was obvious that the two of them had come to eat together.

Ning Li nodded lightly.

Yao Mingjia’s gaze fell on Yan Qiu and the others, unable to hide her shock.

She did not know Fu Niannian and Tang Yi, but Yan Qiu was the third-year doctoral student under Shen Zhijin, and he was his new team’s assistant. This was something that everyone in the faculty knew.

She had vaguely heard the title “Senior Brother” mentioned earlier.

That meant that these people had to be Shen Zhijin’s project team members!

But, why was Ning Li with them?

“Junior Sister, is this is your classmate?”

Fu Niannian asked casually.

Ning Li said, “Yes, my roommate.”

In order to give face to their junior sister, Fu Niannian and the others smiled and greeted Yao Mingjia.

However, Yao Mingjia’s mind was blank.

They had actually called Ning Li– Junior Sister?!

Didn’t that mean…

Yan Qiu refilled Ning Li’s glass of water and started to talk about other topics.

In addition to her stunning performance today, the three of them were also very curious about Ning Li which meant that their conversation mostly revolved around her.

Yao Mingjia instantly felt that her presence was quite redundant.

After another quick glance at Ning Li again, she left in a hurry.

In the afternoon, a piece of news blew up among the countless students in the entire academy.

— Ning Li, a freshman, had taken up the last spot in Dean Shen’s new team! She had officially joined his project team!

This news was like a stone causing a thousand ripples!

Everyone was stunned.

No matter how much they thought about it, no one would have thought that the person was actually Ning Li!

One had to know that in this team, Yan Qiu and the other two were all Ph.D. students, and they were all extremely outstanding ones.

Only Ning Li…

Not only was she a graduate student, she was only a freshman!

What kind of qualifications did she have?!

Even if her college entrance examination results were outstanding, even if she had gotten full marks in the national competition, would she not still be far from being qualified, right?

There was a rumor that Dean Shen had personally selected someone.

Who would have thought that it would be Ning Li?

After lunch, Ning Li did not return to her dormitory to rest. Instead, she followed Yan Qiu and the others back to the laboratory building.

Firstly, Yan Qiu arranged for a seat in laboratory 602 to be used as her exclusive seat. Then, he took her to a few laboratories nearby to walk around.

It was almost three o’clock. Seeing that it was almost time, Yan Qiu looked at Ning Li.

“Junior Sister, our lab is looking for two lab assistants. You should come and check it out together.”

Shen Zhijin did not manage this matter personally. The decision would mainly be decided by Yan Qiu and the others.

Although they were just lab assistants, this was Shen Zhijin’s team.

Everyone understood that this was actually a rare opportunity to train the students in the institute.

Of course, everyone wanted to fight for these two spots. The competition was very fierce.

Ning Li nodded.


The door was half-closed, as about a dozen people were standing in the corridor outside the door, waiting nervously.

They were all students at the Institute of Physics.

Most of them were postgraduate students. There were also a few Ph.D. and undergraduate students.

Being able to become a lab assistant here was almost equivalent to getting a seat in Shen Zhijin’s new project team.

Who did not want to come?

Everyone greeted Yan Qiu when they saw him.

“Senior Brother Yan Qiu.”

Even though they tried their best to appear calm, their nervousness could still be felt.

Even if they were also third-year students, Yan Qiu’s authority and experience were much higher than others.

Therefore, everyone was very polite and respectful to him.

However, when they saw Ning Li following behind him, their expressions changed slightly.

Yan Qiu returned the greeting and led Ning Li in.

Fu Niannian and Tang Yi were already sitting in the room.

Yan Qiu took a stack of resumes from Fu Niannian.

“Let’s begin.”

Tang Yi went to the door to call for someone.

The first person to enter was a first-year male student.

When he entered, he saw Yan Qiu and the other three sitting with him.

“Before the interview, I have a question.”

He spoke bluntly.

“I have no objections to Senior Brother Yan Qiu and the other two sitting here. But… why is she here?”

As soon as he finished speaking, his hand was pointed straight at Ning Li!

At this moment, the door was not closed, and the people outside also heard this question.

They also came to the door and looked at Ning Li together.

The male student said, “I heard that Dean Shen personally selected Ning Li. I have always admired Dean Shen, which is why I’m here today.. But if Dean Shen is so unprincipled in making his choice of candidate, then perhaps it’s better not to join this research group.”