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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 541 - Have You Finished Reading?

Chapter 541: Have You Finished Reading?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

There was a moment of silence in the room.

Fu Niannian and Tang Yi looked at Ning Li in disbelief, her words echoing in their ears.

… She was here for the group meeting?!

Senior Brother?!

Yan Qiu, on the other hand, had the fastest reaction and responded with a smile.

“Hello, Junior Sister. Today is our first group meeting. You don’t have to be nervous, just sit wherever you like.”

Fu Niannian and Tang Yi immediately looked at Yan Qiu at the same time. Did he f*cking know about this already?!

Yan Qiu coughed.

“I forgot to tell you that the person that the boss had selected is Junior Sister Ning Li.”

As he spoke, he finally introduced the two of them.

“Junior Sister, this is Fu Niannian, who is a second-year doctorate student. This is Tang Yi, a first-year doctorate.”

Ning Li looked over.

Fu Niannian hurriedly said, “Hello, Junior Sister!”

Tang Yi immediately followed. “I warmly welcome you, Junior Sister!”

He was a little excited.

“Does this mean that I’m not the youngest in our group?”

Fu Niannian glanced at him.

“Junior sister is in the same group as you while still being a freshman. Should you be happy or should you reflect on yourself?”

Tang Yi, “…”

He was only 23 this year. To be able to get to first-year as a doctoral candidate at this age was already very outstanding.

Not to mention, his mentor was Shen Zhijin.

However, there would always be someone better than him. With the arrival of Ning Li, she had crushed him in an instant.

Ning Li greeted the two of them separately.

It could be seen that all these people were smart and got along well.

That was true. Those who were chosen by Shen Zhijin were naturally not ordinary people.

Ning Li pulled out a chair and sat down.

Yan Qiu asked casually, “Junior Sister, have you finished the research report that I asked you to do?”

Ning Li nodded.

Yan Qiu heaved a sigh of relief and smiled.

“That’s good. The research hasn’t officially started yet. Today is just a small meeting, so you can just relax.”

The role of leader rested on him, followed by Fu Niannian.

And then, there was Tang Yi.

Ning Li was the youngest, and she was only a freshman. In his eyes, she was almost like a child.

“Actually, the boss is quite nice. As long as you are serious and efficient, everything will basically be okay.”

Yan Qiu said.

Hearing this, Fu Nian and Tang Yi looked at him with a complicated expression.

Little Junior Sister has only just arrived. Was it really okay for you to lie like this?

It was easy to say, but only they knew how tired like a dog they were to chase after paper every day.

Yan Qiu winked at the two of them.

This was only the first day for Junior Sister. Of course, he had to be a little encouraging! What if he scared her away?

While fiddling with the projector, Yan Qiu tactfully said, “Oh right, Junior Sister, you’ve only just ended your summer vacation. You might not be used to the progress and arrangements of the laboratory. But it’s okay, you’ll be able to get used to it after some time.”

Fu Niannian and Yan Qiu were watching Yan Qiu’s conversation with a blank expression.


How could a research dog live a human life?

It was really pitiful for this Junior Sister. She was so young, yet she was about to embark on the same miserable path as them.

Ning Li nodded.

“Thank you, Senior Brother Yan Qiu.”

This Junior Sister looked cold and aloof, but she seemed to be quite easy to get along with.


How in the world had she gotten selected?

Fu Niannian turned on his computer and took out his phone at the same time. He tagged Yan Qiu in the WeChat group chat.

[ Eldest Senior Brother, why did the boss start recruiting freshmen? ]

Previously, they had all thought that the last spot would definitely be for a doctorate student, or at the very least, a graduate student.

Who would have guessed that it would be a freshman?

Logically speaking, she should not even qualify for the position of lab assistant!

This group chat had only just been formed, and Yan Qiu and the other two were all in it.

Seeing Fu Niannian ask this question, Tang Yi also followed up with a question mark.

[ Same question. ]

Yan Qiu glanced at the message and sent a photo over with a calm expression.

It was of Ning Li’s registration form that he had taken previously.

Fu Niannian clicked on the picture to make it bigger and saw the column on the resume. His eyes instantly widened, and he could not help but shout, “F*ck!”

Yan Qiu rolled his eyes.

Tang Yi took a deep breath as well.

[ ???!! ]

Ning Li noticed the commotion and raised her eyes slightly to look at the three of them.

Fu Niannian realized that he had lost his composure and quickly coughed.

“Sorry, sorry, Junior Sister, we have a WeChat group. I just realized that Eldest Senior Brother hasn’t added you yet.”

Yan Qiu, “…”

The feeling of being sold out was always so refreshing.

“I’ve been too busy these past two days. I forgot for a moment. Junior Sister, let me add you. You can click on it to agree.”

As he spoke, he sent out two group invitations.

One was to the “Institute of Physics 601”, and the other was…

“Eat, drink, and play Summit Forum Seminar.”

Ning Li, “…”

The first one was a large group, which included Shen Zhijin, three senior brothers, and two other people.

Ning Li guessed that those two other people were probably from Fino Laboratory.

The second one was a smaller group, which included just the few of them.

She nodded in agreement.

Just then, the sound of footsteps came from outside.

The playful expressions on Yan Qiu and the other two’s faces became somewhat restrained.

Ning Li turned around and saw that Shen Zhijin had just entered the room.

“Teacher Shen.”

Yan Qiu and the others greeted him respectfully.

Ning Li greeted him as well.

“Teacher Shen.”

Shen Zhijin nodded. His gaze swept across Ning Li’s face as he sat down at one end of the long table.

“Ning Li, let’s start with you.”

His calm voice sounded.

The room fell silent for a moment.

Yan Qiu and the others all looked at Ning Li sympathetically.

The boss had always been like this in this aspect. He did not care whether you were new or not. The first requirement was always efficiency.

They had thought that with the few of them leading the way, the junior sister could still learn from them first, but now…

However, compared to the few of them, Ning Li seemed to be the most relaxed.

She nodded slightly.


Then, she turned on the computer.

A few rows of words appeared on the projection screen.

Yan Qiu unintentionally glanced at it and was immediately shocked.

Because… it was actually Ning Li’s document report catalog!

His gaze quickly swept over it, and his eyelids twitched.

“Junior Sister, how many documents did you… read to write this?”

Why were there so many?

Ning Li said, “Didn’t Senior Brother give me a book list previously? I did a simple merge classification, including research related to the mechanism of pulsar radiation, etc. It’s roughly in five general directions.”

Yanqiu, “…”

He opened his mouth with difficulty.

“That’s… That’s your workload for this month…”

He had thought that even though Ning Li was outstanding, she had only just arrived, so she definitely would not be able to keep up with the progress. Thus, he had carefully prepared a book list for her, in hopes that she would have time to slowly get used to it.

Who knew… that she had actually finished reading it all?!

Fu Niannian and Tang Yi were also in shock.

She had read so many documents, and not only that, she had even… made a simple merger and classification?

Even if they had come, they might not have been able to read it so quickly!

Shen Zhijin had originally been flipping through the form in his hand when he heard the sound and looked up.

His gaze swept across Ning Li’s first powerpoint.

“You’ve finished reading it all?”

Ning Li said honestly, “I’ve read some of them before.”

Yan Qiu and the others, “…”

In the past?

Wasn’t she only a freshman?!

Although her resume was very impressive, she could not possibly be so–

Shen Zhijin nodded.

“Skip the previous ones and focus on the direction of gravitational waves. Give me a brief explanation.”

Ning Li followed his advice


She seemed to have been prepared for this. She quickly jumped to the relevant page and gave her explanation.

Shen Zhijin looked calm, but there was a rare look of appreciation in his eyes.