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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 55 - Sh*t

Chapter 55: Sh*t

“Hmph! How pretentious!” Cheng Xiangxiang jeered.

Lin Zhouyang scratched his head awkwardly. “Someone failing the test is not the most significant news. The biggest news is that someone scored full marks on the test!”

The moment the words escaped Lin Zhouyang’s mouth, the entire class groaned bitterly.

“Holy sh*t?! Someone got full marks on the test? It was crazy hard! What kind of mad person could’ve gotten a perfect score?”

“I was thinking about praying to God if I get 120 marks, and now someone got full marks?”

“Hey, Linny, who got the perfect score?”

“The teachers didn’t mention a name, but it’s definitely someone from our class. I think it’s either Qianzi or Brother Pei.”

Pei Song came over when the others were talking about him.

Someone asked, “Hey, monitor, are you the one who got full marks in Mathematics?”

Pei Song shook his head and barely reacted to the claims. “Not me.”

“Then, it must be Qianzi.”

Lin Zhouyang winked at Ren Qian who had just come in with a stack of papers.

“Hey, Qianzi, way to go! You’ve surpassed Brother Pei!”

Ren Qian put the stack of papers on the rostrum before looking at Lin Zhouyang and saying with a sincere tone, “I really can’t handle your winking. I think you’d better find the one who actually got full marks.”

Lin Zhouyang almost fell off his chair. “It’s not you?”

If it was not Pei Song or Ren Qian, who else could it be?

The two of them had always gotten the highest scores in Mathematics in all of the third year.

“Come here and take your paper.” Ren Qian waved the paper in his hand.

Lin Zhouyang went over nervously. When he saw the score on his paper, he instantly felt an intense heartache. “139? Tsk! I missed it this time!”

Ren Qian tossed the paper into his face. “There are only five people who scored 140 in Mathematics in all of the third year. Who are you whining to?”

As he pulled the paper off his face, Lin Zhouyang smiled delightedly. “Hehe, I know. I’m just playing along to show my positive side that strives for improvement!”

Ren Qian nodded. “Yup. It means you might not even get 70 marks in your English paper, so you have to work hard.”

Lin Zhouyang felt like a bolt of lightning had struck him.

A few more guys got closer to him.

“He did it on purpose! Get him!”

Lin Zhouyang was drowned instantly by the guys, so only his hand was left flailing outside. “Qianzi! Save me! Brother Pei, help!”

Alas, the two of them turned a deaf ear to him.

Ren Qian continued giving out the papers.

Some were happy with their scores while some were not.

Cheng Xiangxiang went to Ye Ci and looked at her paper with jealousy. “135? Lil Ci, you did well this time!”

Ye Ci shook her head. “I can’t even get to the top 10 in this subject with this score.”

“Uh…You’ve been busy with the Huatsing Cup before this, so for you to get this is actually not bad! I don’t think I can even score this high.”

Chen Xiangxiang then looked at the rostrum. “Why hasn’t he given out my paper?”

After Ren Qian finished giving back the test papers, he returned to his seat with his own and Pei Song’s papers.

Ren Qian compared his paper to Pei Song’s and sighed.

Pei Song had scored 148 while he got 147.

“Brother Pei, if you keep doing this well, I will feel embarrassed to tell others that I’m participating in the competitive Mathematics competition.”

Other than Pei Song, there was also someone who had scored full marks.

Cheng Xiangxiang looked around and noticed everyone had gotten their papers except for her. She lost her patience and asked him, “Ren Qian, why didn’t I get my paper?”

Ren Qian looked at her. “Your paper is with Ms. Tan.”

Cheng Xiangxiang felt that it was odd. “What? Why didn’t you take it back for me?”

He shrugged. “Ms. Tan wanted to keep it, so I didn’t take it.”

A bad feeling rose in her heart. Tan Kailan would never keep a student’s paper without a reason. Everyone else had gotten their papers except for her.

More importantly, the one who had failed had yet to appear.

Could it be…

Cheng Xiangxiang bit her lip. She knew she had done poorly in the test, but she should not be in the last place.

“Ning Li, how much did you get?” She suddenly turned around to Ning Li.

Ning Li did not even look at her when he said, “I didn’t get my paper, so I don’t know.”

“You didn’t—” Cheng Xiangxiang then realized Ning Li also did not have her paper.

Why not?

It was then that Tan Kailan came in with her heels clicking against the floor. She looked a little more serious than usual.

Everyone went back to their own seats and the classroom became quiet.

“Has everyone gotten your papers? You know how much you’ve scored in the test.” Tan Kailan looked around. “Did everyone forget what I taught you? What is with the ridiculous scores?”


She slammed the papers in her hand on the table.

“Does anyone have any idea how much lower the average score is compared to the last time?!”

Even though the test was a lot harder than before and there were only 5 students in the first class who scored more than 140, Tan Kailan had always been strict with the results.

Moreover, the first class was the culmination of the best students in the school, so the poor results really made her mad.

“Someone even failed in this class! Cheng Xiangxiang! Tell me, how did you fail your paper?!”

For a moment there, everyone gaped at Cheng Xiangxiang. She was the only one who had failed the paper.

Cheng Xiangxiang felt chills go down her back. Her cheeks blushed as if she was slapped. As endless embarrassment gushed to her head, she wished that there was a hole that she could bury her head in.

“Not only have you been slacking, but you even dragged the average score down! This is all your shortcoming!” Tan Kailan pointed at the paper fiercely. “I’ve taught you all the questions before. If you were a little bit more useful, you wouldn’t have failed!”

Cheng Xiangxiang lowered her head. Her eyes were teary and she bit her lip hard.

The atmosphere in the classroom felt tense.

The graduating classes under Tan Kailan’s lead had always performed great in exams. Despite being the teacher responsible for excellent results, she was also known for her short temper. If a student made her unhappy, she would scold the student with the ugliest words, and she never held back.

The bell rang, breaking the silence in the classroom.

“Ms. Tan, I still haven’t got my paper.”

Everyone turned around to Ning Li.

She must have lost her mind. Why would she speak in such a sensitive moment? It was like pouring fuel into a burning fire!

Surprisingly, Tan Kailan did not lash out at her for interrupting. She frowned and adjusted her tone before saying, “Mr. Zhang Yuan took your paper.”

Zhang Yuan was a Mathematics teacher responsible for the tenth, eleventh and twelfth classes.

Why would Ning Li’s paper be with him?

A moment of silence later, someone gasped in shock.

“The one who got full marks…is Ning Li?!”

Cheng Xiangxiang turned around in disbelief.

Ye Ci’s hand trembled strongly, and she accidentally ruined her paper with her pen.

Ning Li was not surprised as she slightly curled her lips. “As long as it’s not lost, I’m okay with it. Ms. Tan, please continue the lesson. I’ll excuse myself.”

Then, she turned a blind eye to Tan Kailan’s bitter expression and everyone’s astonishment and walked out from the back door with her bag.

In the twelfth class of the third years, Zhang Yuan raised the paper in front of the class.

“Can you see this? A perfect score! Who said that the paper was difficult? Ning Li just transferred here less than a month ago and got full marks! You guys had better study harder! Try to understand how she answered the questions!”

One of the male students poked Duan Xu with his elbow. He whispered, “Hey, I heard there are only two students who got full marks in the multiple-choice question. One of them is this genius Ning Li, and the other one is you, am I right? Are you stupid? Even if you were to copy, why did you copy everything?!”

Duan Xu hugged his head bitterly. “Stop it! How would I have known that she would get full marks?!”

He could barely concentrate throughout the lesson.

After the class, several guys walked past the corridor.

“Are you serious? There’s also a perfect score in general science?!”

Duan Xu’s head started to buzz.