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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 539 - Big Boss

Chapter 539: Big Boss

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Wu Yuanfan frowned even more. Realizing that Lin Fengmian was still standing beside him, he let out a breath.

However, Lin Fengmian did not seem to care about this, and his expression remained indifferent.

Wu Yuanfan’s head felt like it was about to explode.

With the current situation, even if Lin Fengmian made a post on Weibo, it would probably be useless.

In fact, he had seen Lin Fengmian flipping through books on this subject a few times before, but he had not taken it too seriously.

Who would have thought that someone would secretly take a photo of him and even bring it up now?

There was nothing wrong with being interested in physics, and there was nothing wrong with reading books.

The problem was that it had to be at this juncture.

“Brother Fan, why don’t… we just coldly handle this matter? I’ll contact the other side again to see if we can reduce the heat. It’s just as well that Fengmian has been recording songs for the past few days, and there aren’t any large-scale public events that he needs to attend, which saves him a lot of trouble.”

Wu Yuanfan was very frustrated, but he really had no better idea at the moment. He could only nod and remind Lin Fengmian, “Fengmian, during this period of time, you should keep a low profile and record your songs properly. Also, don’t read too much of this nonsense on the Internet.”

Lin Fengmian nodded slightly.


Lin Fengmian went back, but Wu Yuanfan and the others were still in a meeting, thinking about how to resolve this matter.

The trending topic about Lin Fengmian had been at the top for a long time.

When he clicked on it, the most popular Weibo post was the variety show video and a photo of him reading the “Universe” on the plane.

Some people had even taken a screenshot of the answer board that he had written wrongly on and compared it to that photo, making it seem even more ironic.

“Brother Fan, the popularity hasn’t been dropping. What should we do? If this continues, Fengmian’s popularity will definitely drop even more.”

“That’s right! Plus, there are still trolls leading the way. It’ll be even harder to change the direction of public opinion.”

Wu Yuanfan sat on the chair, without saying a word. He was smoking silently.

The atmosphere in the meeting room was extremely stifling.

Suddenly, a female assistant looked at her phone and cried out in shock.


Her cry had been so sudden that it had shocked everyone present.

“What’s wrong?”

“You scared me.”

Looking shocked, the female assistant pointed at her phone excitedly.

“You! Look at Weibo for yourselves! Yang Jin’s cheating has been filmed!”

As soon as she said that, everyone was stunned and took out their phones to look at Weibo.

[ Non-exclusive Internet news! Young movie star Yang Jin was caught cheating! He spent two days together with a mysterious woman in a hotel! ]

A short video had been released by the paparazzi.

In an underground parking lot, a man could be seen holding a woman as they got out of the black nanny van. The two of them had clasped their fingers together and kissed while wearing masks.

Then, the two of them entered the hotel elevator together.

From the beginning to the end, their gestures were intimate, and the man’s movements were a little light.

Even though he was fully covered up, one could still recognize that it was Yang Jin, judging by his figure and eyes.

Yang Jin was one of the top actors in the industry. He had just won the Best Actor Award last year and had publicly proposed to his girlfriend, singer Kang Wen, at the awards ceremony. It had been a passionate and loving affair.

Only after this relationship had been made public did everyone know that the two were high school classmates. They had been together for ten years and finally come to fruition.

For a time, it had been rumored to be a beautiful story.

Yang Jin had always walked the path of strength. In addition, the fact they had been together for ten years sounded very beautiful. Thus, after the public proposal, most of the fans and casual observers had sent their blessings.

Yang Jin had also become the symbol of true love and good men in the entertainment circle.

But now, less than a year after the two had gotten married, Yang Jin was exposed for having an affair. Of course, it was a shocking scandal.

The woman in the video was obviously not Kang Wen.

According to the time given by the paparazzi, this had been taken a month ago. According to the date, Kang Wen had been attending an event outside of the city at the time.

It was solid proof of adultery.

# Yang Jin’s adultery # quickly became a trending topic. Within a short period of time, the number of searches exceeded ten million, and it immediately “exploded”.

As soon as this news came out, the attention of the public immediately shifted.

After all, compared to Lin Fengmian who had only wrongly written a single word, this was about the ruination of a man who seemed to be in love with his wife but had an affair with another woman. This news was more dramatic and more eye-catching.

The people in the meeting room also followed the gossip.

“I really didn’t expect Yang Jin to do such a thing. I used to think that he was the best man in the world!”

“Sigh, men are all the same. With his status, isn’t it obvious that many young girls would jump at him? It’s normal that he would not be able to resist it.”

“Phew… No matter who he cheated on, at least he has helped us absorb most of the fire.”

The female assistant who had first spotted the news about Yang Jin cheating patted her chest.

“This news is too timely!”

With such a shield in front, who would remember Lin Fengmian’s incident?

Countless onlookers swarmed forward, all rushing toward Yang Jin and Kang Wen’s Weibo accounts.

Many people also began to try to find out the identity of the woman that Yang Jin had cheated with.


# Kang Wen #

# Yang Jin’s mistress #

# how much love did Yang Jin and Kang Wen once have #

A few words climbed to the top searches, one after another.

The marketing number on the front page also hurriedly caught up and was soon bustling with activity.

Lin Fengmian’s ranking in the top searches silently slid down by quite a bit.

Suddenly, someone noticed something.

“Yeah, this… the timing of the release, isn’t It too coincidental?”

Everyone quieted down and looked at each other. Finally, they all looked at Wu Yuanfan.

“Brother Fan, did you do this?”

Wu Yuanfan glanced at the person who asked.

“This is Yang Jin’s own dirt.”

This was not even news that he had, and even if he had it, he might not have released it without reservation.

There was Yang Jin’s reputation to be considered.

“That’s true! But this… wasn’t this shot taken more than a month ago? Why did it have to be today?”

They were all in this line of work. How could they not see the twists and turns in this?

Someone had deliberately released this news to divert attention from Lin Fengmian.

It was obvious that someone was secretly guiding the direction of public opinion.

Lin Fengmian’s matter had been suppressed with the most efficient speed.

The female assistant could not help but raise her hand to carefully ask, “Brother Fan, this…. which big shot helped Fengmian?”