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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 538 - Reading

Chapter 538: Reading

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

When the words “internally determined” had come out, it had immediately stirred up everyone’s sensitive nerves.

Not to mention, this was a person that Shen Zhijin had personally decided on.


“Of course it’s true. When the two teachers in the academy started chatting, they said it themselves that it was already decided.”

“For someone to be able to catch Dean Shen’s eye, that person must be very amazing, right? But I don’t know who it is…”

“That’s why he’s so awesome. Who doesn’t know that Dean Shen has such high standards? This list should be out by next Wednesday. I heard from Senior Yan Qiu that it will happen on the day of the first group meeting.”

“To have the opportunity to follow Dean Shen, I don’t know how many people will be envious of you… In the future, when you go out, bring this resume with you. Tsk.”

“We have no chance now. Work hard for a few more years and then try to get into Dean Shen’s Ph.D. course!”

Everyone sighed for a while. The orientation party was coming to an end.

Ning Li looked up and saw that Shen Zhijin and the others had already left.

Everyone dispersed.

Ning Li looked at her phone again. Lin Fengmian’s name was still on the trending searches.

She held her phone as she stood up to leave.

At Huayi Entertainment.

The sky was already dark, but the meeting room was still brightly lit.

A group of staff had gathered together and were discussing how to solve this problem.

Lin Fengmian’s debut had been explosive. After that, he had successfully released her album and even won an award. His performance in all aspects had always been outstanding.

Although he was young, he was very stable, polite, modest, and had a good reputation in the industry.

This could be considered his first negative news crisis.

After Wu Yuanfan finished his call, he came in with a gloomy face.

“He’s really asking for too much!”

The others looked at each other when they heard him.

“Brother Fan, are they not willing to withdraw the trending search?”

Wu Yuanfan sneered.

“Someone paid a higher price to buy the trending search and internet trolls. They’re determined to mess with us!”

On one hand, Lin Fengmian had his own traffic. Any news that involved him could quickly become a hot topic.

On the other hand, he had finally found a “black spot”. Why would these few rivals let him go now? They must have secretly joined forces.

How could Huayi Entertainment beat them?

No matter what, those people wanted to skin Lin Fengmian alive.

If they could destroy his popularity, the future development of his career would definitely be greatly affected.

“Fengmian is too popular now. It’s inevitable that people will be jealous. Especially after he was officially announced as the brand ambassador of the G&S Men’s ready-to-wear collection a while ago, it made many male artistes in the industry jealous. This time, he didn’t seize the opportunity to…”

The others did not say anything.

Lin Feng Mian’s popularity had been too fast and smooth-sailing. How could he not be envied?

This time, the other party had come prepared, which made it really difficult for them to deal with.

That video had already spread all over the Internet!

“Brother Fan, why don’t we get Fengmian to post a Weibo message admitting his mistake and saying that he will study harder in the future? What do you think?”

A staff member asked tentatively.

Wu Yuanfan frowned.

All the others felt that this was a pretty good suggestion.

“That’s fine! Since the matter has already happened, it’s definitely not possible to deny it. Instead of being scolded passively, why don’t we take the initiative to do something? At least, we can show our good attitude and calm down the public opinion.”

“I think it’s possible too. Why don’t we ask Fengmian to write that poem again? His handwriting is beautiful, maybe it’ll have a good effect.”

There were several people who disagreed with that.

“If that’s the case, this matter will stir up another wave of discussion. Isn’t it better just to leave the matter alone?”

After all, the netizens’ memory would usually only last three days. As long as they ignored it and did not respond, after some time, the waves would naturally calm down.

The person who raised the suggestion shook his head.

“It’s better to admit your mistake honestly than to pretend to be deaf and dumb, right? Besides, someone is adding fuel to the fire of public opinion. It’s obvious that they’re aiming for Fengmian. If we don’t interfere, who knows how things will go in the future?”

These words made Wu Yuanfan make up his mind.

He said, “It’s settled then. I’ll talk to Fengmian.”

By the time Lin Fengmian came out of the recording studio, it was already close to eleven o’clock at night.

Wu Yuanfan, who had been waiting for quite a while, immediately went forward.


He told Lin Fengmian about the solution discussed by the public relations department.

“… That’s about it. You just have to write–”

“I don’t know how to write.”

Lin Fengmian said.

Wu Yuanfan was stunned. “What?”

Lin Fengmian had a baseball cap on his head and he was wearing a mask. Only his light brown eyes, which were as clear as crystal balls, were shining with a cold light.

“I don’t think I wrote it wrong. Why should I admit my mistake?”

Wu Yuanfan fell into a daze for a moment.


He vaguely sensed that this seemed to be some kind of persistence from Lin Fengmian.

He had been with Lin Fengmian for so long, so he more or less understood Lin Fengmian’s temper.

On the surface, he was quiet and reserved, low-key and sensible. He was extremely professional and dedicated.

In fact, he did not pursue fame and fortune much. It could even be said that he did not care about those things.

He was a very stubborn person.

He would not change his decision easily, no matter who said it.

Now that he had said he would not write it, he definitely would not write.

At a time like this, Wu Yuanfan could not do anything to him.


“Brother Fan.”

Someone quickly walked over from behind with an anxious expression.

“Someone posted some news on Weibo again.”

Seeing his expression, Wu Yuanfan knew that something was wrong and his heart sank.

“What’s wrong now?”

That person looked at Lin Fengmian, wanting to say something but was hesitating.

Lin Fengmian’s gaze swept over his phone indifferently.

Wu Yuanfan frowned.

“Just say it.”

“It’s… It’s someone who dug out an airport photo of Fengmian.”

He said hesitantly.

Wu Yuanfan found it more and more strange.

“What’s wrong with an airport photo?”

It was very popular for celebrities to post airport photos now. They were exquisite and fashionable.

If they could post airport photos, they could even bring some goods or attract a wave of fans.

However, Lin Fengmian had never posted a photo like that before.

“Brother Fan, take a look for yourself.”

The person handed over his phone.

Wu Yuanfan took a look.

The photo had obviously been taken secretly. In the cabin, Lin Fengmian was sitting in his seat, wearing a hat and a mask, holding a book in his hand.

The blogger who had posted the photo had enlarged the photo and focused on the name of the book in his hand.

[ Entertainment Ji: Lin Fengmian was actually reading the Universe magazine on the plane?! Hahahahahaha! This top-tier person is really trying hard to prove that they are cultured! ]

The comments below were also full of sarcasm.

[ What a joke! A person who can’t even tell the difference between “fragile” and “green”… I wonder if he even knows the meaning of the word “Universe”. Hahahaha! ]

[ You have a lot of guts! Do you know how hard my brother has worked? He was feverishly trying hard to study! Even passersby were moved to tears when they saw him. ]

[ Hot knowledge: “Universe” is a top academic journal in the world of physics. I didn’t expect that even though Lin Fengmian does not know how to recite Tang poems, his knowledge in Physics, on the other hand, is awesome. ]

[ Considering that he didn’t turn the book upside down means he’s already made great progress. Everyone, don’t be so harsh! ]

All kinds of sarcasm poured in.