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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 537 - Fixed Quota

Chapter 537: Fixed Quota

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

At that time, Lin Fengmian had been poisoned by gas and had been saved through Ning Li breaking the window.

After coming back from the hospital, Lin Fengmian had followed his mother to her house to thank her.

Her grandmother had asked her to play with the little boy for a while.

She did not say anything and went back to her room.

She had thought it was just a small matter. If it had been anyone else, she would have done the same.

At that time, she did not like to play with other children any longer.

Other than fighting, she spent most of her time reading in her room or at the bookstore.

This time was no exception. She did not say a word as she pulled out a stool and sat down, continuing to read her book.

Lin Fengmian timidly stood by the door. He felt her coldness and was somewhat at a loss.

There was not even a second chair in the room, so he just stood there.

He merely watched Ning Li as she read her book.

Outside the door, Lin Fengmian’s mother and Grandma Li’s voices could vaguely be heard, mixed with low sobs.

Ning Li focused intensely on the book and turned a page.

Lin Fengmian glanced at it and realized that he could not read the words in the book.

Students at Lincheng elementary school only started learning English in the third grade.

Lin Fengmian was only in the second grade.

He could not understand it, but he had seen a senior English teacher reading such a book, and it had not even been this thick.

He stood quietly, thinking that this big sister was really amazing.

It was not until Ning Li had finished flipping through the book and picked up the cup next to her to drink water that Lin Fengmian spoke in a low voice.


Ning Li turned her head to look at him.

“My name is Ning Li.”

She did not have an older brother or sister, nor did she have a younger brother or sister.

Of course, she would not accept Lin Fengmian calling her sister.

Actually, Lin Fengmian already knew her name.

After all, they lived in the same area, and there were always rumors among the children.

However, he did not know how to write her name.

“Which… How do you write it?”Lin Fengmian was nervous and awkward.

Ning Li took out a blank homework book, wrote her name on it, and handed it over.

–Ning Li.

“From now on, don’t call me sister,” she said.

Lin Fengmian took small steps forward and wiped his hands on his body. Then, he carefully took the exercise book and nodded obediently.

“Okay, Sister.”

Ning Li looked at him with a frown.

Lin Fengmian did not realize that he was staring at her name bewilderedly.

That word ‘Li’, he still did not know it.

Seeing that he was at a loss, Ning Li took the exercise book back.

She wrote down a line of words.

‘Most good things are not firm and colored clouds are easily dispersed, like fragile glass.’

“Once you learn this poem by heart, you’ll be able to write it.”

Of course, Lin Fengmian had never learned this poem before. He looked at her with his eyes wide open, his expression blank and innocent.

After a moment of confrontation, Ning Li explained impatiently: “It means that most things in the world are not firm. The clouds will scatter, and the colored glass will shatter.”

Lin Fengmian was stunned. He reacted for a long time before she looked at the line of words again and muttered.

“Sister, then… is this word ‘fragile’ not very good?”

Fragile, fragile.

Later on, whenever Lin Fengmian wrote this line, he always changed the word “fragile” to “green.”.

Ning Li had mentioned it to him once, but he was very stubborn and refused to change it.

Even if it was just a line that had practically nothing to do with her, because it contained her name, he did not want to implicate any kind of bad connotations to it.

He hoped that the glass would always be green and bright.


The related words to Lin Fengmian continued to rise and had already reached the fifth most searched topics.

As for the video of the variety show where he had miswritten that word, it had already become a popular Weibo post.

There were some who ridiculed him, and some who taunted him.

The comments were filled with words like “illiterate,” “uneducated,” and “nine leaked fish.”.

Many people also laughed at him and advised Lin Fengmian to go back to elementary school and middle school again.

Lin Fengmian’s fans were all in a frenzy.

[ Have you ever seen an illiterate person who can write his own works? The Newcomer Award, Golden Melody Award! These are all real results! ]

[ Don’t jump up and down in the comments. Even if I gave you a five-line score, you probably wouldn’t be able to tell if it was four or five lines, right? ]

[ Who wouldn’t want to study hard if they had the conditions? At the age of 15, Lin Fengmian went abroad alone to be a trainee and lived in the basement for nearly two years! Every day, apart from eating and sleeping, he would practice over and over again! Do you have the perseverance to do this? Ask yourself, if it were you, would you be able to endure until now? ]

However, these words did not have much effect because this was a premeditated smear.

Ning Li sent a message to Lin Fengmian.

[ Why did you write it wrong again? ]

For such a sentence, it was really not worth the trouble.

Those words were really too unpleasant to hear.

Lin Fengmian replied very quickly, but he asked about another matter.

[ Sister, have you watched the program? ]

Ning Li rubbed the space between her eyebrows.

After a while, Lin Fengmian continued, “It doesn’t matter. Sister, please don’t take it to heart.”

Ning Li knew him well.

He really did not care about the insults and humiliations.

Or perhaps, growing up in such a primitive family environment, he had long learned to shield himself from the malicious voices in the outside world.

Whether it was real or fake, he did not care.

At least on the surface, he had always looked at it calmly.

She was a little sterner.

“Make sure there is no next time.”

Lin Fengmian obediently agreed.

“Okay, Sister.”

Ning Li frowned.

Suddenly, a round of warm applause sounded in the lecture hall.

Ning Li looked up.

Shen Zhijin had officially announced that the Institute and the Fino Laboratory’s Capital branch would jointly set up a research team.

The team, led by Shen Zhijin, would recruit a total of six people.

Two of them were researchers from the Fino Laboratory branch and had already been decided.

The remaining four spots were reserved for the Institute of Physics.

Although it was said to be four, Yan Qiu was the Ph.D. student that Shen Zhijin had recruited two years ago, so he definitely had a spot.

This was equivalent to all the students in the institute having to fight for these three spots.

It was not unimaginable that the competition would be intense.

Xue Langlang lowered her voice and said, “There are not that many places.”

“It’s said to be four, but Senior Yan Qiu is Dean Shen’s assistant, so one place is definitely him. In addition, I heard that Dean Shen has recruited a new Ph.D. student this year, called Tang Yi. You know, Dean Shen didn’t even recruit a single person last year! This Tang Yi is also very powerful so he must be one of them.”

“With this, there are only two spots left.”

When the male student in front heard her words, he turned around and looked over.

“Really? But there are still so many Ph.D. students ahead of us! How are we going to compete for them?”

Xue Langlang clenched her small fists.

“It’s fine. There are still two spots for lab assistants!”

The surrounding people burst into laughter.

“I heard yesterday that there is a senior who is a Ph.D. student and is fighting for the position of lab assistant! Do you really think it’s really that easy?”

“Sigh, just think about it! Actually, other than Dean Shen, the research team led by Mr. Sun and Mr. Zhou are also pretty good!”

Xue Langlang was a little discouraged.

Actually, everyone understood this logic, but it was a pity.

The other boy suddenly said, “It’s not two positions! I heard that there is another position that has already been decided, and it was Dean Shen who personally made the decision!”