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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 536 - Colored Clouds Are Easily Dispersed, Like Fragile Glass

Chapter 536: Colored Clouds Are Easily Dispersed, Like Fragile Glass

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Attached to the post was a one-minute video that had been taken from the most popular variety show of the moment, “Happy Magical Night.”.

On the stage, four stars sat facing the camera, each holding an answer board in their hands.

All of them were young artistes. They included two male idols, one of which was Lin Fengmian, one male actor, and one female singer.

Lin Fengmian sat closest to the camera.

After all, he was the most popular one on the scene.

His slightly messy hair was dyed blue, his skin was extremely fair, and his facial features were three-dimensional and exquisite.

When the camera was close-up, the diamond earring on the cross on his left ear gently swayed, shining brilliantly.

There was a tear mole at the corner of his eye, which complemented the pure face of the youth, and exuded a slight seductive charm.

Even though he was just sitting there quietly, he was still shining brightly. He was a natural superstar.

The two hosts, one male and one female, stood opposite each other.

The male host smiled and said, “The last question will be the ancient poetry contest. I will read out the first part of the sentence and whoever writes the next part of the sentence correctly will get another five points!”

The female host’s gaze fell on Lin Fengmian with sparkling eyes.

“Currently, Fengmian is in the lead. As long as you answer correctly, you’ll win!”

Even if they were performing on the same stage, there was a difference in the way an artiste was treated, depending on whether they were popular or not.

The two hosts obviously gave more cues to Lin Fengmian, and most of the games and topics revolved around him.

The female singer sitting next to him looked at the score in front of Lin Fengmian and sighed with envy.

“I don’t think I can win.”

Another male idol smiled and echoed, “Fengmian has answered all the questions correctly. He is so smart. He will definitely be in first place.”

The last male actor did not say anything. The expression on his face remained calm, as if he was listening to the host attentively.

The male host slowly read the question out.

“Everyone, please listen carefully. This is a Tang poem. The first sentence is: ‘Most good things are not reliable– Please write down the next sentence!”

Upon hearing this, the artistes quickly reacted and lowered their heads to write.

The female singer was delighted at first, but then she seemed to be unable to remember it no matter how hard she tried. She began to look a little anxious.

Only Lin Fengmian seemed to be momentarily stunned. There seemed to be a faint glow of light in his light brown eyes.

He did not move.

The male host was already counting down the time.

The female singer next to him cried out in surprise:

“Ah! I remember now!”

As she spoke, she immediately started writing on the answer board.

The female host noticed that Lin Fengmian had not moved and gave him a reminder.

“Fengmian? The time is almost up.”

Lin Fengmian came back to his senses. He lowered his eyebrows and narrowed his eyes. He picked up a pen and wrote a line of words.

“Five, four, three, two, one! Time is up! Please reveal your answer board!”

With the male host’s order, the small group of artistes stopped writing and raised the answer boards one by one.

“Okay, now let’s announce the correct answer– Colorful clouds are easily dispersed, like fragile glass!”

The female host said in surprise, “Wow, everyone answered this question correctly! So–”

“Wait!” The male host took a step forward.

The camera zoomed in and swept over the answers of the artistes.

The other three had written “Colorful clouds are easily dispersed, like fragile glass”, but only Lin Fengmian…

He had written: Colorful clouds are easily dispersed, like green glass.

The male host looked at Lin Fengmian in surprise. “One of Fengmian’s words is wrong. What a pity!”

He explained with a smile, “The correct word should be ‘fragile’!”

Lin Fengmian had been in the lead so far, and the last question was very simple. Everyone had thought that he would definitely win.

Who could have guessed that such a small mistake would occur, and he would miss out on achieving first place.

The audience could hear the regretful sighs of the fans.

Lin Fengmian, however, did not seem to care much. He looked at his answer board again. His long eyelashes covered the expression in his eyes, and only the corner of his lips could be seen to be slightly pursed.

The video ended.

The blogger was still mocking him a lot in the comments section.

[ Please! You learned this poem in elementary school, right? The colorful clouds are easily dispersed… Of course, the corresponding line would be ‘like fragile glass’! I really don’t know what Lin Fengmian was thinking, to be able to write a poem like this?! ]

There were many people who followed up with their replies.

[ Hahaha! Blogger, don’t be so calculative with an illiterate who hasn’t completed nine years of compulsory education, right? He’s been working really hard abroad. How would he have the time to learn this kind of thing? ]

[ I really can’t stop laughing. Earlier, when I saw how smoothly he answered the other questions, I thought that this person had some knowledge, but in the end, the tables really turned on him unexpectedly! Hahahaha! Green glass?! Hahahaha! ]

[ His fans say that he worked abroad several years ago, but he’s only 18 this year. That means he really didn’t go to school, right? ]

[ The threshold of the entertainment industry is getting lower and lower. Can anyone become a star? After making so much money, can you just buy a few more books to read? ]

Ning Li scrolled through the comments for a while. Most of the hot comments were trampling on Lin Fengmian, and the criticism was very unpleasant.

It seemed quite clear that someone had purposely bought a troll army for this Weibo post, and the haters were jumping around in it.

However, the word that Lin Fengmian had written really had been incorrect, so many passers-by also jumped on the bandwagon.

After scrolling down for a long time, they finally saw Lin Fengmian’s fans retorting.

[ The child made a mistake in writing one word. Is there a need to be so uptight? Could it be that the gods in the comments can guarantee that they will never make any mistakes for the rest of their lives? ]

Unfortunately, these refutations were quickly drowned out.

After all, compared to the fans, the number of passersby was the largest.

Everyone could see clearly that he had written the wrong word. There was no way to refute it.

This variety show had been broadcast at eight o’clock tonight.

It had only just been released and it was not even nine o’clock. Yet, someone had specially cut out this segment and posted it on the Internet.

At the same time, all the haters and spammers started a dispute. Their actions were swift.

Not long after, this Weibo post had already exceeded 10,000 reposts.

Ning Li clicked on the trending search, and sure enough, she saw Lin Fengmian’s name. She had already uploaded it.

# Lin Fengmian’s colorful clouds are easily dispersed, like green glass. #

# Lin Fengmian is illiterate. #

The search volume quickly increased.

That Weibo post had already left the circle, firmly occupying the top position of the topic square. Anyone who clicked on it would be the first to see it.

There were even some haters who had started a topic —

# raising funds to buy Lin Fengmian “Three Hundred Poems of the Tang Dynasty”#

Lin Fengmian had debuted half a year ago, and he had quickly climbed to the top of the entertainment industry. While he had attracted countless fans, he had also attracted countless jealousy and hatred.

The share of the pie for the male stars to be idolized in the entertainment industry was only so big. If he took too much, he would naturally leave less for others.

There had long been opponents who did not like him and were secretly waiting for an opportunity to teach him a lesson.

However, Lin Fengmian was indeed talented. His achievements along the way were extremely eye-catching, even though he remained modest and low-key. Almost everyone who had worked with him had praised him for being polite and sensible.

Thus, he had never given anyone a chance to attack him.

Until now…

He had exposed his own shortcomings and made such a mistake. Who would let it go?

Of course, there were people who would seize the opportunity to criticize him to death.

He Xiaochen was obviously very angry at these remarks.

[ Didn’t he just write one word wrong? Brother’s answers to the previous questions were all very good! He only made a mistake in the end. These people’s criticisms are too terrible! ]

Ning Li’s expression was calm.

That had not been a mistake.