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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 535 - Black

Chapter 535: Black

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lu Huaiyu was not worried about this problem.

Shen Zhijin was a young genius with an extraordinary IQ. He paid attention to efficiency and precision in everything he did.

As long as his requirements were met, everything else was not a problem.

This was precisely the easiest thing for Ning Li to do.

Ning Li nodded. She could roughly guess what Lu Huaiyu meant.

Lu Huaiyu kissed her between the eyebrows.

The next morning, Ning Li returned to school.

As soon as she entered the school gate, she saw that all kinds of clubs were recruiting new students.

Anime, literature, roller skating…

This was quite attractive to many new students.

There were even queues in front of some of the popular clubs.

Ning Li was not interested in these things and walked past them.

However, when those people saw her, their eyes lit up.

Ning Li was the new campus belle.

If they could get such a person to join them, would they still need to be worried about recruiting people?

Just looking at her was enough to be pleasing to the eye!

“Junior Sister Ning Li! Are you interested in learning more about the dance club?”

“Junior Sister, we’re the Go Club–”

“We’re in photography, Junior Sister Ning Li. This is the photo brochure we took. You can take a look at it!”

Many people surrounded her enthusiastically, holding all kinds of flyers in their hands.

Ning Li politely rejected all of them.

Firstly, it was because she had a cold temperament. Secondly, everyone now knew that she was Lu Huaiyu’s girlfriend. Seeing that she had rejected them, they did not dare to force her.

Ning Li walked through the noisy crowd.

As soon as she returned to the dormitory, she saw a pile of promotional flyers on Xue Langlang’s desk. She was sorting through them with a conflicted look on her face.

Seeing that Ning Li had returned, she hurriedly said, “Ning Li, please help me make a choice. Which one should I choose? I think roller skating and calligraphy are pretty good, but there is a time conflict.”

Ding Yu and Yao Mingjia were not in the dormitory.

Ning Li said, “These two should be pretty good. You should choose the one that won’t clash with the times of the classes that you choose.”


Xue Langlang was shocked,

“I forgot about this!”

The first year’s class selection system was about to be opened. In addition to some compulsory courses, they could also choose freely, such as Chinese painting, jade appreciation, and so on.

Xue Langlang checked the class schedule and became happy again.

“It’s good, it’s good! We don’t have that many compulsory courses in the first semester.”

This way, they could have enough time to do other things.

“Ah, I’ll choose calligraphy on Friday morning then.”

Xue Langlang pondered while looking at Ning Li.

“Ning Li, what club did you choose?”

“I didn’t choose one.”

“Then… What about the student union?”


Xue Langlang looked surprised.

“Then, what do you usually do when you have free time?”

Ning Li did a mental calculation. She probably… would not be very free.

“I’m not very interested in those things,” she said.

Xue Langlang understood.

That was true. After knowing her for a while, she also felt that Ning Li was a person who preferred peace and quiet.

She rejected all kinds of unnecessary social interactions.

This was also quite good.

“Oh right, our institute is having a welcoming party tonight. I heard that Dean Shen will be coming too!”

Speaking of this, Xue Langlang was in high spirits,

“The news of the research team should be officially announced by then!”

The academy’s welcoming party this year was held in the reporting hall of the cone-shaped building inside the academy.

It was said to be a welcoming party, but before the time was up, there were already three levels of people surrounding the building.

Most of them were students from the institute itself, while a small number were from other departments.

Other than the first-year students, there were also students from the second to fourth year.

Xue Langlang listened attentively. When she realized that many of the graduate students had come over, she could not help but sigh.

“They’re all here for Dean Shen!”

Shen Zhijin did not spend much time in the country every year. In addition, his rank was too high. Basically, if ordinary students wanted to see him, the only opportunities they would have would be at large-scale conferences, academic reports, or lectures.

In addition, this year, it had been rumored that the Institute of Physics and Fino Laboratory would jointly set up a research team. Naturally, everyone was looking forward to it.

Fortunately, the lecture hall had basically been reserved for freshmen, so Ning Li and Xue Langlang were able to enter without any fuss.

Of course, there were also many people looking at Ning Li.

Compared to before, the gazes that looked over today had clearly changed.

Ning Li turned a blind eye to them and entered the lecture hall. She took a seat in the last row.

Xue Langlang was with her.

Actually, Xue Langlang had really wanted to sit in the first row, but it was already occupied.

Shen Zhijin was coming. Even if these students did not manage to get a seat, they still wanted to come in. Those who managed to get a seat were indeed fortunate.

The leader had not arrived yet, so the atmosphere in the hall was very lively.

The door to the side room was half-open, and several people came in and out.

Those were the person in charge of the orientation program tonight.

After Ning Li sat down, she lowered her head and played with her phone.

Not long after, someone walked in, and the hall quickly became quiet.

Ning Li looked up and spotted Shen Zhijin and a few people who looked like leaders walking in together.

There was a faint stifling restlessness in the crowd.

The group took their seats and the orientation party officially began.

This party had obviously been meticulously planned.

In addition to the fact that the institute was rich and well-run, the show that was presented was naturally even more exciting.

Yao Mingjia’s solo dance was the penultimate show, and even won a lot of applause.

Ning Li, the most beautiful girl in the institute already had a boyfriend. Moreover, the guy was Lu Huaiyu. Who else would have the chance?

Everyone knew what was good for them, so they shifted their attention to Yao Mingjia.

Ning Li’s phone lit up.

She looked down and frowned.

It was a message from He Xiaochen.

[ Ning Li! These people are too much! They’re really going after my younger brother! I’m so angry! ]

Ning Li saw that a Weibo link was below the message, so she clicked on it.

[ Entertainment Ji: Is Lin Fengmian serious? Anyone who has graduated from elementary school would not have made such a mistake, right? I’m really laughing my head off! The ‘nine-leaked fish1‘ in the entertainment industry really lives up to its reputation! ]