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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 533 - Official Business

Chapter 533: Official Business

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The room finally quieted down.

Yao Mingjia forced a smile and lowered her head to look at the menu.

Xue Langlang and Ding Yu placed their orders respectively. Yao Mingjia did not seem to have a good appetite. In the end, she only ordered a small portion of sashimi and a tuna salad.

Lu Huaiyu casually chatted about some other things.

He restrained his aura slightly, so the atmosphere became much gentler.

Xue Langlang was very interested in the Fino Laboratory, so she asked a few more questions about it.

Ding Yu seemed to be quite interested in this part as well, and she listened very intently.

Lu Huaiyu smiled lightly.

“I was only been there for a year and the part that I was in charge of was more inclined towards measurement and data processing. There aren’t many things that really involve theoretical content. If you have the chance, you should ask Teacher Shen for advice.”

The Teacher Shen he was talking about was, of course, the current head of the Fino Laboratory, the honorary dean of the Institute of Physics– Shen Zhijin.

Ning Li glanced at him.

When Lu Huaiyu mentioned Shen Zhijin, the tone of his voice carried some familiarity.

That was not surprising. After all, he had stayed in Bai City that year.

By all calculations, Shen Zhijin had been there at the same time.

Surely it was normal for them to know each other.

Xue Langlang nodded seriously and sighed.

“But Dean Shen is usually very busy. It’s not easy for us to get in touch with him.”

Lu Huaiyu thought for a moment and suddenly turned to look at Ning Li.

“I heard that Teacher Shen is preparing a new research group at the Xijing Institute of Physics recently. Is it a collaboration with the Fino Laboratory?”

Ning Li knew what he meant by asking this. She lowered her chin slightly.


The corners of Lu Huaiyu’s lips curled up slightly.

Xu Yin had already retired from Xijing University, but he still had connections there.

Ning Li could partly be considered as his student. Of course, he hoped that she would be able to develop even more.

Also, Shen Zhijin was an absolute peak figure in the astrophysics field in the country.

Now, the best opportunity was right in front of her.

Even without asking, he knew that Xu Yin would definitely help Ning Li establish this connection.

Besides, Ning Li had already published her thesis in Universe magazine, so she was definitely worthy of Shen Zhijin’s attention.

He cracked open a crab pincer and placed the snow-white crab meat on Ning Li’s plate. It had been a completely natural action.

“It’s a rare opportunity. It’s certainly best if you can fight for it.”

The meal lasted for an hour.

By the time it ended, it was already completely dark outside.

Lu Huaiyu said, “Uncle Fang will send you back.”

He said this to Xue Langlang.

Ning Li looked up at him.

Xue Langlang also realized something.

“Ning Li, aren’t you coming with us?”

Before Ning Li could say anything, the corner of Lu Huaiyu’s lips lifted in a smile.

“It’s been a while since school started, so it’s time to return her to me for a while.”

Xue Langlang suddenly felt embarrassed. She coughed lightly and quickly said, “Of course, of course! Then, Ning Li, we’ll go back first!”

After saying that, she pulled Ding Yu into the car.

Yao Mingjia pursed her lips as if she wanted to say something, but in the end, she only whispered “Goodbye” and hurriedly followed the others into the car.

The Black Panamera then slowly drove away.

Ning Li said, “I didn’t bring anything out with me today.”

Lu Huaiyu raised his eyebrows.

“What else do you need to bring to Rongyue Mansion?”

Ning Li, “…”

As expected, the debt for not coming home last night had not been settled yet…

She should have known that this man was very calculating. Of course, he would not let the issue go so easily.

He was determined to bring her home today, no matter what.

However, since she had just finished her military training, Ning Li felt much more relaxed.

Moreover, she did miss him a little.

She held his hand and raised her small face slightly.

“Then… Do you want to go shopping?”

Lu Huaiyu looked at his watch.

“It might be a little too late.”

Ning Li was stunned.

“Second Brother, do you have other plans then?”

Lu Huaiyu rubbed his fingertips against the inside of her delicate wrist a few times and laughed lazily.

“Yes, I still have some very important matters to take care of.”

Ning Li was not very interested in shopping anyway, so when she heard what he said, she nodded.

“Then let’s go back. We won’t delay Second Brother’s business.”

Half an hour later, Fang Qingyun sent Xue Langlang and the others back to school.

The three of them returned to the dormitory.

As soon as the door closed, Xue Langlang finally let out a long breath. The excitement and thrill that she had suppressed for a long time finally appeared.

“Oh my god… Senior Lu is so, so, so gentle with Ning Li!”

It was not just her, but most people’s impression of Lu Huaiyu was that he had a cold and noble temperament. He seemed to be someone who was hard to reach.

That whole afternoon, they had all been nervous.

After all, it was Lu Huaiyu.

It was not until they had dinner together that they truly felt that he was very different from what they had expected.

It went without saying who the difference was directed towards.

“Ding Yu! Did you realize that Senior Lu peeled all the shrimp and crabs for Ning Li from the beginning to the end? Even that small portion of fugu sashimi had been specially rolled up by Senior Lu and presented to her!”

Ding Yu turned on her computer and paused for a moment when she heard the sound. She thought about it carefully and nodded.

“That king crab and the arctic shrimp were quite delicious.”

Xue Langlang, “…”

She looked at Ding Yu in disbelief. After a while, she finally could not help but say,

“Wasn’t that volcanic beef sushi the best?”

Ding Yu’s fingers tapped on the keyboard twice.

“The expensive ones should all be delicious.”

Xue Langlang thought of the price numbers that had been attached to the dishes on the menu and nodded solemnly.

“What you said makes sense!”

The two of them chatted casually. Whether it was intentional or not, neither of them paid much attention to Yao Mingjia.

Of course, Yao Mingjia also noticed the subtle atmosphere. She silently took off her makeup and washed up. Then, she went straight to bed and put on her headphones to play games.

Rongyue Mansion.

When the two of them came to the top floor, Lu Huaiyu pushed the door open.

Ning Li was the first to enter. She raised her hand to turn on the lights.

However, before she could move, an arm tightened around her waist and she felt a firm, hot chest pressed against her back.


The door was locked.

Almost at the same time, Lu Huaiyu’s kiss landed on her delicate and soft neck.

Ning Li was caught off guard and felt her desire rise a little. She could not help but shrink her body, as if to subconsciously hide herself.

“Second Brother, don’t you have some business to take care of?”

The room was dark.

He rested his chin on her neck and chuckled.

“Well, am I not already taking care of it?”