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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 532 - She’s Still Young and Can’t Help but Be Playful

Chapter 532: She’s Still Young and Can’t Help but Be Playful

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

That afternoon, a post appeared on the Xijing University Campus Forum. It was as if a bomb had been dropped into a calm lake, causing huge waves!

[ Shocking news! The mysterious boyfriend of the newly-voted school belle is actually Lu Huaiyu?! ]

Compared to Ning Li, the name Lu Huaiyu was even more well-known.

Therefore, this post quickly attracted the attention of countless people. The number of comments rose at an alarming rate, and the popularity of the topic remained high.

[ Poster: I’m not going to say anything else. Just take a look for yourself! ]

There was a picture attached below.

On the field, the crowd was crowded and noisy as the warm sunlight shone down.

A handsome and noble young man dressed in a black shirt and black pants could be seen standing in front of a young girl wearing a military training uniform.

His head was lowered slightly to look at her, while the back of his hand was pressed to her forehead.

Although he was quite far away, one could still see the gentle and indulgent look in his eyes.

It was Lu Huaiyu and Ning Li.

They were not hugging or kissing, but just this simple action was enough to explain everything.

[ This photo… had been edited, right? How could Ning Li’s boyfriend be Senior Lu? ]

[ The person above doesn’t have good eyes. Please put your brain on before you speak. Everyone who was on that field at that time saw with their own eyes that it was Senior Lu who went to look for Ning Li. How can this be fake? ]

[ I was at the scene! I can prove it! Senior Lu said it himself, he is Ning Li’s boyfriend! ]

[ I’m the same as the person above. This rare mountain flower claimed his girlfriend right there and then. ]

[ I already thought the goddess was beautiful and powerful, but it turned out to be such a shocking reversal for me?! ]

[ Ohhhhhh… they’re so compatible! I’m dead! Ahhhh! ]

[ What is the person above thinking? With Ning Li’s background, how could she be compatible with Lu Huaiyu? ]

The two people quickly began to quarrel.

[ Lu Huaiyu says she’s worthy, then she is! Otherwise, why didn’t he find someone else but Beauty Ning Li? ]

[ Ning Li doesn’t seem to have a good reputation. But, it looks like men are all the same, they only look for pretty faces. ]

[ Hehe, so are you prettier than Beauty Ning? Why aren’t you the school belle then? So, if you had a good heart, do you think Lu Huaiyu would look at you more? ]

[ I’m just stating the facts. When Ning Li got into that car, the driver was not Senior Lu. She must be having an affair with another man. If not, then why would she be afraid that others are talking about it? ]

[ Dear, is there really something wrong with your brain? Or do you not know the Lu family’s status in the Capital? This… Are you one of the tires of that car or something? Do you know these things better than her boyfriend? ]

These two commenters fought until the sky turned dark, but the latter gradually fell into a disadvantageous position.

After all, the matter of the car had not been settled yet, but Lu Huaiyu had declared in front of everyone that Ning Li was his girlfriend.

The post was full of everything.

Shock, disbelief, doubt, envy…

Everyone had different reactions.

After having posted that picture some time ago, the moderator finally posted a second sentence.

[ Moderator: Well, do you think that Senior Lu would simply show off his love in public? ]

This one sentence woke everyone up.

That’s right!

Lu Huaiyu had always been extremely low-key when it came to personal matters, but this time, he was being out of character and extremely ostentatious.

He had made this declaration publicly after the military training and the celebration ceremony. He had done it after Ning Li had been voted as the school belle and was surrounded by countless suitors; after countless rumors about Ning Li appeared on the forum.

Not only had he pledged his loyalty to her, but he also came to show his affection.

He had even come to support Ning Li.

Room 306.

After the military training ended, the students managed to have a rare leisurely afternoon.

Ning Li had told Ding Yu about the dinner that night. When Ding Yu found out about her relationship with Lu Huaiyu, her usually expressionless face finally showed a rare bit of shock.

However, after her initial shock, she had quickly accepted the invitation. After she agreed, she then continued to work on her coding.

On the other hand, Xue Langlang and Yao Mingjia were still a little dazed.

It was unclear whether it was because they had been at the scene that the impact had been too great.

Xue Langlang’s head popped out from her bed. His heart was as curious as a scratching cat.

“Ning Li, how long have you been dating Senior Lu?”

Ning Li thought for a moment.

“A little more than two months.”

Xue Langlang was surprised. “That means you got together just after the college entrance exam!”

“More or less.”

Xue Langlang rested his chin on his hands.

“Sigh… Senior Lu was accepted to Xijing University at the age of 16, and he was also the second Chinese person to enter Fino Laboratory. Although he later quit, he’s still very impressive!”

Lu Huaiyu had minored in electronics and Information Engineering at the university and had entered Fino Laboratory with full marks.

However, he did not stay there for long. Later, he had returned to take over the Lu Group.

Many people in the scientific research community had felt that it was a pity.

The feeling of pity was not for Lu Huaiyu, but for the Fino Laboratory.

It was a proven fact that Lu Huaiyu was a person who was indeed the best in whatever he did.

Hearing Xue Langlang mention this, Ning Li remembered that she had not sent the registration form to Yan Qiu yet.

She took the form.

“I’m going to the courtyard.”

After she left, Yao Mingjia’s gaze finally moved away from the phone.

She frowned and slammed the phone on the table with a bang.

At 6 p.m., Ning Li received a call from Fang Qingyun.

She took her coat.

“Let’s go. Uncle Fang is waiting downstairs.”

Xue Langlang pulled Ding Yu along. Yao Mingjia applied some lipstick at the mirror and was the last to leave.

In the downstairs area of the dormitory, the Black Panamera was low-key but still eye-catching.

People were coming and going, yet everyone was sizing it up.

When he saw Ning Li, Fang Qingyun immediately smiled.

“Ah Li.”

Ning Li made a simple introduction.

“These are my roommates.”

Fang Qingyun smiled and greeted them.

Yao Mingjia’s gaze fixed on the license plate number, and her eyes flashed.

Ning Li got into the passenger seat while Xue Langlang and the other two sat in the back row.

“Uncle Fang, I’m sorry to have troubled you this time.”

Fang Qingyun chuckled.

“What’s so troublesome about this? It’s the old man who hasn’t seen you for a long time and he misses you so much!”

Ning Li also smiled helplessly.

It was clear that she had been to the Lu family before the military training.

Fang Qingyun was very talkative. He was worried that Xue Langlang and the others would be nervous, so he chatted with them throughout the journey. The atmosphere in the car was much livelier.

Fortunately, the Sakura Riji restaurant was not far away. Half an hour later, they entered a private room at this top Japanese restaurant.

Lu Huaiyu was already waiting there.

Ning Li and Lu Huaiyu sat on one side, while Xue Langlang and the other two sat across from them.

Lu Huaiyu handed the menu to Ning Li and asked the waiter to bring menus to Xue Langlang and the other two.

“I only ordered a few things for Ah Li earlier. You may order anything that you like.”

Lu Huaiyu had been born noble and proud. His every move carried a noble aura.

However, as long as he wanted to, he could be proper and attentive, and completely control the atmosphere.

Xue Langlang and the others had indeed been a little nervous at first, but after sitting for a while, they felt better.

Hearing this, Yao Mingjia unintentionally said, “Senior Lu is so polite. He even sent someone to pick us up. Speaking of which, that should be Senior Lu’s private car. As expected, it’s as low-key as Senior Lu.”


The car that Ning Li had sat in previously had been an extremely flashy supercar.

The private room was silent for a moment.

Lu Huaiyu’s lips curled into a faint smile. He gently tapped the table with his finger and said slowly, “That’s the family car. Grandfather said that this is better for Ah Li.”

Yao Mingjia’s smile stiffened.

So, that was actually the Lu family’s car.

“Actually, she prefers to play with sports cars. She doesn’t like normal cars. Previously, Ji Shu had borrowed a new car from Siyang, so she had reluctantly been invited to take a look.”

As Lu Huaiyu spoke, he chuckled, and there was a hint of indulgence in his deep voice.

“However, she’s still young, so it’s inevitable that she likes to play.”