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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 530 - Why Don’t You Say Anything When You See Your Boyfriend?

Chapter 530: Why Don’t You Say Anything When You See Your Boyfriend?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

A group of people approached the rostrum. These were the leaders of Xijing University.

Among them, a tall and straight figure stood out.

Compared to the other leaders around him, he looked especially young.

He wore a pressed black suit, a white shirt, and a black tie, which made him look even more handsome and elegant.

Even though he was still quite a distance away, it was not hard to feel the faint sense of pride that his body seemed to carry.

“It’s Dean Shen!”

“Ah! My Prince Charming! He’s so handsome in person!”

“Heavens, is he really forty years old? Why does he look like he’s only in his early thirties? He looks so young!”

Shen Zhijin had been born blessed.

Time seemed to have forgotten about him, leaving almost no traces of it on his face or body.

In fact, it seemed as if time had particularly favored him. Not only had he retained his unique and proud aura, but it also gave him the calm temperament that was unique to mature men.

He was like a combination of contradictions, yet it was also a rarely found pure and clean one.

Just by standing there, he could easily attract everyone’s attention.

The girls from the institute were especially excited.

“I’m so in love!”

“Ah, Dean Shen is already married… So, just think about it and then forget about it,” Xue Lang muttered a reminder.

As soon as she said this, she immediately attracted the attention of many people around her.

“He’s married? Why have I never heard of that?”

“That’s right. Hasn’t Dean Shen always been a loner? For such a long time, no one has ever mentioned his wife.”

“Could it be that she’s abroad?”

Xue Langlang was a little surprised:

“Don’t you guys know?”

Shen Zhijin was very famous in the physics world. Xue Langlang liked physics and admired him, so she knew a little about him.

Ning Li remembered the wedding ring on Shen Zhijin’s left ring finger, as well as the email receipt– such a person was obviously married.

The very next moment, she heard Xue Langlang sigh.

“Sigh, Dean Shen is indeed married, but his wife seems to have passed away many years ago.”

As soon as she said that, everyone around fell silent for a moment.

Ning Li was momentarily stunned.

Someone asked softly, “Then…”

“Then… Dean Shen did not remarry after that…”

Xue Lang shook her head.

Everyone understood and did not say anything more.

Ning Li’s heart felt slightly moved, and she glanced at the rostrum again.

If Mrs. Shen Zhijin had been gone for many years, why was he still wearing that wedding ring…?

He had even stubbornly kept the email receipt.

Ning Li frowned slightly.

At first, she had thought that the receipt was soft and cute, but now that she thought about it again, it seemed to be more bittersweet.

Because of Shen Zhijin, the atmosphere at the institute had become slightly gloomy.

However, very soon, an even more enthusiastic response came from the sports field.

The chatter and screams continued. Almost everyone was looking in the same direction. Some girls even stood on their tiptoes to look around. They could not hide the excitement which showed in their flushed cheeks.

Ning Li turned her eyes slightly and saw Lu Huaiyu slowly walking over with the crowd surrounding him.

He was wearing a black shirt today but did not look as severe and buttoned-up as the others. His collar was open, which revealed a straight collarbone.

His jacket was draped in the crook of his arm. He had a laidback posture which revealed the nobility in his bones.

His black hair fell over his deep, intense eyes. The curve from the brow to the bridge of his nose was straight and perfect, and the line of his jaw was sharp and smooth.

He was like the snow on the peak of the mountain, the moon on earth, completely unreachable.

However, as he easily strode over with his long lanky legs, there was an indescribable sexiness about him.

Some people were always the center of attention, no matter where they were.

Lu Huaiyu was exactly like that.

Because of his arrival, the people who were waiting in line on the field became excited.

The girls from the nearby faculties were especially excited.

“Lu Huaiyu! It’s actually Senior Lu Huaiyu!”

“This face… It’s really amazing!”

“He actually came to participate in the school’s anniversary celebration?! Why is he even more handsome in person than in photos?”

“Mama, I can’t believe I’ve seen such an incomparable beauty in my life!”

“Wait! He’s looking this way! Quick! Help me up!”

There was such a clamor.

There was nothing he could do. Lu Huaiyu and his face were too conspicuous.

After he entered the field, his gaze quickly swept across the field and fell in a certain direction.

Almost intuitively, he had spotted Ning Li in the crowd.

They looked at each other across the crowd.

It had been a long time since Lu Huaiyu had seen Ning Li.

Now that she looked at him with her beautiful eyes, the long-suppressed longing in his heart turned into frustration.

The corner of his lips curled up slightly and he gave a slight smile.

His originally pure and noble face was now filled with an ambiguous smile, which was especially attractive.

The cheers and screams in this direction were obviously much more enthusiastic.

The instructor in the front row shouted the command.

Ning Li withdrew her gaze.

Lu Huaiyu raised his eyes and finally followed the others to the grandstand.

Those who were able to attend the celebration today were undoubtedly the outstanding alumni of Xijing University. It could be said that all the bigwigs had gathered here.

Lu Huaiyu greeted them one by one and finally sat down.

His position was very close to the rostrum. In this area, he was also the youngest, so he was particularly eye-catching.

Countless gazes fell on him, but he did not seem to notice or care. He continued to behave leisurely and languid.

The school anniversary process was presided over by another Vice-Principal Zhang.

First, was the military training parade, then the principal’s speech.

After that, was the alumni representative’s message.

This was from a 73-year-old old academician, a titan of the aerospace industry.

His advice was encouraging and inspiring.

When it was over, the applause on the field was thunderous.

Finally, it was Ning Li’s turn.

“Next, let’s welcome this year’s freshman representative, the physics department’s Ning Li, to speak as the freshman representative!”

This name was not unfamiliar to many people, so everyone looked at the stage.

Ning Li took off her military training cap, revealing her long wavy hair that had been tied into a ponytail at the back of her head. Beneath everyone’s gaze, she walked up to the side of the rostrum and stood still.

She was standing right in front of Lu Huaiyu, only a few steps away from him.

Lu Huaiyu crossed his long legs and looked forward. He saw that her posture was straight, and the ends of her hair brushed against her slender and fair neck, swaying slightly.

He pressed fingertips into the palms of his hands, suppressing the heat in his heart.

Someone next to him laughed softly, “I heard that this year’s freshman representative got a full score in the college entrance examination of 746. She also got a full score in the national competition. The younger generation is really awesome.”

Lu Huaiyu tilted his head and looked at the young girl who was giving a speech without a script. Hearing her clear voice, the corners of his lips curled up into a smile.

“She is indeed very outstanding.”

Ning Li’s speech was concise and brilliant. In the end, she bowed and left the stage. The applause continued for a long time.

She walked towards where the students of the Institute of Physics had gathered, and many passionate gazes followed her.

The school celebration continued. It was a grand and solemn event, and the atmosphere was warm.

By the time it ended, it was already past twelve o’clock in the afternoon.

The school leaders and the alumni representatives were the first to leave the scene. The students waited in their respective places.

However, after the ceremony had ended, everyone became much more relaxed.

Many boys kept looking at Ning Li’s direction. It was evident that they had an interest in her.

Yao Mingjia observed this and suddenly asked with a smile, “Ning Li, does your boyfriend have some free time? When will he come and meet us?”

There was silence around them. They all looked at Ning Li.

“Hey, Huaiyu, aren’t you leaving yet?”

Seeing that Lu Huaiyu had left the stands and was walking towards the sports field, the old professor called out to him.

Lu Huaiyu smiled and explained, “I have something to take care of first.”

As he spoke, he continued walking in that direction.

The students also noticed him approaching and became restless again.

Under the gaze of countless people, Lu Huaiyu headed straight for the Institute of Physics group.

The group of male and female students could not help but become nervous.

“Senior Lu!”

“Senior Lu!”

Yao Mingjia, who was sitting on the outermost seat, immediately straightened her shoulders when she saw Lu Huaiyu coming over. With a smile on her face, she asked with a slightly red face, “Senior Lu, what brings you here?”


With one hand in his pocket, Lu Huaiyu tilted his head slightly and looked behind her with a faint smile.

“Junior Sister.”

He opened his mouth unhurriedly, his voice low and carrying a deep smile.

“Why don’t you say something when you see your boyfriend?”