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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 528 - I’ll Do as I See Fit

Chapter 528: I’ll Do as I See Fit

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

His voice fell by her ear, slow and steady, with a tantalizing itch.

Ning Li gently rubbed her ear, as if a slight tingling feeling was spreading there.

“Got it.”

She said.

Having gotten the answer that he wanted to hear and Lu Huaiyu laughed calmly.

She always seemed to stray from the rules, but in the end, she always obediently returned to his embrace.

And he could only accept it, with joy and pampering.

Ning Li remembered something.

“Oh right, my dorm mates said that they would like to see you and have a meal sometime.”

Actually, she had not really bothered much about this matter at first.

This could be considered a small tacit understanding between young girls on campus. However, she had never really cared about these things before, and Lu Huaiyu should be even more so.

However, there were quite a number of people who still had not given up and continued to try to pursue her. Secondly, after today’s post, all kinds of rumors about her were rampant.

She was not a person who was afraid of trouble, but she also did not like to be involved in these kinds of messy rumors.

Lu Huaiyu raised his eyebrows, his voice filled with joy.



Except for Ning Li, the Second Master of the Lu family in the Capital had probably never agreed to a dinner party so easily before.

Especially with a few strangers whom he had never met before.

However, this time, not only did he respond with ease, he had obviously been coaxed into agreeing.

Ning Li knew that he had been quite busy recently.

After resting in Yunzhou for more than a year, he had finally officially returned to the Capital and taken charge of the Lu family’s business.

There were a lot of projects and work that required Lu Huaiyu’s personal supervision.

“This matter isn’t that urgent. Let’s see when it’s convenient for Second Brother.”

Lu Huaiyu laughed.

How could he not be anxious when it came to matters of his status?

Even though she did not even look. Yet, it had only been a few days since school started, and many pairs of eyes from Xijing University were already looking at her.

However, he still nodded and replied with a casual smile.


“I’ll see what I can do.”

Although the posts on the school forum had quickly been deleted, in private, the discussion about Ning Li did not stop.

Having just entered the school, this was time for new students to be extra curious about everything.

Moreover, the main character of the incident was the extremely attention-grabbing Ning Li.

She was the top scorer of the M province science college entrance examination.

The newly-promoted campus belle.

Yet, she had such a special background.

She was really beautiful, and her grades were really good. But apart from that, everything about her, including her father who had been imprisoned, her mother who had remarried, and the bankrupt Ye family… All this was like an extremely dirty swamp that was inseparable from her.

She had grown up in this kind of mud, and no matter how hard she tried, she could not get rid of it.

In the eyes of many people, even someone who had such beauty and education, a girl with such a poor and terrible background would likely find the easiest path was to be involved with money.

Moreover, she had indeed gotten into an expensive luxury car that day, and she had indeed not returned to the dormitory for the entire night.

Of course, they would not say those words in front of Ning Li. However, people would cast various glances her way from time to time.

Ning Li could not be bothered to pay attention to this and behaved as if everything was as usual.

The military training was nearing its end.

All the preparations for the school anniversary were also being carried out nervously.

The whole of Xijing University had already been decorated, and the air was filled with a lively and noisy atmosphere.

On the field, it was not known if the atmosphere had affected the freshmen, but the freshmen seemed to be more energetic than before.

The military training had ended that day, and everyone was about to disperse. When the training ended, Xia Rui, the counselor for this year’s freshmen from the Institute of Physics, came over and called Ning Li away.

“Ning Li, come to the office.”

Xia Rui was also from the Institute of Physics at Xijing University. After getting his PhD., he had immediately stayed in the school to teach. He could be considered young and promising.

Because he was not much older than the freshmen and was also a senior in his department, Xia Rui was able to get along with everyone easily and had a good relationship with them.

When he looked at Ning Li, he had a smile on his face which showed his undisguised appreciation.

Ning Li followed him.

Someone asked curiously, “Why is the counselor calling Ning Li over at this time?”

Another person guessed, “Probably to choose her as this year’s new student representative to speak at the school’s anniversary?”

Hearing this, Yao Mingjia tightened her grip on her water tumbler and frowned.

A few people were still whispering something.

“Ah, now that you mention it, I guess it’s true. She seems to have the highest score in this year’s national exam.”

“Don’t forget, she hasn’t even counted the results of the physics competition. She got full marks in that final.”

“But… is she really going to be chosen just like that? Don’t the counselors know about the rumors in the school recently? Wouldn’t it be controversial to choose Ning Li?”

“You said it yourself, all of it is only rumors! Besides, there are so many faculties in the school, and this is the only spot for the new student representative to speak. It’s quite rare…”

A girl looked over and suddenly shouted, “Yao Mingjia!”

Yao Mingjia stopped in her tracks and seemed to turn around unintentionally. “What’s wrong?”

The girl looked left and right before taking a few steps forward. She lowered her voice and asked, “That night, did Ning Li really not return to the dormitory?”

Yao Mingjia’s eyelids twitched slightly. Just as she was about to speak, Xue Langlang, who was beside her, suddenly interjected.

“Who spread all this?”

Her tone was a little cold, obviously unhappy.

The girl hesitated and said, “I was just asking casually. Moreover, someone really did see her returning to the dormitory the next morning… That means that she must have stayed outside that night.”

Xue Langlang’s expression darkened slightly.

“Ning Li stayed at a relative’s house. Do you have to interfere with other people’s private matters?”

The girl did not say anything and looked embarrassed.

Yao Mingjia suddenly smiled and nodded.

“Exactly. We can all testify to this. Those people on the forum just like to create fake news. What rich second generation….? Ning Li has a boyfriend, and she has already promised to bring her boyfriend to meet us when she has the chance.”