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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 527 - Navigation, Can You Do It?

Chapter 527: Navigation, Can You Do It?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

On the way, Ning Li received a message from Xue Langlang.

[ Ning Li, the dorm is about to be locked. Why aren’t you back yet? ]

During military training, the dorm matron would occasionally check on the dorm.

Ning Li replied: [ I won’t be back tonight. ]

Xue Langlang typed for quite a while before finally sending a message.

[ Okay. Then do be careful about your safety. Don’t be late for military training tomorrow morning. ]

Ning Li answered and put her phone aside.

Ji Shu sent her to her residence and left. Ning Li went upstairs alone.

She washed up briefly and went to bed to rest.

In 306.

Xue Langlang put away her phone.

Yao Mingjia was carefully applying face cream to her face.

During military training, she was exposed to the sun every day. Even if she applied sunscreen, she still worried about sunburn.

She looked at Ning Li’s side of the room.

“Ning Li isn’t back yet?”

Xue Langlang replied with a “Hmm” as she soaked her feet.

“She said that she won’t be coming back tonight.”

Yao Mingjia paused and recalled the post she had seen in the campus forum.

Someone had taken a photo of Ning Li leaving the school that evening and getting into a supercar.

Because of the distance and because she had been wearing a hat, although some people guessed that it was her, they were not completely sure.

But now it looked like… It had to be her.

Knock, knock.

The voice of the dormitory matron came from outside the door.

“306, bed check.”

Yao Mingjia went over to open the door.

The dormitory matron glanced around the dormitory.

“Yao Mingjia.”


“Xue Langlang.”

“Yes.” Xue Langlang hurriedly wiped her feet.

“Ding Yu.”

“Yes.” Ding Yu closed the computer and got up to go to the bathroom.

“Ning Li.”

No one answered.

The dormitory matron asked again.

“Are there only three people in your dormitory?”

Yao Mingjia’s eyes twitched slightly. Before she could say anything, she heard Xue Langlang quickly say, “Teacher, she’s in the bathroom.”

Ding Yu’s footsteps paused. She then walked to the balcony and collected her dried laundry.

The dormitory manager said “Oh.” Seeing that Ning Li’s backpack and clothes were all there, she did not bother. She drew a tick on the form and went out.

Yao Mingjia closed the door.

Xue Langlang heaved a sigh of relief.

Yao Mingjia seemed to be a little hesitant.

“Is it wise for us to do this? Ning Li is alone outside. What if she encounters any danger?”

Xue Langlang was stunned. “Huh? That shouldn’t be the case, right?”

“Isn’t she from Yunzhou? She just came to the Capital not long ago and she’s out alone at this time of night…” Yao Mingjia asked Ding Yu. “Ding Yu, what do you think?”

Ding Yu did not have any expression on her face as she casually hung her clothes in the closet.

“If you’re worried, you can call the police.”

Yao Mingjia choked for a moment.

They did not get along well.

She decided not to say anything else. She returned to her seat and continued applying her face cream.

Ning Li returned to her dormitory at 6:30 the next morning.

It was 7:00 a.m. when she left for training. By this time, there were already people coming in and out of the entrance of the dormitory building.

Ning Li blended in with them and went upstairs.

Xue Langlang and the others were preparing to go out. Seeing that she had returned, Xue Langlang was relieved.

She asked softly, “Ning Li, where did you sleep last night?”

Yao Mingjia was in the middle of putting on her military training cap, but she was listening to the conversation over here.

Ning Li changed into her military training uniform and casually said, “The home of an elder.”

“Oh, I see.”

Xue Langlang nodded and did not ask any more questions.

Living in the home of an elder was not a problem.

Yao Mingjia seemed to laugh and walked out first.

As soon as she arrived at the field, Ning Li noticed that the atmosphere today was a little different.

The people around her were all looking at her.

Actually, she had already gotten used to everyone’s attention. However, it was very difficult to tell if it was kindness or malice.

In particular, some of them even showed hints of contempt.

During the break, one could faintly hear the sounds of people conversing.

Occasionally, there were words like “sports car”, “not going home at night”, “bankrupt” and so on.

Ning Li’s eyes narrowed slightly. She had roughly guessed what was going on.

At lunchtime, she logged onto the Xijing University campus forum and indeed saw a hot post about it.

[ Shocking news! The newly-promoted campus belle has fallen in love with a rich second generation1! She did not return late at night. She must be deep in love! ]

These extremely eye-piercing and melodramatic words easily attracted countless attention.

Ning Li frowned and scrolled down.

The first picture had been taken the moment she had gotten into Ji Shu’s car.

Only a small part of her face could be seen, but the owner of the forum was speaking with certainty and everything was about her.

[ Could this be the school belle’s boyfriend? With a rich guy who can afford to drive this car, it’s no wonder the school belle isn’t interested in Shu Hang! ]

[ However, this doesn’t seem like a boyfriend and girlfriend kind of relationship… Besides, these kinds of rich youngsters are just playing around, right? ]

[ I’ve seen this car outside the Malong Center. At that time, the person in the driver’s seat did not seem to be this little brother… But, I heard that Ning Li didn’t return to the dormitory yesterday… This little brother is quite handsome so I reckon… They must have had quite a good time. ]

[ Pfft, could it be that this man rented the car? Is he just catfishing her? ]


What kind of fish was he trying to catch by renting a car to pretend to be a rich young master?

Xue Langlang sat opposite Ning Li. At a glance, she also saw the post.

She took a bite of beef and asked hesitantly, “Ahem, Ning Li, is that your boyfriend?”

Ning Li put her phone away.



Xue Langlang had not expected her to deny it. She almost choked. She patted her chest hard to calm herself down, as tears welled up in her eyes.

“No… no?”

“He’s a friend.” Ning Li saw that she was still in shock, so she added, “He was also the one who sent me back.”

After she said that, she sent the link to the post to Ji Shu.

Ji Shu had just come down from the track when he saw the post and immediately knelt down.

F*ck! Who was after his life?

If Lu Huaiyu saw this, he might not even be able to see the sun tomorrow!

Fifteen minutes later, this post was quickly hacked.

All the related search terms on the forum were also blocked.

Ning Li had just finished eating. She glanced at the forum and did not pay any more attention to it.

Just as she was about to go back to the dormitory for her lunch break, she received a call from Lu Huaiyu.

Staring at the name on the screen, Ning Li inexplicably felt a strong urge to interrogate him.

She gestured to Xue Langlang and went out to find a more remote location to answer the call.

“Second Brother.”

She called out.

Lu Huaiyu’s tone was as casual and elegant as usual.

“Have you eaten?”


“Are you tired from the military training?”

“It’s alright.”

He gave an extremely soft “Oh.” His deep, cello-like voice fell into her ears. He said each word with a half-smile, “Did you stay out last night?”

Ning Li rubbed the space between her brows. She knew that this man was going to take it personally.

“Yesterday, Ji Shu asked me to do at LY. It was too late when I finished, and the dormitory has a curfew. So, I went back to Shuiyuan Shijia.”

Lu Huaiyu’s nasally voice responded softly. Then, he raised his eyebrows slightly, and there was a hint of a smile in his low and lazy voice.

“Ah Li.

“There is Rongyue Mansion. Are you not sure of the way or can you navigate your way to it?

“This place will not impose a curfew on you.”