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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 526 - Ah Li With Short Hair

Chapter 526: Ah Li With Short Hair

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

He Xiaochen invited Ning Li to have dinner with her.

Just as the two of them walked to the Entrepreneurship Center, Ning Li’s phone rang.

It was Ji Shu who was calling.

“Sister Li.”

His voice always carried a wild and uninhibited tone as he asked with a lazy smile, “Are you free now?”

Ning Li asked, “What’s wrong?”

Ji Lyu smoothed down his hair.

“My car has broken down.”

Ning Li looked ahead and saw that He Xiaochen had already walked to the entrance of a restaurant. The glass door was already half-open.

As she walked forward, she lazily said, “Get someone to fix it.”

LY could not possibly be short of someone to fix the car.

However, Ji Shu was not willing to do that.

If he had been willing to get someone else to fix the car, he would not have called this number.

“Sister Li, the situation is quite serious this time. Moreover, the domestic league tournament is about to begin. Are you sure you don’t want to come and personally take a look?”

He did not feel at ease with other people overhauling his car.

Besides, Ning Li was the most familiar with his car and knew how to adjust it the best.

Ning Li stopped in her tracks.

“Got it. I’ll go over in a while.”

Ji Ci laughed.

“What are you waiting for? I’m waiting at the East Gate of your school. You’ll see it when you come over.”

Ning Li, “…”

She should have known that with Ji Shu’s personality, he really would do such a thing.

She called out to He Xiaochen.

“Xiaochen, a friend of mine has something urgent to discuss with me at the last minute. I won’t be able to have dinner with you today.”


He Xiaochen already had one foot inside the door when she heard her voice. She was stunned.

However, she knew Ning Li’s personality. She would not easily miss an appointment, so she immediately nodded.

“Oh, okay. We’ll eat together another day then.”

Ning Li returned to her dormitory and changed into a pair of black casual pants and a loose short-sleeved shirt of the same color. Before she left, she pressed a baseball cap on her head.

It had been a while since the military training had ended. It was a rare time for the students to relax after eating, and there were many people on the road.

Ning Li walked towards the East Gate.

Although her attire was very simple and the baseball cap covered half of her face, her tall and slender figure was still very eye-catching.

School had not started that long ago, but Ning Li’s name was already known to almost everyone.

The top post on the school forum was still the one where she had been chosen as the school beauty.

The main picture was a picture of her during military training which had been secretly taken from afar.

Her face was bare, without any makeup, but she was still dazzlingly beautiful.

Many people recognized her and looked at her from time to time.

Ning Li turned a blind eye and walked to the East Gate.

Although the military training at Xijing University was strict, after training, their time was free at night.

In particular, some departments’ student dormitories were outside the campus, so the students came and went more frequently and the management was more lax.

As they approached the school gate, Ning Li heard a few girls walking over and discussing something in low voices. She could not hide her excitement.

“Did you see that car just now? It’s so beautiful!”

“Of course, I saw it! This is the first time I’ve seen a supercar in real life! It looks so good that I’m speechless!”

“I heard that the lowest price for that car is five million… Tsk, as expected of the Capital. Such a luxury car can even be seen on the street…”

“By the way, don’t you think that the young man in the car is even more handsome?!”

“It’s obvious that he’s the heir of a wealthy family. However, this kind of man must have a very wild attitude. An ordinary person would definitely not be able to take him down. Let’s go take a look.”

Ning Li suddenly had a feeling.

She walked out of the school gate and looked up. As expected, she saw a gradient red supercar parked across the road. It was gorgeous and eye-catching which made it extremely high-profile.

Ji Shu was sitting in the front passenger seat with one hand leaning against the car door.

At that time, it was already dark, but his car, his face, and his signature silver hair were really difficult to ignore.

Noticing Ning Li’s appearance, he turned on his double flash and smiled at her in a carefree manner.

Many people around the area immediately looked over. Their gazes wandered back and forth between Ning Li and Ji Shu, indicating that they were unclear about what this meant.

Ning Li frowned, but she still walked over.

“Ji Shu, don’t you have a car anymore?”

Even in the Capital, he could not suppress his ostentatiously wild nature all over the world.

Ji Shu spread out his hands, seemingly helpless.

“The cars in the team aren’t allowed to be driven out. Only Ron has a broken motorcycle, but didn’t you forbid me from driving that kind of thing? So, at the last minute, I even borrowed a car from Gu Siyang!”

When he spoke, his eyes were still unruly, and there was an unbridled and free spirit in them.

Obviously, he did not feel helpless or troubled at all. However, he was happy. After all, he had gotten a car for nothing.

He had long coveted Gu Siyang’s car, but Gu Siyang had been unwilling to let him drive it. Today, when he heard that Ji Shu was coming to pick Ning Li up, he nodded without saying a word.

Tsk, why was the gap in the treatment of people so big?

Ning Li knew that he had been training a lot lately and was probably taking the opportunity to go out to let off some steam. So, she turned a blind eye and got into the passenger seat.

Compared to the motorcycle, she still felt that it was better for Ji Shu to drive a car.

She buckled her seatbelt and slid further down the seat. The brim of her hat was lowered, covering most of her face.

“Let’s go.”

Ji Shu drove her to the LY base.

When Ron and the others heard that she was here, they all came to join in the fun, but Ji Shu chased them away.

“Sister Li rarely has time to test-drive a car, so all of you better behave! Don’t waste Sister Li’s precious time!”

Ning Li entered, while Ron and the others could only wait outside.

They pestered Ji Shu for a while before he finally escaped and followed Ning Li inside.

Ning Li had already lifted the hood, and she was holding a small wrench in her hand, checking the parts, bit by bit.

While she was in the middle of something, she was always extremely focused.

Ji Shu did not dare to disturb her and merely watched from the side.

Ning Li lowered her head slightly. Her gaze was fixed in a certain direction, and her baseball cap was lowered.

The light shone down and outlined her perfect side profile. Her smooth shoulders and back were hidden in the loose black short sleeves, making her appear exceptionally slender and thin.

Her expression was light. When she pursed her lips slightly, there was an additional coldness and sharpness.

A strand of her hair fell to the side of her cheeks, and she casually raised her hand to push it behind her ear.

When Ji Shu saw this, he suddenly laughed.

“Sister Li, your hair has grown so much. When you had short hair in the past, it was so easy and neat.”

Ning Li raised her eyebrows and glanced at him from the corner of her eyes.

Ji Shu seemed to have thought of something, and he slapped his legs and laughed.

“Hahahaha! But you were just so handsome! At that time, how many times did people call you ‘Little Brother’?”

Even he, when he had first seen Ning Li, had not seen her face and thought that she was a wild boy from some family.

She was already tall, to begin with, and at that time, she always wore loose black, white, and gray casual clothes. Her neat short hair fell down, barely covering her eyebrows and eyes. When the hat was pressed down, her whole body hunched, making her look like a thin and slender young man.

Only by looking at her face would one realize that she was a beautiful and elegant girl.

Ning Li could not be bothered with him.

After the inspection, Ning Li helped him with the debugging again.

After everything was settled, Ji Shu got up and prepared to send her back.

“Sister Li, I’ll send you back to school.”

She looked at the time.

It was ten minutes past ten.

The dormitory entrance closed at ten thirty.

It would be impossible for her to make it back in time.

She clapped her hands.

“Send me back to Shuiyuan Shijia instead.”