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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 524 - Team

Chapter 524: Team

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

On the campus forum, the discussion about Ning Li was in full swing.

However, she did not seem to be affected in the slightest.

On the second day of military training, there were still many people who came to the field to watch.

Even though the campus belle had said that she had a boyfriend, seeing was believing, after all. What if that was just her excuse to reject someone?

Therefore, they should at least have some hope.

However, very few of the people from the Institute of Physics actually went over to ask her about it.

Every girl was the treasure of the Institute of Physics, especially Ning Li.

In addition, the two instructors trained very hard, so no one was in the mood to think about these things.

On the sports field, the sun was scorching hot.

One by one, the squares were in formation. They were all training, and the chants kept ringing in their ears.

In the morning, they would stand in the military posture, and in the afternoon, they would march.

Everyone’s clothes were soaked through, and their faces were all red from the sun.

The days of military training seemed to be particularly difficult.

The freshmen only had a little free time every day.

Ning Li would have dinner at a later time to avoid the crowd, but she still inevitably met some people who came to express their interest in her.

She rejected all of them on the grounds that she had a boyfriend.

As the number of times increased, most people gradually believed her.

Among the people who pursued Ning Li, there were some who were particularly outstanding, but she still did not give them a chance.

This had to mean that she really had a boyfriend.

Moreover, her attitude of rejecting people was particularly firm, and she did not leave even the slightest possibility.

Of course, there were still a few people who did not comment on this. They thought that Ning Li was too pretentious.

Ning Li, however, could not be bothered with these things.

In the blink of an eye, more than half of the military training time had passed.

The new students who were initially unfit had finally gotten into shape after such a long period of training.

On this day, there was a short break in the afternoon.

Everyone rested at the same spot. The two instructors went to communicate with the instructors of the Maths Department that was next to them, so everyone relaxed quite a bit.

Suddenly, a wave of exclamations came from among the boys.

“Is this for real?”

The commotion was not small, so the girls in front of them all turned their heads to look.

The baby-faced instructor pointed in their direction.

Everyone immediately lowered their voices, but there was still an obvious excitement that could not be suppressed.

“Of course it’s real! This is the insider news that I managed to get with great difficulty! I reckon that when the military training is over and the class officially starts, it will be announced.”

Everyone sighed again.

Yao Mingjia frowned slightly.

“What’s so mysterious?”

Xue Langlang moved closer to ask around.

When she turned around, she could not hide her excitement.

She said softly, “It’s Dean Shen!”

To the people of the Institute of Physics, there was only one Dean Shen– Shen Zhijin.

The majority of the students of Xijing University would refer to Shen Zhijin as Vice-Principal Shen whenever they mentioned him.

However, the Institute of Physics was different. The way they addressed Shen Zhijin naturally made them feel special and closer to each other.

Those who studied physics more or less had respect and admiration for the name Shen Zhijin.

Therefore, when the name Shen Zhijin was mentioned, everyone became spirited.

“Dean Shen? What’s up with him?”

The surrounding girls were filled with curiosity.

When Ning Li heard this, she also tilted her head slightly.

Xue Langlang’s eyes sparkled as she enunciated each word clearly.

“They said that the institute is preparing to collaborate with Fino Laboratory this year to carry out a new research project! Once the semester starts, it’s estimated that the recruitment will officially begin! The most important thing is that Dean Shen will be the leader of this project and will be fully in charge of it. Therefore, if we can enter this research project group, it would be equivalent to following Dean Shen!”

This news was like a small stone that would cause a thousand ripples.

Everyone was shocked.

No wonder the boys were so excited. This news was indeed a big deal for the students of the Institute of Physics. There would be a team led by Shen Zhijin!

Yao Mingjia said hesitantly, “This is such a good opportunity, but it’s not for us undergraduates, right? There are so many graduates in the Institute of Physics. I’m afraid everyone will be fighting over it.”

Everyone looked at each other.

That was true.

With such a high-end allocation, surely it would not be their turn yet?

Xue Langlang said, “Of course, the official quota is not for us. However, I heard that they will also recruit some lab assistants. Maybe they will be able to allocate one or two slots.”

Even if Shen Zhijin’s research team were only tasked with sweeping the floor, who knew how many people would fight for the chance to do it?

A girl next to her shrugged.

“Even that is probably just for the students in their third or fourth year, right? A bunch of rookies like us definitely won’t stand a chance.”

This sentence caused many people to agree.

“That’s right. Don’t even think about it!”

“What a pity… It’s such a good opportunity!”

“It’s no wonder that Dean Shen has been coming and going to the school frequently lately. I heard that quite a number of people have seen him. He’s super handsome!”

“I’ve seen him! I’ve seen him! I can testify that it’s true! He went to the administrative building with several other school leaders the other day. Oh my god, he was the most eye-catching person in the group! As expected of my Prince Charming! He’s at the top of the academic field, but he’s also the best looking!”

The girls’ focus quickly shifted.

Ning Li tilted her head.

After that night, she had not seen Shen Zhijin again.

However, their evaluation was indeed very objective.

Perhaps it was because this kind of genius with such an outstanding IQ had devoted his entire life to scientific research, that his temperament was exceptionally pure.

Shen Zhijin always had a subtle and clean youth’s temperament.

This made him look exceptionally different.

Just then, a commotion suddenly came from the back.

Ning Li turned around and heard someone shouting.

“Someone fainted!”

She frowned. It seemed to be coming from the direction of the outer court.

Just as she wanted to get closer to have a better look, she saw a tall figure running over from the Maths Department.