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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 523 - I’ll Ask Him

Chapter 523: I’ll Ask Him

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The call was from He Xiaochen.

Her voice was filled with indignation.

“Ning Li! There’s someone spreading rumors on the campus forum that you have a boyfriend! This is too much!”

Although she did not want so many people to harass Ning Li, once this rumor was spread, what if no one dared to pursue her as a result of it? What would she do then?

This was her Ning Li, the great beauty! She deserved to be admired! Like all the stars worshipping the moon! Ah!

It was only the first day of military training, how could anyone say that she had a boyfriend?!

What if she missed out on a good one?

“This is Xijing University! There are so many handsome guys here. There hasn’t even been a chance to properly pick one out yet!”

He Xiaochen was very sad.

“I even tried to look for a few from the physical education department today! All of them–”

Ning Li coughed lightly.

“It’s not a rumor.”


He Xiaochen’s voice came to an abrupt stop.

The air was silent for a moment.

Ning Li could even imagine what He Xiaochen looked like at that moment.

She said a little helplessly, “I’ve been busy all this while, and you happened to be traveling a lot, so I forgot to tell you.”

Of course, on the other hand… She also did not know how to tell her properly.

He Xiaochen finally came back to her senses. She took a deep breath and exploded.

“Who is it?!”

Which d*mned man was it? He had stolen Ning Li when she had not been paying attention!

It had been just one summer vacation!

Just one summer vacation!

Her beautiful Ning Li had been abducted!

How could this be?!

“Ning Li! You have to be calm! There are so many handsome men in this world that you haven’t even seen before! You have to come out and see more of the world before you can make a decision!”

The thought of how some wild man had gotten a kiss from Ning Li so easily, made He Xiaochen’s heart feel like it was bleeding. She felt like an old mother trying to comfort her.

“How could you have been so careless?!”

Ning Li, “… It’s Lu Huaiyu.”

“I’m telling you, you– What?!”

He Xiaochen’s last syllable suddenly became louder.

Lu Huaiyu.

She only knew of one Lu Huaiyu!

The air seemed to freeze.

He Xiaochen’s voice was drifting.

“You, you… Your Second Brother?”


He Xiaochen felt as if her soul had scattered, and she did not say anything for a long time.

When Ning Li heard that there was no movement from her end, she called out to her.


He Xiaochen asked faintly, “When did it happen?”

Ning Li paused.

“On the day the results came out.”

He Xiaochen did not say anything again.

Ning Li asked hesitantly, “… Are you still listening?”

After a long while, He Xiaochen finally spoke softly.

She did not answer Ning Li’s question. Instead, she muttered another sentence.

“… Then, how beautiful will your children be…”


Ning Li, “…”

She calmly reminded her:

“He Xiaochen, wake up.”


He Xiaochen immediately pulled herself together. Realizing what she had just said, she quickly shook her head frantically.

“Cough! That’s not what I meant! I meant that the genes of such an extremely handsome guy must be especially good!”

Ning Li, “…”

He Xiaochen’s thoughts had already gone wild.

She was not even bothered with Ning Li’s current reaction.

Countless scenes from the past flashed through her mind, and she started to cry.

“It’s no wonder he came on your behalf to the parent-teacher conference and even clarified that you definitely did not have puppy love. He bought you a cake and balloons for Christmas and went to pick you up personally after the college entrance exam… He’s liked you for so long! Ning Li… He really, really likes you!”

Ning Li was silent for a moment.

“Do you still have anything more to say?”

He Xiaochen choked for a moment before revealing her honest thoughts.

“Oh! He… is… so… handsome!”

All these things at Xijing University were just fleeting memories. They were not worth mentioning at all!

Lu Huaiyu… Now, he was truly a stunner!

She gave a thumbs-up full of passion as she praised her wholeheartedly.

“Nice job, Ning Li!”

The news that the new campus belle of Xijing University already had a boyfriend quickly spread.

The hot posts on the campus forum were trending.

Countless people were following the posts, and they were in full swing.

[ Ning Li, the new campus belle, already has a boyfriend?! Is that true? ]

[ I heard that it was said to Shu Hang personally. Many people nearby heard it. How could it be false? ]

[ Shu Hang is a college student and the president of the school’s Student Union. Our new campus belle isn’t even interested in him. How amazing is this boyfriend of hers? ]

[ It’s hard to say. Didn’t campus belle Ning Li pass the exam in Yunzhou? Maybe he’s a former high school classmate? ]

[ For those who are also from Yunzhou, let me explain: Ning Li didn’t have a boyfriend in high school. There’s a high probability that she only had a boyfriend after the college entrance exam. ]

[ It’s probably fake… Maybe she wanted to find a reason to reject Shu Hang? After all, she came alone on the day she came to report in. ]

[ Upstairs + 1]

[ Upstairs + phone number ]

[ What? Why was she reporting in alone? Her family didn’t come either? This is from Yunzhou to Beijing… She was all alone? ]

[ That… The new school belle’s family background is quite complicated. If you want to know, you can click on this link to read more. ]

There was a link at the end of this reply.

Of course, it was about the matters of the Ning family and the Ye family.

These were all public information. With just a little effort, they would be able to find out.

The hot topic of discussion quickly changed from Ning Li’s boyfriend to her.

Of course, there was also her background.

[ When I saw her from afar, I thought that the school belle definitely looked like she was some kind of pampered young lady from some well-off family. I didn’t expect her background to be so miserable. ]

[ Ah, this… The situation in this beauty’s household is so bad… ]

[ Judging from her clothes and shoes, it’s obvious. She doesn’t have much money. ]

Ning Li returned to the dormitory.

Ding Yu was still working on some code.

Xue Langlang looked up, with a cautious expression.

Yao Mingjia was putting on a mask in front of the mirror.

Ning Li sat in her seat as usual.

Xue Langlang handed her a big bag of snacks.

“Ning Li, I bought too many snacks today. Why don’t you help me eat some?”

As she spoke, she brought over the fruits that had been cut on the table.

“I just washed them! Please try some!”

Ning Li said, “Thank you, but there’s no need.”

Xue Langlang did not give up.

“Ding Yu and Yao Mingjia have already taken their share. These are yours!”

Ning Li thanked her.

Yao Mingjia also turned around.

“Oh right, Ning Li, I heard that you have a boyfriend?”

Ning Li paused.


Yao Mingjia seemed to be a little curious.

“Then when you have time, why don’t you bring him to meet us? After all, we’re all in the same dorm!”

Ning Li said, “He’s a little busy.”

Yao Mingjia seemed to smile.


“It’s okay. We didn’t ask him to give us a treat. What are you nervous about? We just want to meet him.”

Ning Li raised her eyebrows slightly.

“I’ll ask him later then.”