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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 521 - Goodbye

Chapter 521: Goodbye

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

At the beginning of September, the weather in the Capital was extremely hot.

The sun hung high in the sky, and there was not even a hint of a breeze.

The sun rays shone down onto people’s faces and bodies, almost baking them to death.

After half an hour of training, the next two faculties took a break.

Only the students from the Institute of Physics continued to stand there for an hour.

The two instructors were still keeping a close watch on them. If they found that their movements were not up to standard, they would immediately correct them.

All the students were suffering terribly.

Even the boys could barely hold on, let alone the girls.

However, the instructors merely stood there and watched. All anyone could do was to grit their teeth and persevere.

After enduring this hellish hour with great difficulty, the baby-faced instructor finally released them for a break.

Xue Langlang sat down on the ground.

“I, I can’t…”

She could not feel her legs anymore!

The girls beside her also sat down one after another. They wanted nothing more than to fall to the ground immediately.

“No one is allowed to sit down!”

The angular-faced instructor raised his voice.

Xue Langlang and the others widened their eyes in disbelief.

The instructor looked over.

The group of people stood up in unison.

Xue Langlang’s legs were still sore. She stood up abruptly and almost fell.

Ning Li was right beside her and helped her up.

Xue Langlang felt like she was about to cry.

“Ning Li, aren’t you tired at all?”

Ning Li said, “I’m fine.”

The few girls next to her looked at her with envy.

They were almost crippled. Ning Li, however…

After standing for so long, everyone’s faces had all turned red from the sun.

However, Ning Li only seemed to be a little paler. Only her forehead and the tip of her nose were dripping with crystal beads of sweat. Her entire person looked fair and clear, like porcelain.

Yao Mingjia looked at her fair and clear skin under the sun and could not help but ask, “What brand of foundation did you use? The effect of your makeup is really good.”

Ning Li pressed her hat down and said calmly, “I didn’t use any.”

Yao Mingjia was momentarily stunned. After a pause, she smiled and said, “Oh, so that’s how it is. You have really good skin.”

Ning Li did not reply. She walked to the side to replenish the water in her water tumbler.

The other girls were almost completely wiped out. Only Ning Li and Yao Mingjia were still in fairly good condition.

“Yao Mingjia, why is your stamina so good?”

Someone asked.

Yao Mingjia smiled.

“Actually, it’s not that bad today. When I trained in ballet in the past, it was even harder than this.”

A girl next to her who seemed to know her fairly well added, “Jiajia has won a silver medal in the National Ballet Competition before.”

In unison, everyone responded with an “Oh”, while the boys reacted especially strongly.

The atmosphere became much more lively.

Ning Li screwed on the lid and put her water tumbler away.

Yao Mingjia turned to look at Ning Li.

“Ning Li, have you trained in dance before?”

Ning Li lazily said, “No.”

Yao Mingjia was stunned for a moment, and the smile on her face became a little awkward.

“Ah… I saw how relaxed you were while standing in the military posture, and I thought–”

Ning Li did not speak, as if she was not interested in what she was saying.

Yao Mingjia noticed her cold attitude and did not ask any more questions.

After a short break, the military training continued.

After the first day of military training ended, all the students seemed to have wilted.

The two instructors of the academy seemed to be extremely competitive. They were stricter than the other departments, and they trained much more.

By the end of the day, everyone had become completely useless.

When the military training finally ended, everyone ran away from the field like crazy.


The cafeteria instantly became crowded.

Ning Li felt that there were too many people there, so she did not bother to go. She went back to the dormitory first.

Xue Langlang had originally wanted to go with her, but she had not been able to bear that day’s training. It had been too exhausting, so she had gone to eat with the other girls.

Thus, Ning Li was the only one in the dormitory for the time being.

She turned on her computer.

She had already submitted her thesis to Universe. At the moment, she only needed to wait for their reply.

Ning Li was not worried about this.

After all, her thesis had personally been edited by Shen Zhijin, so there should not be any problems.

A series of urgent messages began coming in from George again.

She flipped through a few sketches and sent the selected ones to him. Only then did he finally stop.

Her phone rang.

She glanced at it. It was a message from Shu Hang.

[ Ning Li, are you free now? Can you go downstairs? ]

Ning Li replied with a question mark.

Shu Hang’s tone was very polite.

[ I met a few people just now who seemed to be from your dorm. They said that you haven’t eaten yet. I brought some food for you. Can you come down and get it? ]

Ning Li glanced at this line of words for a moment.

[ Thank you, Senior. There’s no need for that. ]

She muted her phone and held her breath.

After a while, the sound of footsteps came from the corridor.

Xue Langlang pushed the door open and entered.

“Ning Li, Senior Shu Hang seems to be waiting for you downstairs!”

Ning Li frowned.

She had already made it very clear. Why was he still here?

Almost at the same time, Yao Mingjia also returned.

She glanced at Ning Li, sat down in her seat, and began to remove her makeup.

“That’s Senior Shu Hang, right? I think he even brought food. Ning Li, is it specially for you?”

Her movements paused, and her tone was subtle.

“I heard that he’s been waiting downstairs for quite a while.”

Ning Li glanced at her phone.

Shu Hang replied with a message.

[ Then please go ahead with whatever you need to do. ]

That had already been half an hour ago.

She frowned slightly, then got up and went out.

As expected, Shu Hang was still waiting downstairs.

Even though he was standing in a fairly remote place, he could still see the people who were coming and going here.

Seeing Ning Li, he smiled.

“Ning Li–”

Ning Li stood three steps in front of him and glanced at the bag he was carrying.

Shu Hang immediately said, “This is the preserved egg and lean meat porridge I brought for you. You–”

“Thank you for your kindness, Senior.”

Ning Li interrupted him, “However, compared to the porridge sold in the shops outside, I prefer the porridge cooked by my boyfriend.”

The smile on Shu Hang’s face immediately froze.

The few people standing nearby also heard Ning Li’s words and were all immediately shocked.

–The school belle already had a boyfriend?!

After Ning Li finished speaking, she simply turned and left.

By now, the sky was already dark. The street lamps on both sides were lit up, and only a few students were walking around on the campus in twos and threes.

Ning Li went to the second floor of the Entrepreneurship Center to have a simple meal.

Some people around recognized her and kept looking over, whispering something.

Ning Li felt a little impatient and went downstairs.

When she passed by a beverage shop on the first floor, she turned around and walked in.

There was no one in the shop at the moment.

She walked to the counter and raised her head slightly to look at the beverage list hanging on it.

Behind her, the door of the beverage shop was pushed open and someone walked in.

Ning Li looked at it for a while and finally made her choice.

“A cup of peach tea.”

Almost at the same time, a clear and deep male voice sounded behind her.

“A cup of peach tea.”

Ning Li was stunned and subconsciously turned her head.

Shen Zhijin had just come out of the laboratory and was passing by. When he saw the peach on the billboard at the door, he had walked in.

His mood had been a little chaotic for the past two days.

When he made his order, he found that he had bumped into the young girl who was standing at the counter in front of him.

Only then did his gaze fall on her back, and he was suddenly stunned.

Immediately, the young girl looked back.