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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 518 - Yinyin, I’m Back

Chapter 518: Yinyin, I’m Back

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Vice Principal Shen?”

The person next to him noticed that Shen Zhijin had not responded and called out.

Shen Zhijin’s gaze was still fixated on that figure.

Subconsciously, he sat up straight and his throat tightened.

All of the surrounding scenery seemed to have faded at this moment, becoming black and white in his memory.


A sweet voice echoed in his ears, making his heart beat faster.

He pressed the button to wind down the car window, while almost at the same time, his hand reached for the door handle.

Just then, someone shouted to the girl.

She turned her head and waved her hand. Then, she said something and hung up the phone.

Her hair was tied up in a ponytail, with a baseball cap pressed down low on her head. She turned around, which covered her exceptionally familiar profile, leaving only her back.

Another more petite girl walked over. The two of them seemed to be on good terms. After a few brief words, they left together in a particular direction.

From the corner of his eye, Shen Zhijin saw that the petite girl was holding a map in her hand. It was a map of Xijing University. Each new student had a copy of it.

Instantly, he felt as if a basin of cold water had been poured over his head. Shen Zhijin felt a chill go through his body from head to toe.

“Vice-Principal Shen?”

Noticing that Shen Zhijin was acting strangely, the person next to him raised his voice slightly and called him twice.

Shen Zhijin finally returned to reality.

He closed his eyes.

When he looked again, he saw that the figure had already disappeared into the noisy crowd and could no longer be seen.

A long-felt ache tore a small hole in his heart. The dull and turbulent pain overwhelmed him.

He forced himself to look away.

“I’m fine.”

He could hear his calm voice resound in the car.

The person next to him vaguely felt as if he was a little out of place. However, when they looked again, Shen Zhijin’s expression had already returned to normal, and was back to being calm and clear.

He lowered his eyes and looked at the school anniversary program in his hand.

The footer of the page had already been wrinkled by him, and his knuckles were red and white.

On his ring finger, his wedding ring glowed faintly.

Ning Li and He Xiaochen went to the Entrepreneurship Center together.

There were a total of four floors, and all kinds of delicacies and shops were gathered there.

It was close to noon and there were students and parents around, which made the place very lively.

The two of them chose a rice noodle shop on the second floor.

People were constantly looking in their direction.

He Xiaochen took a bite of the rice noodles.

“Ooooooo! It’s so delicious!”

She had long heard that the food at Xijing University was especially delicious. Now that she was here, she knew that the rumors were true!

“As expected of the school that I worked so hard to get into! Just based on these rice noodles, it’s clear that going through all my previous exams for not for nothing!”

Ning Li could not help but laugh.

A few boys next to her were a little stunned when they saw this.

“Ning Li, what’s the number of your dormitory building? I’m in number eight. The people in the same dormitory are all from the same school. There’s one in English, one in French, and one in a small language.”

He Xiaochen was chattering on, wishing she could tell Ning Li everything,

“Ah, they’re all so beautiful!”

She sighed with a blissful expression, and then quickly said, “But none of them are as beautiful as you!”

The outer court was well-known for having many beauties.

He Xiaochen could not help but secretly rejoice that she and Ning Li had sat at the same table for more than half a year. Having spent so much time with each other, her standards had now reached an extremely high level.

Otherwise, she would have been dazzled by the beauties of the Foreign Studies Department by now.

She piously stretched out her hand.

“I swear that Ning Li is still the only fairy in my heart!”

Ning Li asked, “What about Tang Wei?”

He Xiaochen said, “She’s a female swan!”

Ning Li, “…”

She thought for a moment and said, “I’m in building two. I haven’t seen anyone else in my dorm room yet.”

He Xiaochen nodded. She thought of something and sighed again.

“Sigh, the military training will start the day after tomorrow. It will run for two weeks! Also, I heard that this year’s military training parade will be held together with the school’s anniversary. The requirements will definitely be stricter! I’m dead meat!”

With her small body, wouldn’t she be sacrificed?

“Hello, junior sisters. Can you add us on WeChat?”

The two boys next to her had finished their meal and discussed for a while before coming over.

Ning Li’s expression was cold.

“It’s not convenient.”

He Xiaochen drank a mouthful of soda.

“Burp~ it’s not convenient.”

Perhaps because they had been rejected so bluntly, the two boys quickly left.

However, when they left, they still looked back with some reluctance.

He Xiaochen clicked her tongue.

“University is really… different.”

In high school, although many people had admired Ning Li, most of them had written love letters or confessed to her in person.

Eventually, Ning Li had rejected many of them, so not many of them were so brazen anymore.

However, these guys in university had asked to be added on WeChat right away. It was really…


He Xiaochen looked at Ning Li and let out a long sigh.

With such a face, she would definitely attract the attention of more people while at Xijing University in the future.

She understood Ning Li. If too much of this kind of thing happened, it would only make her impatient.

Besides, Ning Li was not even interested in someone like Pei Song, so why would she be interested in any of these guys?

Ning Li asked, “I saw a dessert shop outside just now. Would you like some?”

He Xiaochen’s attention was quickly diverted.


The weather was too hot, so the two girls decided to return to their respective dorms after lunch.

Ning Li came downstairs and saw a thin girl carrying a 26-inch suitcase up the stairs.

There was a three-step staircase at the entrance of the dorms.

Probably because the bag was too heavy, the girl felt a strain on her hand, and the wheel of the box got caught on the edge of the staircase. She lost her balance and fell backward.


The girl cried out in surprise.

Ning Li went forward and caught hold of the suitcase.

Then, under the girl’s grateful gaze, Ning Li helped her carry it up.

“Thank you, thank you!”

The girl thanked her profusely, but also with admiration.

“Senior Sister, thank you so much!”

Ning Li paused.

“I’m a freshman.”


The girl had taken back the handle of her luggage and only raised her head when she heard the sound.

The moment she saw Ning Li, she was stunned for a moment, then her eyes instantly widened.

“Ning Li, from Yunzhou Second High School?”

Ning Li was slightly stunned.

This girl was very delicate. She had a pointy chin, her eyes were round, and her shoulder-length hair was long. She was about 1.6 meters tall.

But she did not recognize her.

“And you are–”

The girl suddenly became nervous.

“Hello! You may not know me, but my name is Xue Langlang!”

Her eyes were shining as she looked at Ning Li.

“You are Ning Li, who achieved a perfect score in the national physics competition and was the top scorer in science in the M Province college entrance examination, right?”

Ning Li, “… Yes.”

Xue Langlang was a little excited.

“Do you live in this building too?”

Ning Li nodded.

Xue Langlang said, “I live in 306. Where are you staying?”

Ning Li, “… In 306.”

Xue Langlang slowly widened her eyes. After a long time, she could not help but mutter, “Mummy, I’ll be living in the same dorm room as the goddess of learning!”

That evening, Shen Zhijin drove back home.

This was a large flat in the east third ring of the Capital.

He was holding a handful of white camellias and a bag of peaches in his arms.

After entering the password, he pushed the door open and entered. His usually crisp and clear voice became gentle.

“Yinyin, I’m back.”